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  1. Weather looks good for Monday Phil, hopefully the stay away fans will come and support both teams in what should be a superb meeting. If the track is anything like it's been recently we will need our gating boots on to build up a useful lead to take the Lynn.
  2. and the NSS, is NKI ok to ride or still injured. If he is still injured that evens the teams up, if TP is not fit to ride then it's advantage to Belle Vue. Such a massive shame we can't see 2 full strength teams battling it out, but as they say. That's speedway.
  3. the track has been a little strange these past few meetings, 1st half being pretty much gate and go, still fast and fairly close but not much passing, the second half tends to make up for it with the racing lines coming and the racing out of this world.
  4. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2018

    Libel talk is that. and coming from a fan whose team have chopped and changed all season, perfectly within the rules you would say, well so is R/R for a rider withholding his services.
  5. The problem was that Lemmo had to do something as Jay wasn't cutting the mustard especially on our travels, and his low average didn't give us much choice as to who to replace him with.Hindsight is a wonderful thing, pity it's not boxed and freely available.
  6. hyderd

    Where is SCB

    I ain't no Dr, but I would hazard a guess that to do the things he did he must have a sick brain, this cannot be cured but can be treatable with medication. The problem though is that when such people are released from Prison (on licence) some stop taking the meds and often reoffend . Personally I would keep them in a secure Hospital where they have to take their meds and keep the rest of society safe from these sick people.
  7. The GP's have the best riders in the world battling it out for the title of the worlds best rider, tracks pay an important role in making the GP's fair,safe and entertaining. Last night was pretty dull and any would be new fan/s will probs not bother watching/going again
  8. Just excuses from the ref and the FIM, the rule states that riders must be at the gate ready to race inside the 2 minute time allowed, 3 riders were not ready to race, 3 riders should of been excluded but that would of made a mockery of the sport so they chose Woffy as a scapegoat, as he was furthest away from the tapes. IMHO all 4 riders must make their way to the tapes when told to, no gardening allowed and the race starts. End of.
  9. another Poole hijacked thread.
  10. hyderd

    Where is SCB

    Thanks for the info I genuinely had no idea. Mods please close this topic and delete it.
  11. Not seen any post's from SCB for ages, is he banned or fed up with all the bickering. ?????
  12. The point I as making was the track, brilliant racing back then, sadly not now.
  13. Tracks should always be prepared to suit the home team, winning is all that counts as 99% of fans want to see their team winning, but! yes there is a but, it's also about entertainment and a gate and go track watched on TV will not bring in new fans, the same fans our sport is crying out for. I believe this present K/Lynn team is more than capable of beating any of this seasons P/Off teams, so for the sake of our great sport let's hope for the semi's and the final that the weather is kind to us, the tracks are well prepared and the meetings are thrilling to watch. Sadly I'm on hols when the 1st round of the semi's are taking place, so I won't be able to put some sugar in R Lamberts fuel , but my TV will be set on record and I can follow on updates, as long as I can get a signal. Up the Aces.

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