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  1. jhmracing

    Berwick 2016

    maybe stan has come over to pick up his turkey
  2. jhmracing

    Berwick 2014?

    michal skurla the czech rider looked good.
  3. jhmracing

    Berwick 2014?

    sheeps no to you gary
  4. jhmracing

    Berwick 2014?

    andy tully would be a good signing. can score big points at berwick. told the promotion about milik last season. but they wasnt interested. but he proved a point in the under 21 meeting.
  5. jhmracing

    Berwick 2014?

    if liam has any sence he should go back to edinburgh
  6. jhmracing

    Seb Alden Quits Uk

    mentioned milik to the management months ago. said they was not interester. maybe he proved a point last night
  7. jhmracing

    Berwick Make Changes

    two good ENGLISH riders. well done razor and heppie.
  8. jhmracing

    Berwick Bandits 2013

    nowt else to talk about. pick on dick time.
  9. jhmracing

    Berwick Bandits 2013

    could have done with micky dyer instead of alex edberg.
  10. jhmracing

    Paul Fry

    RIP fryer you will be missed.
  11. jhmracing

    R..i.p. Kenny Smith

    R.I.P. kenny what a great guy. you will be missed. mick anne jack and sam.
  12. jhmracing


    rymel will be there

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