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  1. Anyway, was a good GP once they sorted the track out wasnt it...
  2. About as spot on a post as Ive ever read on here
  3. On a much lighter note, went to Moore Park when I was in Christchurch 2016. Very basic but lovely set up. Very happy I got to see it.
  4. Western Springs would always get a crowd. NZ is an 'outdoor' nation and has a rich speedway history. They were always going to attract a decent crowd.
  5. I think that is why the Clocks were introduced Stranger things have happened. maybe a year or two out may put some fire in the belly
  6. I hear you. Very Odd with Emil. I thought he was going to walk it as soon as he was back in the GPs.
  7. Open question - I genuinely dont know the answer. Forget box office etc, on ability/scoring potential alone,should Nicki be in next year? Was very unlucky with that early injury, he'd started the season like a steam train in Poland. Not my favorite rider but cant help but think the series is better with him in it.
  8. RPNY

    Swedish play-offs 2018

    Unfortunately not but I appreciate the effort bud!
  9. Simple fact is that outside of a top few, the previous seasons form does not indicate the where or whereabouts they will be the next season. Doyle & Lebedevs this season. Antonio & Vaculik after 2012, Kasprzak after coming 2nd in 2014, Holder after finishing 4th in 2016 there are many examples that you just dont know how someone will do the next season. Tai getting the 2013 Wild Card being the ultimate example of course,. And with the WildCard picks will always be somewhat controversial. But 9/10 if common sense prevails most people will be happy...
  10. I did not Sir but seen a few good meetings there in the past.
  11. To be fair Togliatti is a great stadium and a good track. They will have a full house there. Cant begrudge Russia holding one FIM event!
  12. If Round one was in Manchester I see no reason why it would remotely affect Cardiff. Great City, Great track, Stadium that although is not a patch on Cardiff, is more than worthy of a GP. Madness if they dont have a GP there IMO.
  13. Buggar! With Cardiff being announced for September there are a lot of us that put 2 and 2 together and made 5!
  14. Having just watched Belle Vue v Somerset we live in hope that there is a GP in Manchester next year.

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