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  1. steve19620

    Goodyear Trophy - Wolverhampton 26/3/1981

    Thanks for that. That sorts out my query.
  2. steve19620

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    Try these examples from Newcastle 1983. Oxford away- Joe Owen and Rod Hunter scored 20 points each (both paid 21 maximums) in a 49-47 win, at Weymouth KOC meeting, Rod Hunter with a 21 point maximum and Joe Owen 14 points from a 41-55 loss, or at Exeter Joe Owen 19 and Rod Hunter 17 points in a 42-54 loss.
  3. steve19620

    Compact Team Performances

    That’s correct. Match was ridden on 9 June 1974. Workington won 40-38 with Alan Cowland 14, Mitch Graham 13 and Mal Mackay 12 out of a total of 40 !
  4. Can anybody help regarding John Hough's heat placings in this meeting ? John Hough scored 5 points but the Speedway Star heat details says 6 points. I think this is an error in the heat results with John Hough probably failing to finish in heat 19 (engine failure or fall ? ) Does anybody have an completed programme to confirm ? Thanks for reading Steve
  5. Hi there. As part of my reserch into the 1981season, can anybody confirm which heats Bruce Cribb rode in this meeting ? The yearbook states that Bruce rode in the meeting and failed to score, whist the heat details published in the Speedway Star doesn't mention Bruce Cribb at all ! Does anybody have an completed programme from the meeting to confirm what heat(s) Cribby rode in ? Thanks for reading.
  6. Hi Steve As compiler of the season files from 1965 (as per Speedway researcher website) I appreciate your comments - we are doing our best to keep the history alive. Steve
  7. steve19620

    Season 1980 queries

    Thanks for your help - any takers for the Swindon heat results I requested last week ?
  8. steve19620

    Season 1980 query - Sheffield v Belle Vue 23/10/1980

    Thanks very much - Another query ticked off.
  9. Hi there - its my final 1980 query ! I need require confirmation of Peter Prinsloo and Valclav Verner's scores in their guest appearances for Sheffield v Belle Vue. The Speedway Star state Prinsloo and Verner scored 8 and 7 points respectively which tie in with the heat details published in the Speedway Star and Speedway Mail together with the Speedway Researcher website. The speedway yearbook advise that Verner scored 8 and Prinsloo 7 points. This suggests that the heat placings in heat 5 or 9 published in the Speedway Star were reversed. Does anybody have a completed programme to confirm the correct heat placings ? Thanks for reading.
  10. Hi there. Does anybody have the heat results and times for this meeting ? No heat results were published in the Speedway Star - help would be appeciated. Thanks for reading. Steve
  11. steve19620

    Season 1980 queries

    Thanks for the information Speedboy.
  12. steve19620

    Season 1980 queries

    Hi there. As I am nearing the end of my research into the 1980 season, can anybody help with the following queries - I require confirmation from a marked programme from the actual meeting (not copied from the Speedway Star). 1. Mildenhall Anglia League Junior Championship -17 September. According to Speedway Star and Speedway Mail - Linden Warner as a reserve scores 2 points, 1 in heat 1 and the other in heat 19, whilst the Yearbook states Warner just scored 1 point, both the Speedway Star and Speedway Mail say 2 points. If it is 1 point in which heat was it scored ? Also did Tony Brooks or Chris Tritton ride in this meeting ? Yearbook states Tritton rode, whilst both the Speedway Star and Speedway Mail state it was Brooks. 2. Oxford v Edinburgh - 21 September. I need clarification in which heats Chris Turner was excluded under the 2 minute rule as these are not mentioned in the heat details published in the Speedway Star, or on the Speedway Researcher website. Turner was scheduled to appear in heats 3, 7 and 13 but in which 2 heats was he excluded ? Hopefully someone can help. Thanks for reading. Steve
  13. steve19620

    Canterbury v Red Star 30 August 1980

    Thanks Cityrebel. This proves the yearbook is wrong ! Cheers
  14. steve19620

    Canterbury v Red Star 30 August 1980

    Over to you Cityrebel - different scores for Barney Kennett and Denzil Kent. Could you check your programme ? - according to Dave's scan Kennett scores 9, Kent 5 and Brice 2 ! Cheers.
  15. steve19620

    Canterbury v Red Star 30 August 1980

    Mustn’t work on iphone - will try on my PC

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