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  1. Maybe 1 off (or 2 nights) in Warsaw end of the season would have been the way to go.
  2. They need to get a calendar out soon surely, its July!
  3. RPNY

    Cardiff 2020

    Never understood this Cardiff is boring rhetoric. Missed only 1 Cardiff GP. In all the times I did attend I cant remember any that were boring. Racing can be better at other tracks of course but there is always drama, excitement and an unrivaled atmosphere.
  4. RPNY

    Cardiff 2020

    Or it'll be some somewhere between 40-50k like it has the last 20 years!
  5. RPNY

    Cardiff 2020

    That clears that up then Phil! Fingers crossed for SoN!
  6. RPNY

    Cardiff 2020

    I maybe completely wrong but I reckon they were strongly of the belief they could crown a British World Champion at the stadium last year. Unfortunately after Tai's season from hell that very much wasn't the case
  7. Thank you. Is it easy to subscribe to these from outside of Poland tho?
  8. Is there going to be anyway to watch the Polish League racing once its up and running?
  9. I never got to go to a world final but used to love the days out to the British, Commonwealth, Overseas Finals. Great times
  10. RPNY


    I get the Star Subscription through iTunes. (Hope you get a decent cut Phil!) Can do weekly, 6 months or 1 year, very easy way to do it.
  11. With a lot of time on my hands I've been watching all the World Finals that I could find on YouTube from 1980-1994. Here are my top 5. Was wondering what others opinions were.... 1) 1990 Bradford. 9/10 2) 1981 Wembley 8/10 3) 1985 Bradford 7/10 4) 1994 Vojens 7/10 5) 1993 Pocking 6/10
  12. Was robbed by a stupid flagman in the GP Challenge so justice is kind of served
  13. RPNY

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    You are indeed correct he served British Speedway with absolute distinction. However he was the first one to go and many followed

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