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  1. Hi there. As part of my ongoing research into the 1981 season, can anybody help regarding the above fixture ? I need to clarify which heats Boston's Chris Cole and Peter Framingham rode in. According to the Speedway Star Cole and Framingham rode in 2 and 4 heats respectively, whilst the Speedway Yearbook states Cole rode in 3 and Framingham 5 heats, it is possible that Framingham replaced Cole in heat 5 due to an unreported tapes exclusion in the Speedway Star heat details. Does anybody have a marked programme from this meeting to advise the actual heats they rode in ? Thanks for reading. Steve
  2. steve19620

    Mildenhall v Boston 17 October 1981

    Excellent - thanks very much.
  3. steve19620

    Season 1981 queries

    Hi there. Can anybody help with the following queries please ? Belle Vue v Cradley BL - 31st August - Can anybody confirm which heat Chris Morton replaced Larry Kosta as Tactical substitute ? Was it heat 9 or 12 ? Speedway Star heat details are incorrect. Does anybody have a completed programme from the meeting to confirm? I also require Mike Ferriera's winning time in heat 1 of his Silver Helmet defence against Neil Collins prior to the Edinburgh/Ellesmere Port NL fixture staged on 28th August 1981 Thanks for reading.
  4. steve19620

    Season 1981 queries

    Thank you both for clearing that up. Steve
  5. steve19620

    July 1981 queries

    Hi there Can anybody help out with the following queries as part of my research into the 1981 season? They are: 9/7 Wimbledon v Kings Lynn (BL) - Did Anders Eriksson replace Mick Hines in heat 8 or 11 ? Speedway Star heat details differ to rides quoted in the Yearbook. 12/7 Boston v Workington (NL) - Clarification of the heat placings in heats 3 and 10 for David Blackburn and Guy Wilson (Workington), heat details published in the Speedway Star are incorrect. Need programme from meeting to confirm. 23/7 Swindon Man VW pairs - A bit of a mess this one ! !! 6 riders in every heat, Speedway Star only printed the first 4 riders in each heat. I have managed to work out the fifth and six riders. However, I don't know which heats the reserves Martin Satchell and Kevin Smart rode in and the riders they replaced. I also need confirmation of Phil Crump and Martin Yeates's finishing positions in heat 1 and Danny Kennedy and Denny Pyeatt's placings in heat 12 of the qualifying races. Thanks for reading.
  6. steve19620

    July 1981 queries

    Thanks for your help. Wimbledon query is now solved - any takers for the Swindon query ?
  7. This was reported in the Speedway Star as due to be staged on 12th January 1972.Unfortunately no heat details were published. Sorry !
  8. steve19620

    Season 1981 queries

    Hi There. Can anybody help with the following queries (for the month of June) ? - Marked programmes for these meetings are probably required. 1. Reading Best Pairs (1 June) - Speedway Star and the Speedway Mail both quote that Kevin Smith and Ashley Pullen scored 9 & 5 points. Yet the yearbook states Smith scored 8 and Pullen 6. If it is the latter points scored , please confirm the heat placings for Smith and Pullen. 2. Wolverhampton v Exeter (7 June) - Can anybody confirm the Exeter riders in heat 13 ? Speedway Star advises Keith Wright and Rob Maxfield (exc - for what ?), was John Williams excluded rather than Maxfield ? 3. Scunthorpe v Newcastle (21 June) - Clarification of Julian Parr's rides - Yearbook states he rode in 3 heats whilst Graham Beardsley rode 4 times, heat results in the Speedway Star suggest that Beardsley replaced Parr in heat 5 or 7, can anybody confirm ? 4. Rye House v Edinburgh (28 June) - Can anybody confirm which heats Kevin Bowen and Barry King rode in ? The number of rides which Bowen and King rode in don't tally with the heat results published in the Speedway Star. Thanks for reading. Steve
  9. steve19620

    Season 1981 queries

    Queries 1, 2 & 3 all resolved - just looking for number 4.
  10. steve19620

    Season 1981 queries

    Thank you for your help.
  11. steve19620

    Season 1981 queries

    Thanks for that. Any takers for the other queries ?
  12. steve19620

    Berwick vs Newcastle 21st March 1992

    Hi Compost. Just to let you know the information provided in the Yearbooks are supposed to be taken from the official records (ie referee reports), therefore the yearbook should have a degree of accurancy. The heat results published in the Speedway Star should be taken "with a pinch of salt" as these are littered with errors. I can vouch for this as myself and a friend prepared the full season files from 1965 on the researcher website. I have to say that errors were considerably less in the late 80's and early 90's than the entire 1965 - 1981 seasons we have covered. However, I have found errors in the various Yearbooks, so these can't be taken as gospel either !!! For accurancy a completed programme from the actual meeting is best (ie attended), beware as programmes can be completed from the Speedway Star thereby potentially duplicating the error ! Good luck in your task. Steve
  13. Hi there. As per of my research into the 1981 season, does anybody have a marked programme from these meetings ? Canterbury I am trying to confirm which heats Canterbury's Graham Knowler and Rob Dolman rode in. It looks like Knowler replaced Dolman in heat 5, 8 or 11. According to the Speedway Yearbook, both Knowler and Dolman rode 3 times - Speedway Star advises Dolman rode 4 times while Knowler just 2 times. Can anybody confirm which heat from a completed programme from the meeting ? Stoke I am looking to clarify Rob Henry's and Mick Bates's placings in heats 3 and 5. There is an error in the heat details published in the Speedway Star, Henry is placed first in both heats but appears that Mick Bates was actually placed first in one of these heats. Can anybody confirm which heat please ? Thanks for reading Steve
  14. Excellent ! Thank you very much.
  15. Hi there. Does anybody have the heat results for this meeting ? It was staged immediately after Swindon's League Cup clash v King's Lynn. The results were published in both the Speedway and Speedway Mail albeit without any heat details/times. Is there anybody who can let me have the heat results/times ? Thanks for reading Season greetings. Steve
  16. steve19620

