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  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
  2. If Manchester doesnt have a GP it should have the Challenge
  3. RPNY

    Wildcards 2022

    Neither wanted to be in it tho.
  4. RPNY

    Wildcards 2022

    Baring in mind there wasnt even a qualifier for the original seies back in 1995, I dont think there has ever been a series where the majority of the best riders were not in it. Maybe 1999 Loram could have pushed TRik for the title but that aside theres never been anyone that obvious thats not been in the series. Just a few that slightly divided opinion.
  5. RPNY

    Wildcards 2022

    Dont really think it matters where they are from as long as the best are in it Or at the very least its 15 out of the best 20. What the GPs dont benefit from are riders like Bertzon and KK getting 1/2 points every time...
  6. I dont know if they are putting temp stands in or not but Id imagine for a GP they would
  7. I beleive in 2016 for SWC it was close to 7000 with temp stands on the bends.
  8. It annoys me greatly that Poland get so many GPs (even before Covid) and we get 1. They would easily sell out a Manchester GP in either May/Sep while still getting good numbers for Cardiff in July.
  9. I think the BSPA fail on many fronts however as a total package I struggle to see how they can upgrade from Cardiff. Wembley? Too big. Spurs, not a great area, nothing to do round the stadium. And of course neither of those have a roof. Olympic stadium possibly. I believe the roof would cover the track and at least theres the mall, bars n restaurants near. On the whole Cardiff ticks most boxes tho
  10. It amazes me that Cardiff has averaged around 40,000 from 2001 to 2019 and yet its popularity is being questioned.
  11. Negative people on here moan about the track but the fact is that there wasnt one bad event a cardiff. As a live spectacle it was brilliant. I went every year except 2017 was always a great atmosphere and Id be suprised if there was a single person at the stadium who went home dissapointed. Loads of people who arent Speedway regulars go to Cardiff. Madness if they dont have a Staduim in the UK. Yes Belle Vue is a great track and I wish it was also in the GPs. But the Stadium events are something else.
  12. Who are the idiots choosing these tracks?!!

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