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  1. par_darrell

    Wrocław 2020 GP tickets

    You don’t need to put that in only fill in the ones with the asterisk * Also get all your partys passport numbers as that has been known before Get that sorted now while there’s time as if you do need them then you’ve got them
  2. par_darrell

    Wrocław 2020 GP tickets

    I login via Google Chrome so it translates straight into English
  3. par_darrell

    Wrocław 2020 GP tickets

    No I’ll have to wait until February as I only need 10 (only he says)!!
  4. par_darrell

    Wrocław 2020 GP tickets

    Thanks I was wondering!! 10 return flights already booked I’m slightly nervous
  5. par_darrell

    Wrocław 2020 GP tickets

    Luckily I’ve got a rest day that day and I’ll have my finger on the button at 13:00 (Polska or UK)? Need 10 so wish me luck !!
  6. par_darrell

    Torun 2019..

    Yes they’ve been selling them for a while now Polish fans aren’t overjoyed with the ticket prices so wouldn’t expect them to sell very quick although I’ll be there tomorrow morning lol
  7. par_darrell

    Torun 2019..

    I’ve ordered 10 before but not sure on this year says they are on sale 10am local time 10470 still available according to the Torún site not usually on sale until at least June?
  8. par_darrell

    Torun 2019..

    That’s around a 20% increase on blue zone from last year
  9. par_darrell

    Torun 2019..

    If you’re on Facebook if you follow their page they post when they go on sale I always go by that
  10. If you’ve been allocated seat numbers I wouldn’t worry my vouchers were emailed through about 4 days after which I’ve printed off email requests for vouchers ends tonight Tuesday at midnight !!
  11. par_darrell

    Torun 2018

    Apparently seating sold out but you can get standing tickets still
  12. Yes you’ve gotta chase chase chase they won’t come running to you !!!
  13. Took me about 8 days start to finish getting them biuro.polonia.bydgoszcz.pl is the email address im sure they said that capacity had been cut to 10,000 and they’d sold 8,000 over a week ago Im just glad we got in on the first day !! Bank Transfer through Western Union took about 5 days to This meeting does have a Facebook page too and you could try to msg them through that as they are a little more responsive that way than taking two days to reply through email
  14. took me a whole week from emailing the club requesting vouchers to doing a bank transfer of funds to actually receiving and printing off the vouchers .... but I’ve got them almost sold out too
  15. par_darrell

    Torun 2018

    Gollob meeting in Bydgoszcz almost sold out too

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