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  1. steve19620

    Birmingham v Hackney BL 9th May 1979

    As a follow up to my original request earlier this year -can anybody help with this query please ? Thanks Steve
  2. steve19620

    Coatbridge 1976

    Hi Dave Here's the Berwick info you need: Doug Templeton rode in heats 3, 7, 10 & 13 - Per Speedway Mail I checked the heat results from the Speedway Mail for the Oxford away meeting and these correspond with the heat details you have posted above. Steve
  3. steve19620

    Coatbridge 1976

    Hi Dave I can help you out with the following: 27 May at Oxford - Richardson rides in heats 1, 5, 8, 10, 11 & 13 30 May at Workington- Rourke rides in heats 8 & 11, Richardson in heats 3 ,5, 7, 10 & 13, McKeon in heats 2, 4, 8, 9 3 July at Canterbury - Rourke rides in heats 2 ,4 ,8,12, Gallacher in heats 1, 5 ,11 4 July at Eastbourne - Rourke rides in heats 2 & 4, Gallacher in heats 1, 5, 11 7 July at Midenhall - Rourke rides in heats 2, 4, 8, 11, Gallacher in heats 1 & 5 The above details are taken from the heat details published in the Speedway Mail - hope they help. I can't help with the 1974 information - but can confirm that Dawson was recorded as last in heat 12 and whilst Wilson (2nd) and Argall (4th) were noted as riding in heat 10 in the away meeting at Boston in 1975. No mention of any tapes exclusion in the heat details published in the Speedway Mail. Steve
  4. steve19620

    7th April 1975 Crewe V Coatbridge

    Hi Dave According to the Speedway Mail and the excellent "When they were Kings" book, Paul Heller replaced Brian Collins in heat 11. Don't know whether this was a Tact sub or reserve replacement ride. Steve
  5. steve19620

    Boston v Stoke NL 17 June 1979

    Excellent ! - Many thanks for your help.
  6. steve19620

    Boston v Stoke NL 17 June 1979

    Hi there Another query from the 1979 season. Does anybody have a marked program from this meeting to confirm in which heat Boston's Dennis Mallett finished ahead of Stoke's Chris Turner ? The Speedway Star report has Turner ahead in both heats 7 and 13. To obtain the correct match score of 42-35 to Boston Mallet must finish ahead of Turner but in what heat ? Can anybody help please ? Thanks for reading Steve
  7. Hi there. Can anybody help with the heat results for this meeting ? The Speedway Star report (and heat details) gives incorrect scores for Hackney's Finn Thomas, Barry Thomas and Sean Willmott. Does anybody have a completed program from this meeting to confirm the correct heat details please ? Thanks for reading Steve
  8. steve19620

    16th September 1976 Teesside V Coatbridge

    Hi Dave A look at the Speedway Mail heat details does indeed confirm that Brown was excluded in Heat 7. Unfortunately, it doesn't state why ! Hope this helps Steve
  9. Hi there. I am trying to obtain a copy of the above meeting on DVD. Unfortunately, Rerun Productions who covered the Brummies home meetings in 2009 don't have a copy as their master recording is corrupt ! Does anybody have a copy of this meeting that they are willing to sell/trade ? Thanks for reading Steve
  10. steve19620

    Speedway Magazines Over The Years

    I have all the copies of "five one" magazine, this was from the publishers of the Speedway Star and was sort of an updated version of the old Speedway Express monthly. It ran from 1995 to 1998 or 1999. I do recall that the later editions were not available at the newsagents and could only be purchased by subscriptions. This was a glossy magazine and had several interesting articles on exriders and teams.
  11. steve19620

    Speedway Magazines Over The Years

    I have every copy of the Speedway Star from 1952, it is fascinating to read and see the changes over the years, starting with just 16 pages and a regular duplication of photographs in the 1950's with a strange red "tint" of the front cover and centre photographs (I don't why the editor allowed this !) and the 1 page track reviews with very basic stats. Curiously in the late 50's the red masthead disappeared briefly to be replaced by a black and white one ! Moving into the 1960's the editions expanded the numbers of pages with much more photographs together with 2 page (and more detailed) track reviews and the appearance of the much loved "Seery's Statistics". (my favourite section). Onto the 1970's saw the blue masthead appear until 1973 before being replaced by a black masthead until 1979 with team and rider photographs appearing on the inside and back covers and the back page, Full colour appeared on the front cover for the first time ! The 1970's World Final pre editions were also expanded with more pages. Moving into the 1980's saw full photographs being used on the front with just "Speedway Star" name, before the smaller headlines began to populate the front cover. Alas in the early's 1980's Seery's Statistics was dropped to be replaced by just riders averages, later in the 1980's the rider/team photographs on the inside and back covers were replaced by text with the track reviews being increased to 3 pages with more stats. The Star almost went bust due to falling readership but thankfully the magazine survived, at this time there was no regular delivery day as the Star could appear anytime at the newsagents from Wednesday to Saturday ! Since 1990's the magazine went full colour from the late 90's, as the Star gradually introduced colour as well as black and white photos from the mid 90's and it's regular delivery day switched from Wednesday to the current delivery day of Thursday. Now of course, there is the regular 128 page preseason special which first appeared about 2008, increased GP coverage and special Xtra editions on the web. Now the track reviews cover 4 pages. A far cry from the 1950's ! I also have every copy of the Speedway Post and Speedway Express these are a great read. I managed to obtain all the Speedway Mail editions from 1973 to 1991, these are not a "patch" on the Star but they are still an interesting read as completely different photographs were included, alas the match reports particularly from the 70's and mid 80's don't have the same depth as the Speedway Star.
  12. steve19620

    Worst Ever Performance By Your Team

    Ellesmere Port v Mildenhall 1981 Knock Out Cup. I recall that my beloved Gunners getting hammered at home in the first leg by 64-32, the return leg was staged 2 days later with the Gunners suffering a even larger trashing of 76-20 (in that season the National League decided to stage KO matches over 16 heats with no tactical subs allowed !) Total aggregate score was 140-52 ! Oddly towards the end of the season the Gunners then walloped the Fen Tigers 55-23 in the home league fixture !!!
  13. Hi there. I am looking for the heat results (and times) for this meeting. There is no mention of this meeting in the match reports in the folllowing week's Speedway Star - possibly rained off ???. If not, does anybody have a completed programme with the details - so I can update the 1971 season file on the Researcher website ? Thanks for reading. Steve
  14. steve19620

    Kings Lynn - Stars Of Tomorrow Trophy 19 September 1965

    Slowly completing the puzzle ! Does anybody have the results from heat 7 ? Cheers Steve
  15. steve19620

    Kings Lynn - Stars Of Tomorrow Trophy 19 September 1965

    Thanks for the info "BL65". Your information certainly helps - based on this it looks like Don Smith won this meeting and not Pete as I thought ! Can anybody add any further information on this meeting such as the full lineup of riders, heat results, times, etc ?. Any help in filling the blanks would be very useful indeed. Steve

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