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  1. shane henry has signed a contract with lezsno is this confirmed
  2. i think shane henry will win this meeting great to this talent back on the row obveiously a good meeting will slot him in at no 4 in next seasons premier league title capture top 3 henry rambo lambo tommo
  3. johnmcenroe

    Pre Cardiff Drinks

    ho ho ho im a bad mo fo, see you all in cardiff
  4. johnmcenroe

    Benefit Meeting For Robbo

    great news and not just for the rye house faithfull it will be good if a speedway fans in general come down to rye house and have a great night out for one of the most likable riders in the sport all the best robbo
  5. johnmcenroe

    Drop The "bomber" Bomber?

    get out more m8 he isnt been disrepectfull
  6. here here anyone remembers autys pl debut in the play offs a t lynn couldnt keep on the bike
  7. probarly the best under 21 line for many of a year luke bowen to win the raffle
  8. johnmcenroe

    Dave Jessup In Next Issue

    did anyone ? the guys a total wesdc0tw9rif9e7ee7dhgxvbcxf!!!!!
  9. johnmcenroe

    Dave Jessup In Next Issue

    whats your favourite playing surface grass or clay also how dos he view modern speedway startline girls to the dolly birds of the 70s
  10. johnmcenroe

    No Brakes No Fear On Itv

    cheers ken me old mucker
  11. johnmcenroe

    Technology In Speedway

    dont spoil speedway with all that drivel stuff
  12. johnmcenroe

    The Play Off's

    it makes good tv ala reading peterborough 2006
  13. johnmcenroe

    For Our Entertainment!

    thats really crap

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