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  1. Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Agreed that Greg should be given a wild card next year
  2. Cardiff 2017

    Ridiculous queues to get in, not like normal...
  3. James Whitham

    Get well soon James. Always like his commentary on BSB, think he would be good doing the speedway 😉
  4. Genius on a speedway bike! Hope he is not seriously injured
  5. Hmm, every time it occurs on Sky, the shouty brothers tell us that the riders have to be seen to be racing...so I have taken that to mean it is a rule. Have noticed that Grey infringed an FMI sporting conduct rule, so hopefully this will put a stop to this kind of thing in the SWC as well?
  6. Are the rules not the same though, in that you have to be seen to be racing? In a league match when 2 riders from the same team are dq'd, the 2 remaining riders in the heat have to be seen to be racing?
  7. https://youtu.be/0znNiN0lYAQ Didn't know Star Wars was filmed at Wimborne Road....
  8. 2016 Polish Match Video`s

    Shame, was good while it lasted
  9. Noticed King used the word unfortunately, in the same way, several times 😂😂
  10. Torun 2016

    Last time we were in sphynx in Torun the food was garbage! Few years ago mind, may have got better now....loads of bars and restaurants about though, enjoy, it's a great city 🖒🖒
  11. Poole Sign Lindback

    So has the decision about riding at Poole first tomorrow night but you kept droning on about having an explanation for that even though an explanation had been given!
  12. 2016 Euro's - Live On Tv

    Think Emil will win this race... Couldn't have got that more wrong 😁 well done Nicky P.
  13. 2016 Euro's - Live On Tv

    Great race there, thought Laguta had both wheels over white line at one point
  14. 2016 Euro's - Live On Tv

    Best wishes to Anders, terrible injury. Pedersen looking for Laguta there 😁