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  1. Shall we give it a chance before writing it off?
  2. NBC originally had 3 year deal, after 2 months of the inaugural season they went back and asked to make it a 10 year deal. The first season EVERY game was available for free. Now you have to buy a pass to stream all those that aren’t on tv. Why is this? Because it is now popular enough that they can get away with it. now I’m now suggesting that for one second speedway is anywhere near as popular as soccer however this is an example of how something can come out of relative obscurity to being popular. there are now so many dedicated sports channels in the states that need to fill time slots 24/7 that it amazes me the conversation about showing the GPs hasn’t even been had. Believe me they show some absolute dross on these channels. as for USA being hard market to crack, Greg being an unknown champion etc yes I get that. However it is such a big country and there are so many multi purpose stadiums crying out for events to be staged believe me it could be done. Simply they won’t take the chance which is a great shame. Might not work but could pay off big time. By the way Humphrey I’m suprised you have time to type on here as you seem to have researched everything about everything!
  3. Yes but my point is we need to look forward. I love the GPs & I’m a big fan for the most part of BSI however it infuriates me the way in which the running of GPs are put into the hands of the local promoter & therefore meaning we loose, or even worse, don’t get the big stadiums and nice cities. yes Finald, Berlin, Gothenburg were not great tracks and therefore not sustainable. however having heard first hand about Friends arena & Riga, they coulda been kept on the calendar and made profitable if the BSI (especially now they are part of IMG) resources were used properly regarding pricing, advertising etc. I was also told how close they came to having a GP at the Stub Hub center in LA & again it was left to others to pick up all the costs. Shocking when you think it’s the biggest global market and there’s been an American world champion 3 times in last 7 years. I went to Melbourne in 2016, there was zero advertising. We lost NZ, a GP every rider loved because the Promoter was fed up with the costs. surely a company that’s part of IMG with all their resources knows to make money you gotta spend money. The series can’t move forward with some of the venues we have now. It’ll simply get stale
  4. Just Bin the smaller 1 horse town venues and get it back to some worthy citys/stadiums!
  5. Hopefully Flying direct from a GP in LA/Vegas the week before with any luck!
  6. As I said, great track and a belting night out.
  7. My choice for 2019 1) Manchester 2) Warsaw 3) Prague 4) Horsens) 5) Riga 6) Sweden (where Im not sure) 7) Gustrow 8) Gorzow/Torun 9) Cardiff GB deserve a second GP especially when its a world class track, a fitting stadium and a great City. Warsaw and Prague great city's great stadiums, Warsaw been brilliant since the initial cock up. Prague the racing been much better since Topinka took over track prep. Horsens, lovely stadium, average GP this year, but first 3 were superb. Riga, again beautiful city and a nice stadium. Im sure both riders & fans would rather go there then somewhere like Teterow, Daugapvils or Krsko. Plus Latvia have some good riders right now, strike while the irons hot... Although I must confess no idea if the track is any good. Sweden needs a GP. Saddens me that neither Friends arena or the Olympic stadium can be used because very much enjoyed the meetings there. The GP at the Olympic stadium in 2004 in particular was a belter. Gustrow: Germany deserve a GP and they are doing pretty well on the world stage right now. It seems to be a much better track with much better spectator facility then Teterow (its a s*** hole a direct quote from one of the riders Saturday) Then one more in Poland, both those tracks and stadiums being fantastic. Torun also a cracking night out, cant comment on Gorzow. Round it off with a World Champion crowned in Cardiff, that would be as good as I could realistically hope for from the series...
  8. Maybe we should all sit tight and pass judgement once it happens...
  9. Cookie back in the Mix for this one now. Very intersting to see who makes it through
  10. If it is te last round next year that would be very cool
  11. RPNY

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Ah well I stand corrected!
  12. RPNY

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Only missed one Cardiff GP and though this year was as good as any (maybe Bombers win 2007 slightly topped it.)The riders loved the presentation understandably,but I thought it didn't really work. Maybe needed better spotlight or a firework going off for each rider so we could actually spot them! Although I guess it was pretty cool when I saw Doyle standing 10 feet away! Racing was very good, referee a moron, shouldn't be allowed at another GP. Cook could well have been on 12 points, there was nothing wrong with his first start. Was funny to see him admit he got it wrong with Greg at the end of the meeting. Dont think Ive seen ref do that in any sport ever! It was such a great spectacle and the atmosphere just so, so good. Had a first timer with me, he's already asking about other GPs to go watch On that note so sad that these Glamour GPs are fewer and fewer. I suspect Horsens will go next year and we'll be back at Vojens. To that note an early GP in Manchester should be seriously looked into. Great stadium great track, great City. Only the bloody weather that would be an eternal worry! Anyway another superb Cardiff weekend now in the History books. Roll on 2019...
  13. RPNY

    Rye House 2018

    From what I am told they were doing ok last season. Monday night racing pretty much the main factor in our demise. That and the fact we simply are not a top tier club.
  14. Racing in 2nd half was good. Generally the case with GPS. Start of slow get better as the track settles. Crowd didn’t look that awful to me. More then last year I thought

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