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  1. Who is the Greatest ?

    These sort of discussions are what makes this forum so interesting to post to-many good points you make there Sidney
  2. John Mills

    Wasn't John the reason that Wolverhampton instead of Stoke won the 1963 PL-because Stoke put him in their team when they shouldn't have for a crucial fixture
  3. The first Pole to race in Britain

    It seems that now Poland is the top country for League Racing with the greatest support-is that right??
  4. George White rip

    There was talk of George coming back in 1965-wish he had would have loved to see him ride-there was similar talk about Ian Williams coming back for Newport
  5. Happy Birthday Len

    Is Len the oldest speedway rider left?? Anyway many happy returns Len!
  6. Ian Macdonald Speedway Mail

    Allo witchfinder- and all other Canadian posters. Yup today we are above zero temps-the first time since December 23rd- its been colder than a witches t--, lets just say all the witches have been wearing heated bras!! (Don't think there are witchfinders anymore-(except maybe in Wales!!) Glad you enjoy Murdoch Mysteries -wonderful show-they always manage to introduce some real historical thing e.g. Murdoch doing an investigation in Newfoundland in the early 1900's- runs across a guy fiddling with an electrical wire trying to send messages across the ocean-he says maybe try higher ground like Signal Hill-asks the guy's name and the guy replies " Marconi"-lot of stuff like that in these shows. Back to speedway-even though I emigrated I got my mum to ship over all my personal effects-the most important of which were of course many Speedway Stars(no they are not for sale) and the programmes of every meeting I attended (ditto). For some reason I knew that Jack Parker was a "ladies man"-may7be mentioned in Reg Fearman's book-if you don't have it would highly recommend(also of course anything written by Norman Jacobs!!) As regards the oldest World Finalists, will try and keep it up to date (free of charge)-just thinking of the one time World Finalists who could have achieved more -how about Brian Brett, Terry Betts and Trevor Hedge for starters. I also think , like some others the best ever speedway season was the first year of BL in 1965
  7. Ian Macdonald Speedway Mail

    Hi Ian, always enjoyed your publication. Take a look at the Oldest Surviving World Finalists list and let us know how many you saw ride- I think the highest number posted by people responding to this site was 13-you might be able to beat that.
  8. Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    Sadly Norbold , I may be a little closer than you (just a little, not a lot)!!!
  9. Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    Question for whiteknight-did you follow any other team after the sad demise of the Saints-or did you give up on Speedway(which I could quite understand). Before I forget the birthdates of the oldest World Finalists are getting uncomfortably close to mine-yours too I think Norbold!!!!!(just learned how to use emoticons)
  10. Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    I know , I know but to me Mike Broadbank is still Mike Broadbanks as I suspect to most of his fans from the sixties-great rider -stood out in his red leathers when most rode in black(with the honorable exception of Booey in blue)!!
  11. Oldest Survivng World Finalists

    Sorry to hear about George White-there was talk of him coming back to ride in BL 65-wish he had as I would like to have seen him ride-sadly I now have to update the list of oldest World Finalists still with us. Here goes 1 Split Waterman 27/7/23 2 Arthur Payne 30/8/24 3 Dick Bradley 28/11/24 4 Chum Taylor 4/4/27 5 Eric Boothroyd 26/4/27 6 Derek Close 13/5/27 7 Henry Long 26/7/27 8 Billy Bales 6/6/29 9 Olle Nygen 11/11/29 10 Rune Sormander 29/11/29 11Jack Geran 10/12/29 12 Ian Williams 4/8/31 13 Per Tage Svensson 16/10/31 14 Peo Soderman 29/10/32 15 Ronnie Moore 8/3/33 16 Ove Fundin 23/5 /34 17 Dan Forsberg 25/3/34 18 Josef Hofmeister 17/6/34 19 Brian Crutcher 23/8/34 20 Mike Broadbanks 25/9/34 21 Barry Briggs 30/12/34 Let's hope I don't have to update this list anytime soon-does anybody know what these guys drank to keep them going???-if you do lemme know so I can order a case for myself
  12. John Mills

    I think he was right-so sorry it ended that way but hope you all are enjoying your life in Oz
  13. Who is the Greatest ?

    As someone asked -re 1972 WF did Bernie Persson and Briggo ever become friends-despite Briggo's fall - I reckon Mauger sould still have won the 72 Final
  14. John Mills

    Glad to hear John is still remembered-he was in the first meeting I ever saw in June 1964 riding at Newport for Long Eaton-anyone know when and why he emigrated to Oz(maybe some of the same reasons why I emigrated to Canada)!!
  15. Pie 'n' Mash & Prefabs

    I will have to have my next order of jellied eels with a side order of Labskaus!!!!