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  1. speedboy

    2002 Results Queries

    Yes the conference trophy totals are correct The best pairs at kings lynn on October 5th was abandoned after heat 6 due to heavy rain
  2. speedboy

    21/10/2007 Buxton v Stoke (CL)

    Yes it's from the speedway star
  3. speedboy

    21/10/2007 Buxton v Stoke (CL)

    I have the result as Buxton 39 stoke 54
  4. speedboy

    1995 General Queries

    Kings Lynn vs Exeter was called due to both teams missing there top riders
  5. speedboy

    1987 Results Queries

    5th August fours last race was held at Milton Keynes on Sept 8th 1st Tatum-Wimbledon 2nd Barney-EF-Peterboro 3rd Buck-EF-Eastbourne 4th McNamara-exc tapes-middleboro time 61.7
  6. Riding order for Armstrong' testimonial tomorrow gates open at 12 tapes up at 2 plenty going on adults £15 concessions £13 children free with a paying adult programmes £3 1 Simon Lambert 2 Adam Roynon 3 Daniel Halsey 4 Jan Graversen 5 Rory Schlein 6 Kevin Doolan 7 Alfie Bowtell 8 Luke Bowen 9 Ben Hopwood 10 Jordan Jenkins 11 Luke Newman 12 Stefan Nielsen 13 JON ARMSTRONG 14 Danny Ayres 15 Connor Mountain 16 Ben Morley
  7. Kyle Newman Ben Hopwood and Alfie Bowtell added to the line up
  8. Rider sponsorship now available The package will consist of you name/company logo alongside the riders name in the testimonial souvenir programme. Prior to the start of the meeting there will be a meet and greet with the rider as well as photo opportunities you will help secure the rider for the meeting by covering there meeting costs/expenses The package is £100 per rider on a first come first served basis Please contact Troy Dudley via Facebook messager or 07946 449390
  9. Kevin Doolan and Daniel Halsey the latest two riders added to the line up
  10. Connor mountain and Ben morley the latest two riders to be confirmed
  11. Next 3 riders Simon Lambert, Adam Roynon and Danny Ayres Meeting will be a 16 rider individual-british final format plus 4 young lions races
  12. Gino manzares, Stefan Nielsen and Josh Bates the 1st three riders to be confirmed
  13. Jon Armstrong will be holding his testimonial at Mildenhall on Sunday 22nd April 2018 2pm Sponsorship opportunities to be released soon
  14. speedboy

    Swindon V Wolves 29/7/1995

    Ht 1 Ermolenko Boyce chessell fx carter f ns 66.9 Ht 2 white Juul Olsson Jefferies 68.5 Ht 3 Thorpe juul Cunningham Morris 67.6 Ht 4 karger karlsson white Olsson 67.2 Ht 5 Thorpe Ermolenko Cunningham 3 only 66.8 Ht 6 karlsson Boyce juul chessell 66.6 Ht 7 Ermolenko karger Morris Jefferies 67.6 Ht 8 Olsson Juul white chessell 68.8 Ht 9 karlsson Thorpe Cunningham juul 66.6 Ht 10 Boyce Olsson white Morris 68.4 Ht 11 Ermolenko karger white Jefferies 68.0 Ht 12 Thorpe juul Olsson 3 only 68.0 Ht 13 Ermolenko karlsson karger Boyce 67.8 Ht 14 juul Olsson white Cunningham 69.8 Ht 15 Boyce Olsson white Morris 70.4 Ht 16 karlsson Ermolenko karger Thorpe 68.4

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