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  1. I watch it in the States via the SGP Website or App. Im pretty sure will be the same for NZ
  2. So why no cook? Seems like perfect series for him to be in.
  3. There will be the argument the opposition was tougher back then. Even tho the eastern European boys were essentially riding on old lawn mowers...
  4. Tai does indeed look in unreal form right now. Way too early to put his name on the trophy tho. Should be a great GP season.
  5. RPNY

    Swindon 2019

    And at some point there will be no more costs to cut...
  6. RPNY

    Swindon 2019

    I hear you but those riders were either A. English B. Still there because they had been in the league since the days of it being the #1 league in the world C. Not regularly in the league but rather a season or 2 then leave, then come back... Even PK and Max left for a few years. My original statement was not meant to be the league is much better than it was 20 years ago, more that we have been saying the same thing (Speedway in the UK is dying) since the late 80s. Yes crowds are poor but it's on TV now which it never was when I was growing up, we have a national stadium with maybe the best track in the world, we have a showcase event every year that attracts over 40k people... The potential is there to make it a popular spectator sport again. But again Im aware things arent great! More importantly for this thread,I hope the new Swindon track is a good un and they have a great season.
  7. RPNY

    Swindon 2019

    Maybe I'm wrong but my memories of mid/late nineties are, all the top foreign riders left the British league (we had a few British 'stars' in the GP's so made the league look a little stronger than today) tracks closing, crowd sizes similar to today, no TV coverage, no national stadium, very antiquated presentation. Im not saying things are great today by any means but I believe the opportunity is there to get better not just assume its 100% doomed to fail. Maybe Im just being a stupid optimist tho...
  8. RPNY

    Swindon 2019

    Been hearing that for a long time now. Its far from great but its in better shape now then 20 years ago. It is absolutely crying out for a Barry Hearne type figure tho
  9. RPNY

    2020 SGP Qualifiers

    The whole concept of a WildCard at the GP Challenge when there are so few qualifying spots is about as unfair as it gets in sport!
  10. Bit of a rubbish Show so close to the season starting. However as much as I am a fan of Cook and not a fan of Chapman, you have to give credit to him sticking to a budget he can afford. As a Rye House fan and hearing what they were paying and how that worked out, I'd take Peterborough's current situation any day. And, Cookie's cause not helped by the fact he seems to have out priced himself out of 2 different teams now. Also, don't think its that bad of a 1-7. Not as good as When Cookie was #1 but still competitive in what is a pretty weak Premier league these days.
  11. RPNY

    Warsaw 2019

    Its a brilliant GP, great stadium, loads of vendors for merchandise in and outside the stadium. Very envious, enjoy!
  12. RPNY

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    Gotta go some to beat Havvy's title winning suit!
  13. RPNY

    Wild Cards 2019

    Probably right. Turned out pretty good in the end tho!

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