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  1. Can't agree to this, however I would agree that all 4 have to go straight back to the starting gate and not via the pit gate.
  2. hyderd

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    Agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying, I also get "is that still going" from where I work apart from 1 guy who does go when work etc allows. My congestion point was not Kirky lane, but the outer surrounding area. Regent Rd gridlocked (roadworks) A6 Stockport slow traffic (roadworks) M57/A57 slow moving traffic,(normal congestion) as for Oldham Rd and Rochdale Rd I guess pretty much the same, so anyone going to the meeting on Monday night or Thursday night who live outside of M19 need to finish work early, which is not always possible and must have some impact on our attendance
  3. Swindon Wolves Joint 3rd P/Borough/BelleVue Poole K/Lynn (dependent on NKI) Ippo
  4. hyderd

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    Manchester is also the most congestive city outside of London. The M6 is always chockablock from Stoke through to past Warrington, meaning fans have to leave early which is not always possible because of work etc, Buses are timed to take 5 mins from Piccadilly to the Apollo, plus another 5 mins to Belle Vue. So whilst I agree that the links are superb, unfortunately the roads cannot handle the amount of traffic presently using them. Would be interesting to see what crowds we could get if we ran on a Sunday.
  5. hyderd

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    Racing at the NSS is anything but boring, even from the gate races are close, and I firmly believe that other tracks that once provided good exciting races still can if prepared better. As for promoters intentionally winding it down, do me a favour, nobody intentionally throws good money after bad. I heard our promoters have a 5 year plan to turn Belle Vue round, I sincerely hope they can. As for the cost, when compared to other professional sports Speedway is relatively cheap, it's the extras that one can do without to keep one's cost down.
  6. hyderd

    Kings Lynn 2019

    How can you be so sure when you/we don't even know the starting 7
  7. hyderd

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    Hopefully the majority of fans who go to support their team, don't visit this forum. All this negativity is no good for our sport. The simple answer is. Back Speedway or lose it.
  8. If DB can't or doesn't want to commit to a full season then ask him to do the 1 meeting, then replace him with J Auty.
  9. hyderd

    2019 Predictions

    ummm,that's debatable, of the 7 clubs only 1 has a definite home advantage plus they have riders that can win them points on their travels.
  10. hyderd

    2019 Predictions

    top 4 in no particular order, Swindon.....Poole.....Wolves.....Belle Vue. 5 to 6 in no particular order, Peterborough.....Ipswich. 7th, only because as of yet we don't know their team, Kings Lynn.
  11. all the more reason we need him to find a spanner man, fingers crossed.
  12. 5.19 left to find a replacement, Hopefully he will sort out his spanner man and still ride for us, if not then who??????
  13. Yes today's racing at various tracks do produce as good and sometimes better racing than the era the clip is from, however back then there was more and I'm pleased that I had the pleasure to live through it.

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