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  1. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Brilliant mate.
  2. Iversen had a 15 point max last time out at the OTA I think. Not many riders have managed that over the years, and I think he also did it back when he was at Newport.
  3. Still one more guest to find and also r/r .
  4. Don’t think Chris has been all that at our place .
  5. It’s going to be very hard for the Rebels to get anything out of this I think. Three riders down is too much , BWD and Jack are big misses , and Summers was showing good form when he got injured. If Lawson was on better form i think Gary may have gone for r/r to give Doyle another ride, not sure now.
  6. Very very unlucky Stars you had no luck at all I have to say, losing Iversen and MPT was the nail in the coffin. Pirates very fortunate but in this stupid way we run this league probably an apt result. See you in the KO Cup final next week , hopefully Gary can sneak in an over average rider ( with approval of course ) . PS very well done for finishing as table toppers, respect.
  7. I am neutral in as far as I am neither a Poole or KL fan. I am a fan of speedway though and the play off idea is a bad thing in my opinion. I agree with you that Poole did ride well last night in the match but what you personally cannot seem to grasp is the bad decisions by the ref cost the table toppers dear. I do not believe for one second that you believe MPT could have stayed on in that incident. My gripe is with the play offs , it always was and is. I rarely post on other teams threads only if my team Somerset are involved. I will be cheering KL on tomorrow as you ask, but not through any hatred towards your team , but purely to see the top team get their recognition as the best team over the season.
  8. Tellboy I think SS is just on here for a wind up as usual, he knows Poole have got away with it . Let him have his moment, if by some miracle KL pull this around we will see if the boot can be put on the other foot lol.
  9. And that my friend in a nutshell is why the whole rip offs idea at the end of the season is a joke. I am a neutral in all of this , the nature , danger and unpredictability of the sport make it a very unfair thing to ask a team that has toiled away all season to finish top to go through. Maybe losing with a full team is bad enough, but not getting there over truly awful decisions by officials and rule changing really is the limit. Come on the sport is dying on its feet, let’s not make it s joke as well.
  10. It’s not about whether Gavan or anyone thinks it’s right , do you not see. It’s breaking the rules, pure and simple. I shall not be watching , I hope for the sake of the credibility of our sport Lynn the true champs win. That’s me finished with this now , btw well done Tai, see you all next season.
  11. I think that is just about right. The so called climax to the season is a joke. Been trying to explain this to a non Speedway sports fan. His face is a picture lol. So this is how it went, a team finished 9 points behind the top team . They then qualified for a two match shoot out with the top team, and then were allowed to field an over strength team .
  12. Keep telling yourself that if it helps.

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