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  1. Rare off night for Jack hopefully. The one that is concerning me is Lawson, who has not had a good meet for us for ages. Our reserves are normally top notch but looks like Berge done the buis as well. Don’t want to be too critical cos I’m not there, but from what I’m hearing a collective off night after a great show against Poole Monday. Six points req now from the next two next week.
  2. Yeah I thought that as well. BT chose not to look at it.
  3. Cliffeboy

    Somerset v Wolves 08/08/18

    Never take anything for granted , we’ve lost our number 1 twice leading up to play off finals and lost them both by one point. One step at a time, although I agree we are going well at the moment.
  4. Cliffeboy

    Somerset v Wolves 08/08/18

    Should be another three points tonight for the Rebs. Personally looking for Lawson to hit a bit of overdue form tonight. If he can do this we are looking good for the playoffs.
  5. Ok so an average thing, fair enough.
  6. What was the reason Bomber couldn’t sign for Somerset but it was ok to join Poole. Did I miss something, apologies if I did.
  7. Good going that , I’ve been travelling down from Watford for 20 odd years , best I’ve managed is 3 hrs. Mind you always on a Friday if it’s speedway.
  8. Beaten by a better side, no excuse required. Get over it.
  9. Lawson needs to step up to the plate for sure tonight, he cost us big time Monday. He’s got the armband too. If the other Rebels are on usual form we should be ok. I can see Summers only getting three rides tonight, BWD and Jake are a different class at the OTA. It will be close especially if Bellego has a good one. 47-43 for me.
  10. That would be when Robert jumped the start, and ferried his namesake around after getting to the first corner one bike length ahead of the Rebs two worst riders. I’m a Lambert fan btw. There was a bit of talk that he may have come to us pre season.
  11. Would K. Bjerre have been available, not sure !
  12. Cliffeboy

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Great entertainment down at the OTA Friday with ex Rebel Charles Wright and regular guest Kyle Howarth coming out on top. The racing was keen fast and fair, and we had the bonus of the whole thing being done and dusted in under two hours. Well done to all involved in moving it along. Track was good which encouraged some fine racing and passing. MPT was great value as was Schlein, although I was disappointed with Nicholls and Harris. Chris in particular was miles behind just getting to the first corner. I was happy for Charles to win, his altercation with Gary is hopefully behind both of them, and you could see his joy at the end of the final. For me as always, great to see Ian , Dave , Bernard, Di, Anita and Mark although didn’t spot Aron, was you there !
  13. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2018

    Nasty bang up for our skipper yesterday at the GP. Certainly looked pretty horrific from our view point. Glad he’s not more badly hurt. Get well soon Jason, all the best to you and your family.
  14. Cliffeboy

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Rain forecast in Highbridge tonight , but worrying.
  15. Another good result for the Rebels, is there a more improved rider in the Premier than Jack Holder?. Still a long way to go but everyone’s favourite team to be bottom are currently comfortably top, a tremendous achievement. Well done everyone down at the OTA, looking forward to seeing my friends down there tonight at the Pairs.

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