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  1. Cliffeboy

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    All regular Rebs need to be on it tomorrow, Covatti should be ok at 6, Lawson needs to improve or we could get stung in the engine room. Provided we start ok ( no 1-5 ‘s in heat 1 please) I think we will take the three points.
  2. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2018

    This is a shame , Wrighty always gives 100 % and is useful at our place. All I can think is that there must of been a pretty big difference of opinion for this to happen. Be interesting to see how this goes down with the OTA faithful. With Holder switching to 5 , I had high hopes for the Wright/Lawson partnership. Puts a lot of pressure on Lawson who himself needs to up his game at home. Vissing a strange choice for me, he did ok for us back in the day, hopefully he can recreate that form. As for Joonas, only seen him once, and he looked ok. I guessing Gary is hoping to see the Covatti of a few seasons back who enjoyed some good form at our place. Good luck to both departing riders , Joonas could do with a Championship berth to help bring him along, wouldn’t mind betting Charles will soon be snapped up as well.
  3. There is a Spoons in Burnham by the sea front which is ok.
  4. Glad Lawson has been moved from 5 to 4, had high hopes for him yesterday, and was disappointed. Im no expert but he didn’t seem to want it like the others. Maybe a drop in confidence is going on here, he needs to up his game especially at the OTA. Good luck to Jack , hopefully the No 5 jacket had not come too soon for him. Doyley looking like he is slowly getting back on it , so Rebels by 10 for me.
  5. Good luck to Richard Lawson tonight.
  6. Never saw that coming I have to say , great show after Monday’s no show.
  7. A vast improvement required for the Rebels to get anything here, Lambert v impressive on Monday as was Kerr. Lynn by 12 for me on current form.
  8. Cliffeboy

    Torun 2018

    Great stuff , cheers R and R , I shall pass that on.
  9. Cliffeboy

    Torun 2018

    Yeah I know that , but I was unsure as to why they are unavailable at the moment as the Cardiff ones are normally getable for months before the event.
  10. My sister and her partner are planning on going to this. Can anyone let me know how to get tickets or when they become available please. Cheers.
  11. Great report as usual ER, I asked for a top performance from the skipper and it looks like he delivered. Well done him and the rest of the lads.
  12. Tough on the Rebs losing BWD as well now for the visit of the Aces. Kurtz is a good shout as a stand in and knows the track well, while Shanes always gives100%. Still waiting for a stand out performance from the skipper, Rebs still not quite on it at the moment, as soon as they all click we should be comfy at home. For the Aces it depends which Rohan turns up, if he is on it things could get tasty. Cookie may have an eye on Saturday. Rebels should get over the line but the Aces have the personnel to grab a point.
  13. The champs looked very strong against the Aces yesterday. Batch and Bellego were superb, as was Musielak. The key for the Rebs will be Jake and Brad , who need to be picking up the minor places from Ellis and Zach. Now would be a good time for Jason to hit double figures around the OTA . Too many ifs and buts for me to make a prediction but hopefully the Rebs can get the three points.
  14. Get well soon Mitch.
  15. Cliffeboy

    PLRC @ Poole - 09/05/2018

    Get in Doyley, another title.

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