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  1. Somerset 2018

    I’d go with Lawson at 5, he’s sussed the OTA now, Jack needs a few laps before he takes on that responsibility.
  2. Somerset 2018

    Disappointing for him, he has been in good form in Aus.
  3. Somerset 2018

    Oh dear, broken collar bone , didn’t see anything on the Rebs web site.
  4. Somerset 2018

    Whats happened with Jack then?
  5. Somerset 2018

    Top man Ian “Statto” Belcher, my first friend down at the OTA .
  6. Somerset 2018

    A very happy new year to all my fellow posters on here especially my Somerset mates whom I hope to catch up with next season. World Champion at #No 1 for us, we’ve come a long way baby.
  7. Somerset 2018

    Strong middle order, but 13 could be a problem.
  8. Somerset 2018

    Not sure Jack is strong enough to be at 5 yet. Ideally if Jack and Jake could occupy 3 and 4 at some point with Richard at 5 , and Charles at 2, now we are talking.
  9. Somerset 2018

    Riding positions for us next season ? 1. Jason 2. Jake 3. Charles 4. Jack 5. Richard 6. Bradley 7. Jonas. Think it will be something like this.
  10. Somerset 2018

    Great to have Jason back, but not forgetting the ever popular Wrighty is back as well.
  11. Somerset 2018

    Can’t believe we have signed the World Champion, just shows how far this club has come. Welcome back Captain Fantastic , good luck to you and all the Rebs next season.
  12. Somerset 2018

    It is Jason Doyle
  13. Somerset 2018

    Hopefully it’s Jason next for us.
  14. Somerset 2018

    Starkey would be a strong reserve especially at home.
  15. Somerset 2018

    Won’t get Doyle imo, more likely Lambert, not sure if that gives us scope to sign Chris Holder.