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    Women, Music, Playing Drums, Guitar, Bass and Keyboards. Martial Arts especially Thai/Kick Boxing. Weight-Training. Manchester United. American Football, Ice Hockey, Nascar and errm.. Speedway. Human Rights and Animal Rights. If the little (or big) things exist i suppose i'd be adding Alien Rights.

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  1. manchesterpaul

    Swedish Elitserien 2014 Round 4

    Only just seen this and it is WRONG. No misinformation. Have you any idea how much your threads have been altered by the mod? possibly pretty pointless you searching now. This has been going on for months across the forum , are you only referring to the most recent incident here? Ok rather than go into it all here i suggest you PM me and i'll give you the details, screenshots, saved html pages. Nothing against Ghostwalkers link, i only pointed out that my link HAD been removed and his had NOT. Either here or via PM can you give an explanation as to why my racecard links ARE bizarrely being removed by a mod trawling back through historical threads - and Ghostwalkers and others are NOT? Why did the same mod remove two posts either side of my racecard link that highly praised it and leave in place in the same location abusive posts 100% attacking the poster, 100% off-topic? Why did the same mod leave racecard links in place for other racecards? The Swedish and other international threads have been fine for years, including with the 5 lines of text notifying of a racecard. The rest of the thread has always been of speedway. It is only since a particular mod has started seeking and removing my racecard links that there has had to be posts made regarding it.
  2. manchesterpaul

    Swedish Elitserien 2014 Round 4

    Lol does such a time exist? I'll be out on the town Friday night and will only be getting home around 5am. Thanks for not much in this instance Eurosport. No way can i avoid the result either for that many days.
  3. manchesterpaul


    This match is live on Sky TV FREE AVAILABLE as of NOW! Direct download from the page, Monday, 2nd, June, 2014. BST 7:30pm, UTC/GMT 6:30pm MiniMax Racecard Elite League Birmingham vs. Swindon MiniMax Extended Racecard Elite League Birmingham vs. Swindon
  4. manchesterpaul

    Birmingham V Swindon Mon 2nd June

    I'm sure his girlfriend calls him 'sweet chucky egg' but he won't be riding under that name either lol. Birmingham team for tonight seems to be something even Wikileaks can't crack.
  5. Second all that enjoy your sun mate.
  6. Oh yeah that's true..i multitasking at the moment.
  7. How many consecutive days has Iversen been racing now? only he having a stinker so far
  8. Google searches for any form of software can be lethal especially the ones near the top! Nice race there and hopefully this week when i say it his appearance does transpire...Brummie fans will be looking forward to Zmarzlik riding tomorrow.
  9. Is there any particular reason you don't use Sopcast it's a lot safer than most of the website streams
  10. Sportowefakty and TV showing Sundstrom Touch wood not jinxing it but stream been faultless and high quality......Sopcast that is mind, or are you referring to internet stream?
  11. My computers going to be working overtime as the next match clashes with Nascar, the latter for which i have lots of windows open for the telemetry, driver scanners and all sorts of things lol. So i'm off to set up my audio mixer to be able to listen to the speedway, nascar tv commentary and drivers and officials etc etc. Once i've sorted out spaghetti junction i should be back just in time for the start of the speedway Derby. Anyone who missed the news earlier Kasprzak and Hampel are confirmed as riding OUCH just gone to Sportowefakty and they've had a very late reshuffle of their riding order...off to amend racecard lol.
  12. When you are next on your world travels don't set foot in Denmark cos those chunkers are surely going to clock you one.
  13. A lot of the UK ones are members of the 'Nora Batty School Of Modelling' Told you it would be a last heat decider lol. Emil no race wins today.
  14. You mean the costly excess baggage charges lol lol.
  15. Another great race, just how did Czestochowa get into financial trouble with racing like this and a good crowd watching it. Did they lose a major sponsor or something?

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