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  1. I never said the entire interview was made up. I said 1. I met Greg in person a few weeks back and he really was a genuinely very nice bloke. (not that it has much to do with this scenario, just stating a fact) 2. That Gino himself said that his words were twisted. So for the life of me, I cannot understand how people on here seem to know what Gino said more than Gino himself does! Not wanting or expecting anyone to agree with me just saying what Im saying...
  2. How many time you met him to make this judgement?
  3. Tex

    Chris Neath

    Speak to him every now and again. He's living and working in the Midlands. Great man, great family cant speak highly enough of them.
  4. Tex

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    Have to agree. I know its their choice but does seem tremendously unfair.
  5. Bwitch my man fully hear what you are saying but my point is Gino's direct quote was ..."False interview with words Twisted" Who are we to say he lying?
  6. Oh well, Gino is a UFC fighter I dont think hes afraid to voice his opinion. He said his words were twisted but people here seem to think they know what he was saying more then he does himself...
  7. Gino said on Twitter it was BS article and his words were twisted.
  8. Having met Greg recently I can tell you first hand he is every bit as nice in person as he comes across on TV. He really is a very decent fella. I know some of you wont want to believe that but he really is
  9. So in having the SON to give other countries a chance we have a final of Poland Russia Denmark GB Sweden Australia Germany Mission not really accomplished...
  10. Not a classic but as is the case with most Speedway meetings got better as it went on
  11. Who did the Ukraine replace in Event 1? Sorry having a senior moment...
  12. Thus is true. There should be a non televised qualifier to get the worst of the worst out the way then two 6 team semis and then onto the final.
  13. Early rounds of SWC tend to be pretty average. 2 strong teams against 2 teams with no hope. Lets wait till Saturday night to pass judgment. But yes these race off meetings are pretty dire...

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