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  1. Belle Vue are on a roll due to all their home matches, but I still think Swindon will be to strong round their own track. 50-40 home win.
  2. going back to last nights attendance, a fair few fans travel from outside the M/cr boundary, the weather has been atrocious for much of June up to now, so those traveling fans have every right to say,sod it I'm not chancing going in case it's called of before the meeting starts. OK the match did go on and my bet is that the vast majority of last night s crowd are from within the M/cr boundary. Just my opinion, but I'll wager I'm not far wrong.
  3. 7 Team league, race each other twice, that's a wonderful 12 home meeting Plus the P/Off's for the lucky top 4. Fans moan at not enough meetings so the BSPA change the K/Out to the Supporters trophy, and what do the fans do......................................................moan. some of us still have the sport we love, stop moaning and support your clubs, to many once great clubs are no more.
  4. hyderd

    Belle Vue vs Mildenhall 10/06/2019

    We'll be lucky to evan get a match on, forecast is horrendous and I was sooo looking forward to seeing J Palin and C Bailey. Oh well next time.
  5. so you can read minds now, Max said in his interview that although he knew CH was there, he thought he had fully passed him.
  6. I think this topic is getting silly, they were racing, they don't have mirrors. Max had passed CH coming out of Bend 2, just before going into bend 3 is where the incident took place. Max knew CH was there but as he said in the interview he thought he had fully passed CH. Max was wrong, bad judgement and wham bam thank you mam, they both end up on the deck, Max was rightly excluded for the cause of the accident, no malice,no dirty riding just a speedway incident.
  7. So if rider A crosses the finish line half a bikes length in front of rider B he was not in front at the time they crossed the line.
  8. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    With the extra 0.86 we have,what does that equate to for a Championship rider.???
  9. At the end of the day the BSPA should not of let BT or any broadcaster call the shots,it should of been properly negotiated so the all clubs are not losing hand over fist every time the camera's are in town.
  10. what you say is mostly true, my only gripe is this, how many riders do you see using the boards to propel them into the next corner, Max was at the part of the track where this is often done, Max must of known CH was near him but maybe he thought he was not as close as he was and was using the boards to give him more speed into the corner, it's possible but only Max knows for sure. Thankfully both riders were able to just dust themselves down and get on with the meeting.The ref called it correct.
  11. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    back to the drawing board then.
  12. Harris had the option of throttling off, he didn't and the correct decision was made.
  13. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    please not Auty, Garrity would be good if he could keep fit. What about Pickering.????
  14. hopefully R Wells has had his last meeting for Belle Vue.At reserve he should be cleaning up, he ain't so it's time to go.

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