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    Gil Goldfinch

    Thanks Steve, I looked up previous threads, in fact I contributed to one-I'd forgotten that(-must be age)- I noticed that Mark had requested info on his dad's career and that one poster to the thread mentioned that Gil had died of blood poisoning, however was sad to have it confirmed that he'd taken his own life back in 1963.

    Gil Goldfinch

    Does anyone recall the circumstances of Gil's death-a Newcastle star in the PL on loan from the Dons-heard he committed suicide-does anyone know the background????
  3. Without being negative-the ones who in all honesty were extremely lucky to get to the old one off World Final would have to be Bryan Elliott, Howard Cole and Rick France, also maybe Ron Mountford.
  4. I am thinking of the sixties here- I would start this thread off with Stan Stevens , Mike Watkin and Dick Bradley-what say other forumlanders..

    Les "muscles"Owen

    Does anyone remember the circumstances of his passing?? And the reason??

    Les "muscles"Owen

    In the Colin Gooddy (RIP) thread, the name of Les was mentioned. This got me thinking about "Muscles"- I remember him riding in early sixties NL for Coventry. A tough customer indeed. I recall he suffered serious head injuries from an on track accident-anyone recall where or when. He was never the same afterwards. I think he died after walking on some train tracks -an accident or suicide.!!

    Colin 'Joe' Goody R.I.P

    That's right mate indeed I recall him as you do, as "old school", from speedways greatest days.

    Colin 'Joe' Goody R.I.P

    Before I forget Colin was a great mate of Ken Vale-Ken was a totally different personality to Joe but they really got along. I recall Ken riding for L.E. in 1963 and he was well into his forties then-passed away at age 88, loved Workington Comets and they loved him back. So many wonderful personalities are part of the speedway family

    Colin 'Joe' Goody R.I.P

    I am extremely sorry to hear this- I recall Joe as one of the G-men(Genz, Gooch, Gooddy, Geran) in the all conquering Oxford team of 1964. He was a star for Exeter in 1965, saw him in the British Final at WH that year, in 1966 I saw him top score for Exeter at Wimbledon-a tough guy who always liked a beer or three-may have been a promoters nightmare!! I don't know why he was called Joe-seemed to suit him. One of the Great Train robbers was called Gooddy-anybody know if he was related to Colin. Anyway Joe RIP and thanks for the memories!! You will be missed.

    Dorothy, Roy & Young Norman

    Just found out that Brian Davies died in 1987 at the young age of 51-anyone know what happened??

    Dorothy, Roy & Young Norman

    I enjoyed the video particularly of the Hackney v. Wimbledon regular speedway meeting-remember well the old Hackney uniform-maybe it was taken in 1965. Nice to see Mrs. Dorothy Charles - Batson who did a lot for Wimbledon speedway there. Also is Brian Davies still with us?
  12. Interesting comments which I have greatly enjoyed reading. For the real old timers (like me and Norbold-he's actually younger than me) does anybody know the closest Tommy Miller came to reaching the WF-he was like a meteor but I think after the merging of NL2 and NL1 he seemed to fade-I think he rode for Coventry last off). Also one poster mentioned Ivor Brown -although one of my heroes-king of the Prov. league -I reckon he had reached his peak before 1965 and if not injured would have anyway had trouble maintaining his average in the first year BL-top man though and the scourge of Ivan Mauger!!!
  13. What was the closest Bob Kilby ever got to a World Final-anyone know?
  14. Before I forget what about Jim Squibb?
  15. Let me start this off: Tommy Miller, Charlie Monk (for sure), Roy Trigg, Norman Hunter, George Hunter would reckon these guys would have graced the World Final more than some of 'em did. What say other forumlanders?

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