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  1. hyderd

    SGB 2021 confirmed signings

    If it was me, I'd get Mr Cummings in to show us how and when it's safe to start speedway again.......................................................................................then do the opposite.
  2. hyderd

    highest avg rider

    I remember I Mauger from time to time leaving his fuel tap closed and losing power on bends 1/2, after turning it back on he would chase the other riders and often still beat them.
  3. hyderd

    SGB 2021 confirmed signings

    Why is it complicated, If the effort and cooperation is there, why not.
  4. hyderd

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    I understand they have big TV coverage, but if they regularly get gates of 10,000 at say £5 entrance that's £50,000 per meeting or roughly 1,250,000 Zloty, exchange rate roughly 5 Zloty to 1 Pound. That is a lot of money for any sport to lose, time will tell I suppose Think my maths are abit off here, 10,000 x 25 zloty is 250,000, I have been informed though that £10 or 50 Zloty is more like it, so that's roughly 500,000. still a lot of money to lose.
  5. hyderd

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Think the Poles are hoping to get fans into their Stadiums soon, if that doesn't happen it could be a massive mistake as it will cost them a small fortune, with no way of recouping their outlay.
  6. hyderd

    Swindon Robins 2020

    baffles me how the Poles can get away with this, surely if a person is self employed to work for someone/company/team on a set day of the week, then said person has the right to work for someone/company/team on the days outside of the contract with them.
  7. hyderd

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    More like next season.
  8. hyderd

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Lambert would be a world beater if he could gate with the best, but he does have time on his side,I'll use Leon Madsen as an example, he was good but not great until he won the European championship.If Lambert was 1st coming out of the 2nd bend, he wouldn't lose to many races. If you are looking at this Robert practice your reflex until you're sick of doing it, then do it again, you are good enough as is Dan Bewley albeit a year or 2 behind you.
  9. hyderd

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Lambert is awesome round the NSS, I would go as far to say he is a match for anyone there, if he could take his NSS form into the GP'S then I would say he could be a top 8 rider on a regular basis. But and this is massive, any world champ needs to be able to gate regularly. And there lies his problem. PS I can't believe you have put Lidsey (who I rate highly) before our own Dan Bewley (who I rate higher.)
  10. hyderd

    Prediction thread

    This is very true, a top speedway rider should be the aim for all up and coming young riders, SGP is their ambitions (or should be) and SGP tracks are big,fast and mostly well prepared. The NSS is one of the best tracks in Europe and should help our young stars of tomorrow to be better prepared for racing over there. I personally think B Kurtz will kick on now he has a track he can trust.
  11. hyderd

    Prediction thread

    Jaymon has just turned 21 last month, last year was his first in British speedway where he held his own at the NSS, yes he struggled at other British tracks, but so does every other young rider in their first season over here.Don't forget that Jaymon only rode in the Premiership, so a pretty tough 1st season, don't you think. If he continues to improve at the NSS, and also on the away meetings he has the potential to become a regular in the GP'S.
  12. hyderd

    Prediction thread

    Wow, I think you will be in a very small minority with you opinion of J Lidsey, which you are perfectly entitled to.
  13. hyderd

    Prediction thread

    Betting markets are often wrong, Swindon's top 4 are the strongest in the league, if the other 3 riders step up to the mark, then look no further than Swindon for top spot. Belle Vue do look good from 1-6, J Etheridge hopefully will be a good number 7, PK needs to bring his former form with him,time will tell.
  14. hyderd

    Prediction thread

    Hope he does stay for the season, but our wonderful summer months could have a say in the matter.
  15. hyderd

    Prediction thread

    Am liking the look of P/Borough now they are complete, strong reserves always makes a difference and P/Borough have that. 1 Swindon 2 P/Borough 3 B Vue 4 Wolves 5 K/Lynn 6 Sheffield 7 Ippo

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