    Barron Trophy at Rye House 15th March 1992

    A look at the Speedway Star for the week leading up for the meeting confirms the following riders were scheduled to ride: Jan Pedersen, Trevor O'Brien, Mark & Sean Courtney, John Wainwright and Wayne Baxter (All Rye House), Josh Larsen, Andy Galvin, Troy Pratt and Alan Mogridge (All Arena Essex), Martin Dixon (Long Eaton), Paul Whittaker (Peterborough), Peter Glanz and Rickard Hellsen (Both Milton Keynes), Donny Odom (Middlesbrough) and Zdenek Tesar (Ipswich). Martin Goodwin (Rye House) was injured leading up to the meeting and was expected not to ride. Reading an article in the Speedway Star, Martin Goodwin declared himself fit and would have ridden if the meeting took place. I don't have the riding order, but it's a start.
  17. steve19620

    Now here's a funny thing....

    An interesting debate regarding the Poole meeting mentioned above. It is myself and a friend that compiles the complete season files from 1965 on the Speedway Researcher website ! I do recall this meeting being missing from the file when somebody emailed me about a year ago about the omission The reason for this meeting being missing from the Poole 1972 team file is that the team file is older than the complete season file. When new information is obtained I update the season file and leave the team file unchanged due to time constaints. The season files are regularly tweaked but the team files are not. If you are looking for particular details for any meeting it is best to check the season file, an onerous task but a lot more accurate !
  18. Can anybody help regarding John Hough's heat placings in this meeting ? John Hough scored 5 points but the Speedway Star heat details says 6 points. I think this is an error in the heat results with John Hough probably failing to finish in heat 19 (engine failure or fall ? ) Does anybody have an completed programme to confirm ? Thanks for reading Steve
  19. steve19620

    Goodyear Trophy - Wolverhampton 26/3/1981

    Thanks for that. That sorts out my query.
  20. steve19620

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    Try these examples from Newcastle 1983. Oxford away- Joe Owen and Rod Hunter scored 20 points each (both paid 21 maximums) in a 49-47 win, at Weymouth KOC meeting, Rod Hunter with a 21 point maximum and Joe Owen 14 points from a 41-55 loss, or at Exeter Joe Owen 19 and Rod Hunter 17 points in a 42-54 loss.
  21. steve19620

    Compact Team Performances

    That’s correct. Match was ridden on 9 June 1974. Workington won 40-38 with Alan Cowland 14, Mitch Graham 13 and Mal Mackay 12 out of a total of 40 !
  22. Hi there. As part of my reserch into the 1981season, can anybody confirm which heats Bruce Cribb rode in this meeting ? The yearbook states that Bruce rode in the meeting and failed to score, whist the heat details published in the Speedway Star doesn't mention Bruce Cribb at all ! Does anybody have an completed programme from the meeting to confirm what heat(s) Cribby rode in ? Thanks for reading.
  23. Hi Steve As compiler of the season files from 1965 (as per Speedway researcher website) I appreciate your comments - we are doing our best to keep the history alive. Steve
  24. steve19620

    Season 1980 queries

    Hi there. As I am nearing the end of my research into the 1980 season, can anybody help with the following queries - I require confirmation from a marked programme from the actual meeting (not copied from the Speedway Star). 1. Mildenhall Anglia League Junior Championship -17 September. According to Speedway Star and Speedway Mail - Linden Warner as a reserve scores 2 points, 1 in heat 1 and the other in heat 19, whilst the Yearbook states Warner just scored 1 point, both the Speedway Star and Speedway Mail say 2 points. If it is 1 point in which heat was it scored ? Also did Tony Brooks or Chris Tritton ride in this meeting ? Yearbook states Tritton rode, whilst both the Speedway Star and Speedway Mail state it was Brooks. 2. Oxford v Edinburgh - 21 September. I need clarification in which heats Chris Turner was excluded under the 2 minute rule as these are not mentioned in the heat details published in the Speedway Star, or on the Speedway Researcher website. Turner was scheduled to appear in heats 3, 7 and 13 but in which 2 heats was he excluded ? Hopefully someone can help. Thanks for reading. Steve
  25. steve19620

    Season 1980 queries

    Thanks for your help - any takers for the Swindon heat results I requested last week ?

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