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    1946/1947 Leadue Riders I got to see

    Sorry I should have posted this as a quote to Sidney the Robin rather than Steve who in turn quoted Sid. Anyway am glad Pete's name came up again!!

    1946/1947 Leadue Riders I got to see

    Hi Steve-I started a thread on this site on Speedy Pete way back on Dec 26 2006 entitled "What happened to the Lemon Drop Kid" there were a number of responses you might be interested in. Sadly Pete passed away in 2007 aged 72 from prostate cancer- I remember him well-he scored 11 points in the last PLRC Final and just missed a run off for third with Pete Kelly and Roy Trigg

    1946/1947 Leadue Riders I got to see

    That's a drag- I missed Cyril Brine by one year and Geoff Pymar by two-where was Wal Morton riding in 1964??-don't recall seeing him-will have to check my programs. Thanx for the info Norbold.

    1946/1947 Leadue Riders I got to see

    Enjoyed your post Norbold-where was Ron Johnson riding in 1960??wish I could have seen him although I guess he must have been a shadow of himself. I know Geoff Pymar kept going for a long time -was he in a Prov. League team when you saw him?? Think I may have only just missed seeing Cyril Brine and Wal Morton but not sure.

    1946/1947 Leadue Riders I got to see

    Jim was amazing-he was still riding in the BL in 1967 and very much holding his own-reckon he would have been 46 then. Anybody remember reading about him getting riders to stop riding in the 1963 Provincial League Riders Final at Belle Vue until the promoters agreed to come up with a five person run off to decide the last two riders to get to the 4 rider Grand Final (at least I think that was the reason although memory may be getting a bit foggy after 56 years!!!!!!!!!!). Great character was Cap'n Jim-looked like a pirate with his beard.!!

    1946/1947 Leadue Riders I got to see

    Sorry for incorrect spelling in topic title!!
  7. I first saw speedway in 1964 and have wondered whether any of the League Riders of 46- 47 were still around and I had seen them ride-. So I consulted Peter Morrish's great book "Britsh Speedway Leagues 1946-64". I never got to see any of the League Riders of 1946 but did get to see 6 guys who were in action in 1947. In fact two from Division 1 -Jack Biggs (Harringay) and Howdy Byford (West Ham), two from Division 2 Gordon McGregor (Glasgow White City)and Jack Winstanley (Wigan) and two from Division 3 Ray Harris (Hanley) and Jim Squibb (Southampton. For subsequent seasons of course the number goes up. I am sure other forumlanders must have seen many more from those two seasons than me- Norbold for a start and Gustix (obviously)-any other memories from anyone-including the aforementioned two Cheers all

    Swindon v New Cross..1960

    I agree-Tom finished top of the averages for Exeter in 1966-ahead of such luminaries(I like that word) as Colin Gooddy, Neil Street, Jack Geran and Jim Squibb. He was one of the Prov. League riders who more than held his own against the NL riders- Charlie Monk was another as was Eric Boocock and Dave Younghusband. I recall being at Wimbledon on July 2 1966 (had to look at my programme) when Tom top scored for Exeter and beat Olle Nygren in the second half for the Silver Sash (what happened to that BTW-does anybody have it in storage) in a very fast time. Glad to hear Tom is enjoying his retirement in NZ

    Swindon v New Cross..1960

    Was interested to follow this thread -one question-was the Ron Taylor-actually Roy Taylor who rode for Neath in 1962?? Also interested to see Brian Brett's score- recall him being the top qualifier for the British Final in 1964-when he was a favourite to win it and regarded as a cert for the 1964 World Final-not to be. Came back in 1965 and did make the World Final- I was there- he rode very well-does anyone know why Brettie retired so young- and come to that I reckon if he had carried on he could have got to a few other Finals. Any thoughts??

    Swindon v New Cross..1960

    I betcha Norbold will know the answer to this -maybe others too. One of my biggest regrets is that I never got to go to New Cross.

    Wimbledon Second Halfers And Number Sevens.?

    Back in the mid sixties- I certainly recall Mike Coomber, Steve Chilman and Geoff Hughes, also I would reckon on Tony Childs as a #7 -maybe in 1966. Great triers all. Since we are on the subject of #7's- I think of Ted Ede who did yeoman service for West Ham, Don Smith and for Hackney Sandy McGillivray and John Poyser-and while I'm at it Alan Jay for Sheffield (who later progressed to the regular team). At Newport Peter Harris, Ian Terrar and Alan Jones. We shouldn't forget these guys who all played their part in making speedway a great sport in the sixties.
  12. Just saw a movie "Ford v. Ferrari" with Christian Bale and Mat Damon about the 1966 Le Mans race.Good movie , but the reason I am posting this is-towards the end-Mat Damon is at a desk looks down at some wedges and there (I couldn't believe it) is an issue of Speedway Star/News-it had the old red top black and white cover -contemporary to the time the movie occurred-looked like a picture of Trevor Redmond on the cover!! How did it get there?-there was nothing about speedway i the movie-maybe one of the production people was a speedway fan- a mystery indeed!! If you go see the movie-look out for it!!

    Split Waterman RIP

    Thank you Auntie Doris-you may be called a fascist also. I should mention I didn't coin this term "Londonistan"-it was the title of a best selling book of the same name in UK by Melanie Phillips in 2006. It has also been referred to as Londonistan in articles in the New York Times, Vanity Fair and other North American publications. Maybe they are all fascists or perhaps the view is if we ignore reality it will just go away. Too bad you can't point out things without the PC brigade dumping on you-or maybe everyone is mistaken and the crimes are actually being committed by little old white ladies!!!!

    The first race you saw

    Was interested to see that Doug Templeton of Edinburgh in Prov. league scored 12 points-that seems to indicate he could hold his own with Nat. league riders. Did he get much farther in that years WCQR's-were there other PL riders in 1963 who could perform as well against Nat. League riders e.g. Ivan Mauger, Wayne Briggs, George Hunter etc.

    The first race you saw

    13th June 1964, Southern League match . Newport 52- Long Eaton 25. Heat 1 Alby Golden, Jon Erskine, Ken Adams, John Mills Time 68.4 secs. Alby broke the track record in this heat.

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