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  1. wilko

    Newcastle 2018

    This team is set up points wise very much like the team I rode in for Berwick. I recall we lost the league by one sole point on the last day of the season against rye house . This was at there track and a reall climax to the season . . One hell of a year for Berwick that season and there fans as most of there fans wrote us off that year to . The bandits had no number 1 or a strong one and we constantly were swapping team positions through the year with the green sheets . But beleave me there is always someone that pops up and smashed a good score and the rest support . Might not be the same rider every week but A rider will always have a good night . Then all the rest have to just do there job . Shame no press day but a chalange at home to get some laps on the track and bikes settled . Might take a few meeting for us to settle but I think we could surrise a few people . So have faith guys and girls might just be the under dog team you could enjoy watching the most for a long time . Catch ya soon people
  2. wilko

    Newcastle 2018

    Would like to say thanks for a very positive report there . I think the stats you used were very fair and very true . It' nice to see a report look at the whole picture not just the short comings . Roll on 2018 and getting settled at my new home over the first few meetings Regards wilko
  3. wilko

    Newcastle 2018

    Well guys thought I would drop a cheeky message in to say hi etc . Been following from a distance as always . Like everyone else I'm looking forward to finding out who the last 2 names on the team sheet are ! . I' sure the promotion are looking at every option and configuration. Who ever the last 2 guys are I'm sure it will finish the team off a treat . I'e been looking along all other teams and I think we have a good shout there is a lot of untapped strength in our guys so far . I' sure we will bring the best out in each other 100% . Team building across the the championship is kind of the same far as I can see . Most teams have a plus and I can also see a weakness . Our team so far is quite solid our guys all have the capabiliy to excel at various times through the year and we have the strength throughout to help a team member that might be struggling once in a while . If we all click at the same time there is going to be a thrashing handed out once in a while lol . As for myself I can tell you I'm in a better place mentally and with fitness . With the help of some valued sponcers and new ones I've acuired since coming Newcastle again I'm super happy with how the bikes are coming on ! . Im Looking forward to a Stella year this season riding for Newcastle in hoping the club will be able to rely on me when needed on the track and in the pits . Helping out and supprt with the other guys when needed . Im sure George and everyone else are going to finish the team the best way possible for the club . Looking forward to seeing you all soon !
  4. I have 2 gm short strokes forsale One maintained by Phil Crump One maintained by Eddie Bull Both good fast engines . I have used these the last 2/3 seasons and have been maintained regardless of cost . £1000 each any info needed contact me on Carlwilkinson81@gmail.com Carl wilko
  5. Not ment in a harsh way to any of my team mates they all do there up most im sure . The going was very hard and in all honestly if you asked both teams the meeting shouldn't have run as track was crap ..... no disrespect to the track staff at all as they worked there hardest to get us out there . The time they had and the condition of the track when I arrived they went above and beyond . Also most of the track staff there are my mates as well . I was pointing out the fact yet again im the point of discussion for falling off . Yet other riders got off the bike plenty as well . Getting kind of sick of it tbh . I could just sit there take a cheeky last place or 1 point but I want the team to win . So I push hard ,,,,,,, harder than most . Did you see anyone trying to make the moves I was on an unfit track actually trying to race . My point is I can soon change my approach to racing and take the easy points . Saves the risk of damage to my bikes that the other 2 jobs I have pay for to put on track . Like the fans say and im the first to agree , you can have your opinion . Also I can have mine as I put money in as well to be there . Just saying like . Think im done with forums now just like most riders are . Hope you all have a brill summers racing catch you around the track's .
  6. I might have fell twice . Just so happens I was in heat 1 also hendry 90% got off the bike in heat one with finger tips holding him on . Then blow me people fall in heat 2 . ......etc etc . Also might add I think from who was there I was the only one trying to save face and get stuck in . Gona be a looooooong season I think . Saying that I did my average both meetings the only one of the only riders that did .
  7. wilko

    Redcar Bears 2014.

    Fair to say redcar racer isnt a fan :0 ( ......O well I wont lose much sleep about that lol . Looking forward to sat press day , getting some laps down and seeing my FRIENDS! !!! there haha 😆. See ya all soon and cant wait to prove my point as best as I can
  8. wilko

    Redcar Bears 2014.

    Fair to say redcar racer isnt a fan :0 ( ......O well I wont lose much sleep about that lol . Looking forward to sat press day , getting some laps down and seeing my FRIENDS! !!! there haha 😆. See ya all soon and cant wait to prove my point as best as I can
  9. wilko

    New Silencer Design

    What im saying is we use what were told to use and make the best of it we can. I dont think this is going to go away any time soon ! . Some riders are having problems others might not be (track racing will tell ). All i will say is what goes on track the people that are in favour of the changes cant moan half way through the season if racing is suffering . when things were said last year and now . That me done on this subject rock on 2011
  10. wilko

    New Silencer Design

    With all respect what gose on a road bike engine is totaly diffrent and the rolling road dont reflect the track something my tuners have come to see when we try new things , Get you bum on a bike with the 2 diffrent silencers and if you up on you know how make your self some cash and fine the formula??

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