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  1. You on the way to Somerset Shads?
  2. Who Is Using Which Tuner/tuner's Engines?

    Does Sean Wilson still tune motors?
  3. Poole Pirates Vs Rye House Rockets 10/5/17

    Get Ronnie Russell back as team manager!!
  4. Poole Pirates Vs Rye House Rockets 10/5/17

    Will you be making the trip to Wimborne Road Shads? So Ryes last visit to Poole was 1990 was you at that meeting?
  5. I wonder if Lewis Bridger will still be on the revolution Jawa machinery or be on GM engines at Foxhall.
  6. Wolves V Rye House - 24th April 17

    Great banter between Shovvy and Shadders keep it going all season guys.
  7. Rye House 2017

    Told you lot.
  8. Rye House Vs Swindon 08.04.17

    I told you Sparklers fans that Watt was a bad signing. He was past it in his last season for us giving up in races and not looking bothered. I hope he turns it round as he seems a nice geezer.
  9. Rye House Vs Swindon 08.04.17

    Rye will win easily tonight even Davey Watt will win a race.
  10. Rye House V Wolverhampton Sat 1st April

    I wont be going to Purfleet this season Shads waste of dough. Might pop along to see your mob now and again.
  11. Rye House V Wolverhampton Sat 1st April

    Davey will be out of the team by the time Wimbledon starts in June.
  12. Rye House V Wolverhampton Sat 1st April

    Looks like Watt is a bad signing like I said he would be.
  13. Poole 2017

    Wonder if they will restage the meeting at Saddlebow Road. Better track Darcys first club in British Speedway and his best mates club makes sense.
  14. Great stuff hope the place is packed out.
  15. Running Commentary

    The Doctor You obviously didnt go to Plough Lane then in the late eighties as Dave Lanning used to commentate on every heat at each home meeting. Regards VV