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  1. Cliffeboy

    Sheffield 2019

    Careful Tigers bigging up young Kemp by too much. Already saying he can put 2 maybe 3 on his average. Different class of rider at this level.
  2. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Tbf didn’t think we would get Jack this season , can’t say about Wrighty cos we are in the wrong division. He probably had a deal in place before we went Championship.
  3. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Agree with you to a point about Jack Smith but tbf to him it was the top division he was struggling in. He may find it easier at the second level.
  4. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Once again I agree with you mate, but if you do then go and spend your money elsewhere you will lose your Speedway that’s a given. If what’s offered is all Somerset can offer it’s up to the individual punter what he does, all I’m saying is it may not always be like this for us, use it or lose it. As for the Gary May thing didn’t he hint in the Star something about dropping a division if things didn’t pan out at the AGM. Definitely not trying to pick holes in you guys I know you are all set in stone Somerset supporters, and maybe cos we have nothing up here I a bit worried it could all go t**ts up for you lot which would be a tragedy. You are all right when you say what a state Speedway is in, but it’s difficult to see a solution.
  5. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Naj I totally get everything you are saying in the above, however what is the alternative. If the Prem League in its current format is unsustainable for the club we have to change. We were perfectly happy for many years in the 2nd division where we had a healthy following and good success, tbf I was shocked when we made the step up. We did fantastic last season and I think we were all looking forward to taking it further, but if it isn’t sustainable you have to change. What is the point of chasing a dream and maybe crashing the team. Somerset have probably one of the best set ups in any of the leagues tbf if we can’t make it work who can ? The entrance fee is also a good point with the difference in calibre of riders. Before anyone rips me a new one lol I know I won’t be paying it. Maybe we need to recoup some money from last season, I don’t know for sure but maybe. You make the point about watching Rowe and Atkins, before you have even see them ride. I think they will probably struggle to start with, they will not be alone, but don’t you just love it when suddenly one of them will pop out of the gate and ride four laps be all over the place and somehow get over the line in front of a more experienced opponent. Crowd goes potty and the kid is overjoyed and maybe goes on to register his best ever score. Different type of entertainment mate. The good thing about Speedway is if in a couple of seasons things have changed we may be able to return to the top flight as Peterborough and Ipswich , if we are no more like Rye and Lakeside we are snookered. ?
  6. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Really hate all this negativity, you will all be crying when there is no Speedway. We have no choice up here we have rockall. Gary has again put together a decent team that will compete at this level. We have a cracking set up at Somerset, don’t ruin it. People who know me know that I was and am a passionate follower of the Rebels, I really looked forward to going every time I was down there even when times were hard back in the early days. On the odd occasion I get down there now people are so nice and friendly when I pitch up, like they only saw me the other week when in reality it may have been a year maybe. Brilliant clubhouse, good racetrack (again ), and good supporters. I can’t wait for the season to start again to see how it all pans out.
  7. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    A lot will depend on how the reserves pan out, we have traditionally had good reserves , it will be a big ask to these young guys to step up. In saying that as long as they can achieve their 2 point average , that’s it anything else is a bonus. The top guys have got to get the youngsters dialled in quick to the OTA. I hope Rory is not coming just to see the season out , we need him banging in good scores every week, and tbf in this watered down league he should be able. Harris and Covatti will always give 100% as will Todd. Finally Berge , he “could “ be Gary’s ace, if he can put a couple of points on his average he could make himself next seasons surprise package. First couple of months will be interesting, I am a bit sad that not one of Wrighty, BWD or Jake are back, with only Todd having a full season as a Rebel under him, but there you go I suppose. I hope the OTA faithful down in Highbridge and Burnham continue to support the club, I would love to still be able to go most weeks. As stated previously my nearest track is now 160 mile round trip, not gonna happen.
  8. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Good luck to the 2019 Rebels, top three will definitely have to hit the ground running. I will make an assessment of our chances when the other teams reveal their line ups, at this early stage Scunny look decent.
  9. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    If he fits I hope it’s Starkey.
  10. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Bit concerned he may end up at Eastbourne. We need him at 4 imo.
  11. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Good luck for the season young man. Stay safe.
  12. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Not the right thread for this, but with the demise of Rye and Lakeside the nearest track to me now is Swindon a 120 mile round trip. Happy days for me back in the day when I watched the sport at Somerset ( we had a place there ) seven or eight times a season . Followed by occasional visits to Rye and Reading. Same sort of thing happened when I started watching Speedway in the 70’s with Wembley. Then it was Wimbledon, Hackney, West Ham and Reading, all subsequently disappeared. Very sad.
  13. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    I get the feeling the sudden non arrival of Wrighty as thrown a spanner in the works. I’d def take Starkey, good OTA second string, with experience on away tracks, if we can’t fit in BWD.
  14. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    What would Jeppesen come in on ?
  15. Cliffeboy

    Somerset 2019

    Management are letting us know next Tuesday, tbf Gary hinted at it in the Star the other week , so maybe not such a surprise.

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