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  1. RPNY

    Warsaw 2019

    Its a brilliant GP, great stadium, loads of vendors for merchandise in and outside the stadium. Very envious, enjoy!
  2. RPNY

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    Gotta go some to beat Havvy's title winning suit!
  3. RPNY

    Wild Cards 2019

    Probably right. Turned out pretty good in the end tho!
  4. RPNY

    Wild Cards 2019

    Who was the last Wild Card that was utterly useless and couldn't compete at GP level? Genuine question..
  5. RPNY

    Warsaw 2019

    Via the SGP website links worked for me all 3 times I went. Very jealous by the way, wish I could go again. Its a belting GP!
  6. Yes its a travesty that place doesn't stage a GP
  7. Didnt enjoy the 6 lanes of absolute Mayhem?!!!
  8. Or a short 14 hour drive from Moscow hahahahahahaha
  9. The main idea is that people who dont get to see top level Football were graced with the biggest game in Europe, that principal is now being applied to speedway. A counter argument to yours is the Russians saying why should we always have to travel... If it was a regular occurrence I would agree with you (I was praying for a GP or SON in Manchester) however I still think you cannot possibly begrudge ONE world final being held there... Also the track can produce good racing. Been some brillaint Euro Champ meetings there.
  10. Cant begrudge far off venues getting ONE event. They are also the reigning champions.Even the Champions league Final was in the Ukraine this year...
  11. Dont fully agree with you. Its marketed better and a little more eye catching with the jumps and stuff. But I went to events in Toronto and at MetLife Stadium (NY Jets/Giants) and the demographic was pretty much identical to that of GPs Ive been to. Nascar ditto for that matter.
  12. That much I cant disagree with you...Im not sure what BSI's business plan but I cant help but feel the opportunity is there to target some new markets. The Supercross over here have managed to do it. Some places they tried and failed but at least they gave it a go..
  13. I was there this year, 2nd half of the meeting was Superb. Since about 2014/15 the racing in Prague has been very good. Such a shame about Horsens that was a lovely stadium and there were some cracking GPs there. I hope they can find some nice new venues soon Cant say that is true. At most GPs there was som superb racing, there were a lot of big crowds this year, BT are happy with it. Its not all doom and gloom. As much as many on here like to project...
  14. Least exciting line up of venues in some time
  15. RPNY

    Boring formula 1 racing

    This argument seems to get rehashed a fair bit.. Along with "there are no superstars anymore" I Guarantee that we can look back and someone was saying this 10 years ago and in 10 years it'll be said again. Just a human trait, we all look back with rose tinted specs..

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