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  1. Graham Warren

    Birmingham 2018

    Jessica Lamb rode for Plymouth I believe.
  2. Graham Warren

    Best ever Dutch rider

    What about Peter vandenberg who became a narulised Australian
  3. Graham Warren

    Wilf Willstead, Birmingham And Cradley Heath

    I saw Wilf at Perry Barr when two Australian Sidecar Racers gave a demonstration after the match. They were Jim Davies and Peter Speerin. I don't know which one Wilf was passenger for but his machine hit the fence and went up high and hit one of the light standards which was the end of them for the night. I think Wilf suffered a wrist injury, not sure about his driver.
  4. Graham Warren

    Who Would You Like To See An Article On?

    Arthur Payne
  5. It's sad when a rider like Ben Barker is without a team
  6. Graham Warren

    2017 Season Tickets

    On this topic and prices in general, how many tracks no longer have reduced prices for seniors?
  7. Graham Warren

    Poole 2016

    I'm old enough to remember in the 50's how Wembley were all powerful and able to sign almost any good rider who came along. They were good box office when they visited away tracks even though they would usually win. .No points restrictions then.
  8. Graham Warren

    Who Is Going To Be Harkess's Successor?

    Seb Blatter
  9. wasn't there a similar incident between Tungate and Ben Barker when Ben was riding at Ipswich with Plymouth? May have been during a race - not sure.
  10. Graham Warren

    Birmingham V Kent 15/7/15

    Kent certainly made hard work of losing!! However, thanks for a good match.
  11. Graham Warren

    Craig Cook - Where Now?

    It was Thomas Pitsz (not sure how you spell it) at Birmingham I think you mean.
  12. Graham Warren

    Warsaw Gp Saturday 18th April

    Birmingham missing off list too! What a great work to produce such a list.
  13. Graham Warren

    Riders You Would Like To See Discussed

    Peter Vandenberg
  14. Graham Warren

    Briggo On Desert Island Discs.

    Ivan Mauger also appeared on Desert Island Discs Sorry, didn't see this had already been said.

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