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  1. I'd love to agree with you, but can't.
  2. We haven't a cat in hells chance of getting any points at Swindon, 56-34 home win.
  3. Kings Lynn was a fantastic track with plenty of passing and riders feeling good about attacking the track,from what I've seen on BT Sports that is no longer the case, and this has been backed up by other speedway fans. It doesn't need massive amounts spent on it, just a good track curator and a bit of backing from Busted.
  4. Modern day British tracks for you, there is only 1 track at present that compares with Polish/Swedish tracks,Promoters need to man up and make their tracks racable.Riders want to have confidence to race, not concerned about not being able to turn their bikes or hitting a grippy patch in the middle of the bends.
  5. hyderd

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Lambert, Riss Toft and Cook all capable of double figure scores at the NSS, we will have to have our gating boots on and be at our very best to stop Lynn taking 3 pts back to Norfolk.
  6. We'll need it, having almost finished our home matches and dropping 4 points along the way, we need to take any luck that's going.
  7. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    That's a hard one,would it offset the lost income from gate money, as IMO more fans would stay at home, especially early/late season when nights are darker and colder. Seeing R Lambert blast round the boards at the NSS could not be as exciting watching it at ones home on a TV screen, as it is live in the flesh. Also if we could get the atmosphere generated by visiting Polish fans,that would be lost on PPV
  8. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    I'm sure you as well as many others remember how good TNA was, it could easily return to that status with some investment, here though lies the problem receipts from attendensies won't fund this and promoters won't unless crowds improve. vicious circle which I sincerely hope can be overcome somehow.
  9. Excellent meeting, Poland are streets ahead at the moment, but I believe we can close the gap over the next 2-4 seasons. Polish fans were fantastic and made the atmosphere all the better. Wish we could have that every match.
  10. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    away matches Ippo..................6 from 4 Stars.................2 from 3 P/Bourgh..........0 from 3 Poole.................4 from 4 Robins..............1 from 4 Wolves..............6 from 4 Thats 2 away matches where he scored more than his average, the rest he didn't. I wish Ricky well (no pun intended) but he didn't convince Belle Vue to keep him.
  11. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    look, you made it out as if R Wells wasn't given a fair crack of the whip at Belle Vue, he had 13 matches most at home, to prove his place in the team, unfortunately all he did was lower his already low average. Ricky Wells knows he is better than what he showed us,but didn't show it. Changing him was the correct decision,actually it was probably 1 or 2 matches to late as we missed out on R Douglas.
  12. hyderd

    Belle Vue 2019

    You clearly have all the knowledge needed to manage a professional speedway team,I look forward to your views on how to get the best out of a poorly riding speedway rider.
  13. guess the stayaways will just have to come back if they want to see great speedway.
  14. hyderd

    Poole vs BV. Premiership. 27/06/19

    that's fair enough then,i'll drive down from Manchester to see the next Poole match (not against Belle Vue) and save myself £3. surely that can only be for a valid reason, a curfew where there's no curfew is not a valid reason
  15. could anyone put heat 8 on to show folk not attending that reserves can put on fab racing as well.

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