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  1. steve19620

    More season 1979 queries

    Thanks for your help - another query crossed off !
  2. steve19620

    Season 1979 final queries

    Can anybody help me out with the correct heat results for the following meetings where the published heat results in the Speedway Star are incorrect. They are: 1 Wimbledon v Strongbow select 11 October. Stefan Salmonsson finishes ahead of Zenon Plech in either heat 1 or 18. 2. England v Australasia @ Halifax 14 October. Ian Cartwright finishes ahead of Reg Wilson in either heat 2,4 or 18. 3. Kings Lynn v Ipswich 21 October. Billy Sanders finishes ahead of Tony Davey in either heat 3 or 7. Again any help would be appreciated. Once completed I can then upload the season file to the Speedway Researcher website very soon. Thanks for reading Steve.
  3. steve19620

    More season 1979 queries

    Thanks for your help in resolving the Belle Vue query - one down !
  4. steve19620

    More season 1979 queries

    As part of my research into the 1979 season. I hope someone will be able to help with the following queries: 1. Crayford v Oxford (NL) September 11 John Barker finished ahead of John Hack in either heat 11 or 13. Heat details incorrect in Speedway Star. 2. England v Australasia (NL) September 25 @ Milton Keynes. Wayne Brown finished ahead of Stuart Mountfield in either Heat 3 or 18. Heat results incorrect in Speedway Star. 3. Belle Vue v Swindon (GBL) September 29 Gresham replaces Gramstad in either heat 9,10 or 12. Golden helmet times are also required. Any help appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  5. steve19620

    Help wanted 1979

    Hi there. Just to let you know the complete 1979 season results and scorers are currently being finalised - hence the reason for my requests on the BSF. It is expected that the complete file will be posted on the Speedway Researcher website within the next 6 weeks.
  6. steve19620

    Season 1979 queries.

    Yes I was thinking about this when posting - particularly Craig Featherby and Nigel Wasley who were both killed on the track. Sad about Danny Kennedy who was impressive on both occasions when I saw him as an Weymouth Wildcat.
  7. steve19620

    Birmingham v Hackney BL 9th May 1979

    Thanks Terry - however the yearbook scores are incorrect. I am looking for a marked programme to confirm correct heat results and scorers.
  8. steve19620

    Season 1979 queries.

    Can anybody help with the following queries arising my research into the 1979 season please?. The first is Poole v Swindon BL meeting on 25 July - does Neil Middleditch finish ahead of Danny Kennedy in heat 3 or 5 ? as the heat results are incorrect in the Speedway star. The same type of query arises in the NL meeting between Berwick and Nottingham on 18 August. Does Craig Featherby finish ahead of Nigel Wasley in heat 3 or 10 ? Does anybody have a marked programme to confirm ? Thanks for reading.
  9. steve19620

    Birmingham v Hackney BL 9th May 1979

    This query is still unsolved - can anybody help please ?
  10. Hi there Can anybody help me out with this one please? This meeting was not reported even mentioned in the upcoming fixtures for the week in Speedway Star. However, there is a mention that a meeting was to held on this date from an article published in the Speedway Star. What I don't know is whether this meeting was ever staged (or postponed). A source tells me that it was a 42-36 win to Workington and if so, does anybody have a completed racecard from the meeting ? I would be grateful for the heat results and times from the programme (if anybody has one). Fingers crossed the mystery can be solved ! Thanks for reading Steve
  11. steve19620

    Boston v Middlesbrough NL 20 July 1980

    Many Thanks Nodlew.
  12. Hi there Could somebody please clarify the placings for Steve Wilcock and Mike Spink in this meeting? Based on points scorers (and the Speedway Star scorers/heat results) Steve Wilcock and Mike Spink's placings have been reversed in either heat 1 or heat 11. Does anybody has a completed programme to confirm which heat has been incorrectly reported in the Speedway Star ? Thanks for reading. Steve
  13. steve19620

    Birmingham v Hackney BL 9th May 1979

    Hi Tadders - I have sent you PM with my email address. Cheers Steve
  14. steve19620

    Birmingham v Hackney BL 9th May 1979

    As a follow up to my original request earlier this year -can anybody help with this query please ? Thanks Steve
  15. steve19620

    Coatbridge 1976

    Hi Dave Here's the Berwick info you need: Doug Templeton rode in heats 3, 7, 10 & 13 - Per Speedway Mail I checked the heat results from the Speedway Mail for the Oxford away meeting and these correspond with the heat details you have posted above. Steve

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