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  1. Love the SWC but MAYBE (probably blind hope!) this is a good thing. Making the World Cup every other year at the very least gives the competition some prestige & keeps it fresh. As much as it has always created great racing, it was just starting to be shunned by some of the top riders and used as a mid season break. And of course we cant deny it looked like any 4/5 man team competition would be won by the Pols for the foreseeable future. (Although ironically Worrell, Cook, Woffy+1 at Belle Vue probably had a cracking shot at winning.) If however they have ditched it all together for this pairs event then that's insanity. Saddened that Armando is the main protagonist of it all. I know he's coming from the point of view of a smaller Speedway nation but the SWC should not be shunned just so others get a chance to ride on world stage.
  2. Swc 2018

    That World Games pairs at Wroclaw last year was Dreadful, absolutely astonishing they would want a repeat of that. And if they are changing the format to get a different winner, why on earth are they hosting it in Poland. Madness
  3. Rye House 2018

    Be Much better if we had Linus anyway
  4. Swc 2018

    Humphrey I enjoy reading what you have to say on here and even if I dont agree I will appreciate - but if Phil said the sky was blue would u disagree?
  5. Swc 2018

    I couldn't really get to grips with what Armando was saying in the star. Seemed like a fair amount of gibberish. However Im trying to think of some plus points if in fact next years 'world cup' is the same sort of format as that of the World Games in Wroclaw Positives being: Russia, Aus, GB, Poland, Denmark, Sweden would all have teams that could win Latvia, Germany, USA, Cze Rep, would have teams that could be competitive & spoilers Having this every other years would make this and the SWC more prestigious to win Will see a few more world class riders who we dont see on this stage The negatives being: The SWC provides great racing year in year out Pairs simply isnt a team competition We will robbed of 3 meetings we all enjoy (events 1/2 & race off) Pairs events in the past not been overly popular. Not overjoyed that SWC is being taken away from us, but I guess we will have to wait and see if this is as bad as most on here are saying or if it might actually be pretty good.
  6. Swc 2018

    Will Rosco pick Tai...
  7. Swc 2018

    As I said in the rest of the post, SWC always provided brilliant racing I sincerely hope this is just a temporary goodbye to the 4 per team version
  8. Swc 2018

    It will still be good racing and the quality or rider should actually be upped with just 2 from every country. However I grachan, SWC always provided brilliant racing I sincerely hope this is just a temporary goodbye to the 4 per team version..t
  9. Swc 2018

    Im not a fan of them or the Sponsor concept but theres nothing going back to Nations as the originally did
  10. Swc 2018

    I hope they at the very least alternate years. SWC proper every 2 years will make it a touch more prestigious if nothing else... Also wont be a huge shock if OneSport do some sort of Team Version. This might play into their hands actually.
  11. Swc 2018

    I would prefer the current format, however you are right Phil, this does give scope for someone other than Poland to win it. They have been adjusting the format gradually to make this happen anyway. From 5 man teams, to 4 man teams, to host getting seeded to the final. This is another throw of the dice I guess. Alas, despite what I've just said, I think there's a fair chance you are right there...
  12. Outside of messing a few tracks and then shirking responsibility for it I dont see what they have done wrong. F1 for example isnt without problems they mess plenty of stuff up. I enjoy GPs - you obviously dont, but I dont defend it blindly. I've had pretty heated discussions with John Posstlethwaite, Paul Bellamy and even Nicola Sands over the years after traveling long distances to GPs only for them to be canceled. But on the whole they have upgraded an already great product. Not just the stadiums, the whole presentation, before, during and after is just so much slicker. Any friends Ive taken to a GP have absolutely loved it then gone to a league mate and thought sod this. You cannot just rely on the racing anymore, it has to be an event. BSI to their credit have done that.
  13. Lakeside 2018

    With so much space there why dont they build a proper track?!!
  14. Well there are always 2 sides to every story. I'm sure there are some valid points in the original post, however as I say it is merely one side of the story. BSI have made many mistakes over their 17 (?) years in charge. And yes be in track problems, access to stadium, acts of god, they do like to point the finger...However on the whole I feel like they have run the GPs brilliantly. The old World Finals and pre BSI GPs were dated, no pre/post entertainment, old stadiums. It definitely needed modernizing and I feel they have more than done that, The Saturday night/ruined the British league argument is tough. To my knowledge, all World Finals were held Saturday nights so we cant use that argument. And, as I've said in previous posts the day Hans Nielsen opted out of riding in Britain the writing was on the wall and sure enough most riders followed suit. Some have fluttered in and out of riding in Britain but I cant think of one top rider who hasn't opted out of riding in the UK at some stage. Tines changed. When we dominated world Speedway we basically only gave the Poles Sunday. As it turned out, that's a great day to watch sport and now British Speedway is paying the price.