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    Ivan Mauger 1965 Accident

    IN the great year of 1965-all of us PL fans wanted to see how well Ivan would do against the NL stars. Sadly Ivan had an accident very early on which affected his form . I am trying to recall the details- I think it was an early Newcastle match at Wolves-anyone recall more details e.g. other riders in the fateful race. I think one may have been Pete Jarman but am not sure

    Your speedway years

    Newport Wasps 1964-1968 when I emigrated.

    Andrzej Pogorzelski

    Hi Steve,guess Wyglenda still with us? The sixties Poles were great but I never thought Poland would become the centre of the Speedway world with the top League in the world. Can someone explain to me how that happened and why they replaced England as the top League-the crowds. they get seem to be like England in the forties

    Andrzej Pogorzelski

    I rember pogo very well along with woryna and wyglenda- great and exciting riders. RIP Pogo. BTW are the latter two still with us- I hope so1

    Your 'first world champion'!

    First World Champ I ever saw was Barry Briggs in 1965 at Somerton Park- Newport 41-Swindon 37. 28th May. Briggo scored a 15 point max.. Was interested to see Pete Sampson who does such a great job for WSRA and runs Paradise Park was riding for Swindon and scored 4. Like all the former NL teams in the first BL season1965-Swindon had great heat leaders but a long "tail" as we used to say.
  6. What was Steve Shovlar's mob-who was he???
  7. Also thank you for your answer too Norbold.
  8. Hi chunky, thanks for taking the trouble to answer this, good explanation that helped my understanding.

    Most Race Winners

    Well done Salty, thanks for correcting my mistake, I missed the obvious there. Cheers mate.
  10. Just off the point a bit. I left England 52 years ago and I'm interested in how the English language is a flexible, living and evolving language and words are used in a different context now-e.g the meaning of the word "gay" which has changed meaning in all English speaking countries. I think I've noticed one change that hasn't come over here. This is the use of the word "of " instead of "have" e.g. in Terry's post he uses the word "of"instead of "have" in the first sentence as in "he would of always" etc. This is not meant to be a criticism Terry and I have seen this usage in other places including British newspapers. Are these two words now basically interchangeable on the your side of the pond? I have noticed other examples of this phenomon but can't think of any at the moment-although when I left England the use of the word "bottle"for courage was not widespread and the first time I saw it I had to ask my father-in-law what it meant!!
  11. Last time I was in London, it looked like Sportspages had closed down, was it a victim of the internet and wikipaedia do you think? Has it ever reopened?

    Most Race Winners

    Speedway Researcher-what a wonderful site and many thanks to the folks who run it. I took Chunky's advice and looked up Wolves v. Newport on 8 October 1965 (my birthday -no need to send a card!!!) what a birthday present to a Wasps fan!! Here's the deal- all of the Wolves scored a max. Andrews, Sweetman, Francis, Airey, Jarman and Maxted. Guasco only man out-but even Gord had a paid maximum-four seconds. BTW I know what has happened in later years to all the Wolves riders except Brian Maxted-anybody have any update on Brian BTW Wasps bounced back from that awful defeat by beating CH 35-43 a week or so later (only their second away win of that season

    Most Race Winners

    I for one enjoy your posts Chunky. Not sure but I wonder if in the Wolves - Newport meeting in October 1965 which ended up 64-14 to Wolves (on my birthday no less)-whether all the Wolves had at least one race win-do any of you know the answer. Wasps forever!!!

    Bernt Persson

    Sorry to read this, how old was Bernie. I think he started riding in 1965 for Edinburgh maybe spent a couple of seasons there?

    R.I.P. Jerzy Szczakiel

    Sorry to hear this -71 is young these days. Was interested he was from Opole, until the end of WW2 it was the German city of Oppeln for almost 200 years.

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