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  1. Agree with you up to heat 7, then we enjoyed a great meeting.
  2. hyderd

    Poole 2018

    Come on Starman what do you expect opposing fans to say on a speedway forum, Poole change riders more often than banks change money.
  3. We were the only team to win at Rye, so the points deduction hits us harder that the rest. Having said that I still would rather a healthy Rye to be still competing.
  4. when your No 1 scores 1 point, the team normally lose, and they did. pretty much gate and go 1st half of the meeting but came to life after with some great racing. Great result for the Aces, expected better from Swindon.
  5. hyderd

    Rye House 2018

    Speedway in the UK has spent far to long with promoters looking after own interest, look around at the dropping crowds and the notable absentees are the younger generation. When Sky 1st got involved the BSPA missed a massive opportunity of reaching the newer younger speedway fan. They should of worked together for the future of Speedway in the UK and used Sky as a massive advertising tool to attract new fans and old fans back to British speedway. The standard at Belle Vue has not dropped it's increased tenfold, but the younger generation are still not there. They are the future of British speedway, if we keep missing them of the radar, then this long sloping road we are on will soon bottom out and Speedway with it.
  6. hyderd

    Rye House 2018

    innocent people have been accused of disturbing and serious crimes,then spent the rest of their lives hiding for fear of retaliation. Anonymity should be paramount until guilt is proven.
  7. hyderd

    Rye House 2018

    Sorry you misunderstood my post, I have no wish for any club to fold and every effort should be made to help such clubs, especially as bad decisions and rule tinkering by the BSPA are mostly to blame, however the present season will still carry on, and you know full well that all supporters on here and those who don't come on here still want there club to finish in the top 4 then hopefully carry on to win the P/Off's.
  8. hyderd

    Rye House 2018

    As Belle Vue are the only team to win at Rye this season, we stand to lose more points than the others, every effort should be sort to keep Rye in the Prem for the remainder of this season, if they choose to go down a league next year then sobeit, but these fixed race nights are not working in British speedway and that includes Belle Vue.
  9. Your first post is the one that matters.lol
  10. doesn't stop Wimbledon.
  11. With the NSS being such a fair track I never feel confident of a big home win, but win we should. 3pts to the Aces and 1 to the pirats
  12. I would love to see that, other than Woffy another young Brit doing the business, unheard off.
  13. only because of the muppets that run it.
  14. My friend and I both said the same thing, it would make the winner unworthy of the GP wild card had Lambert broke down in the final. Cracking final though between Lambert and Bewley. Congratulations to Robert Lambert 6 straight wins says it all, I get the feeling he will be changing his mind as to where his favourite track is.
  15. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2018

    if you say so.lol

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