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  1. What is Tai Greg & Doyle all need Wildcards?
  2. 2 semi finals (& Fricke a final) Each!
  3. They had i from Landshut too. Anyway fingers crossed theres something!
  4. FIM streamed it on their YouTube channel the last few years
  5. I agree but you also get some guys that come along and take to it quickly. Id rather just see some fresh faces have a go rather than same guys finishing between 6th -10 th again
  6. Some new young blood hopefully. No offense to PUK, Zagar, Smolly, Bomber but nice to see a few young guns go through
  7. Choker that this is the year he's injured. Coulda been the best crowd ever at Cardiff if he was leading and it was the penultimate round.
  8. Cue change of engine tuner, diet, personal trainer and interview in Speedway Star about how he's moved on from the tough times of months ago!
  9. Correct. Big fan of Cookie but the GP's last year and several years of SWC/SoN show he struggles at that level.
  10. I dont think it will be a huge shock if Lambert misses a season or 2 in the next few years.

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