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  1. Totally agree, if JT or PP + ANO are the final pieces of the Wolves jigsaw, then look know further for the 2019 Prem champions.
  2. I agree about Dan's fitness, but it aint Xmas yet so just over 3 months to tapes up, plus all the help and physio he is receiving and his youth, I am concerned but not to much. Stevie has had the latter end of last season plus a full winter to train and get fitter, I can see him returning better than he was at the end of last season, as for Lydsey, he is unknown round British tracks, but I would be very surprised if he didn't take to the NSS like a fish to water. I fail to see the improvement in any P/Bora rider that we know of.
  3. With 1 rider still to be found I am still looking for the rider/s who can/will improve their starting average. I'm afraid i'm with acef on this.
  4. hyderd

    Kings Lynn 2019

    umm, I can only think of 2 teams that change rules on a whim, strangely enough they were both in the P/Off final.
  5. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    Good news. Thanks.
  6. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    happy that you said it, and not me.
  7. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    correct me if I'm wrong but that team totals 42.62.????????? I took the averages from the SGB website
  8. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    Personally I would like both, Kenny makes us stronger at home. Craig made us stronger away, however ML had decisions to make and choose Kenny for his strength around the NSS and his lower average gave us extra lower down the order.
  9. hyderd

    Premiership Play-offs 2019

    As much as I think that whoever finishes top should be crowned champions, the truth is, leave it as it is as it makes good money for the teams competing.
  10. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    the way people are talking about Lidsey makes it sound like he has signed, yet no announcements have been made by the management.
  11. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    Looks a cracking team, my only concern would be Dan's fitness. After such an horrific injury (A) would/will he be fit for the start of the new season ??? and (B) will it affect his confidence.?? If he needs another month or 2 before starting his return to action could we bring someone in on a temporary contract, ie Rowan.
  12. Really can't see Belle Vue riding on any night other than Fridays, crowds were very poor last season riding on the Monday nights, when compared to the 2017 season when we rode on our favoured night Friday.Our promoters are through and through Businessmen, I can't see them bailing out again, for another under supported season. Cookie is not in the GP's this coming season and Max is only 2nd reserve, so assuming we start the season including both in our 1-7 Friday night's at Belle Vue should be fairly easy to sort out. Finally I for 1 would move heaven and earth to get Max back next season, he is so entertaining round the NSS.
  13. hyderd

    BSF Awards - Premiership

    one off meetings on TV don't reflect the full season, at my home track it's more racing than team riding hence I don't really know.
  14. hyderd

    BSF Awards - Premiership

    Rider of the year - Dan Bewley Most impressive team - Kings Lynn Team rider of the season -not sure on this One to watch -Dan Bewley Bulldog award (Best British rider) - R Lambert Meeting of the season - Any at the NSS Surprise of the season -Poole being at the bottom after all the pre season hype from certain Poole fans Underperformers (Team) - Leicester, mostly through bad luck Unluckiest rider - S Worrall Newcomer of the season -F Jacobson.
  15. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    must say you've surprised me there Phil, 2 teams and no mention of Cookie or Stevie.

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