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  1. John Hannibal Thomas

    Ideas For New Retro-style T-shirts

    Dickie Juul
  2. John Hannibal Thomas

    Whose Idea Was It To Use Kings Lynn ?!?

    After a miserable first 19 heats the meeting sprung to life, then calmed down again at around heat 24. Congrats to Team GB, I think if they had a real EL quality team manager like Middlo they would have hit nearer 60.
  3. John Hannibal Thomas

    Scottish Open

    Pepe must have sussed the trick to the trick track, gate and go buddy!
  4. John Hannibal Thomas

    10 Years Time

    I personally would like to see Newcastle amongst the Elite. It must be embarrassing for Sky to have to show meetings from small hamlets and market towns, big city clubs are needed for people to take Speedway seriously.
  5. John Hannibal Thomas

    Torun Gp Saturday 19th June

    I think the number of Polish GP's has devalued the GP Series as a whole.
  6. John Hannibal Thomas

    British Final And Semi Finals

    Congrats to Mucklovin' for doing Newcastle proud, hopefully he will have done enough for an EL club to give him a chance as a number 8 or something! Ronnie Allen must be a Coventry fan judging by his decisions on the night!
  7. John Hannibal Thomas

    Which Club Has The Best Merchandise?

    The Wulfsport jackets appear to tick boxes for comfort, climate control and small town fashion.
  8. John Hannibal Thomas

    Danish Grand Prix 05/06

    Gutted for KB, he has been dreadfully unlucky again, Holder trying an impossible move and staying down has cost KB the Danish GP. Tony Steele needs to watch the starts, the riders were taking advantage of his poor eyesight in all the heats, particularly the Poles.
  9. John Hannibal Thomas

    Danish Grand Prix 05/06

    dreadful refereeing. how many rollers have gone unpunished?
  10. John Hannibal Thomas

    Central Park Sittingbourne 2009

    in the muck good news just get the muck down and don't have crap merchandise
  11. John Hannibal Thomas

    Referees - Two A Penny!

    Ref's are what is holding speedway back, dragging meetings on for way longer than they should be running, can't think of a newcastle meeting which has lasted less than 2+ hours for 15 minutes of racing! Their observation of rolling starts continues to be immense, there are serial rollers out there who hardly get punished! Want 8 rides yeah? Ride for Edinburgh? why not have 9! crap.
  12. John Hannibal Thomas

    Prague May 22nd Its Official This Time

    The poor GP's are back, time to get rid of this Olsson fella. Shame for KB that he made a monumental error picking gate one in the semi, if he looked at the past ten heats he will see there was one win from gate one and that was thanks to a massive rolling start from Jason Crump. If KB picked blue I have no doubt he would have added another GP win to his achievements this season. Tai had his best GP to date, well done lad.
  13. John Hannibal Thomas

    Tai Woffinden's Outburst

    Having read the Speedway Star I agree with Tai's sentiments, the BSPA should have been more thoughtful and put him down to ride in the Kings Lynn meeting. However, his comments (although true) regarding the standard of British Speedway were not cool. He is young, his words were not wise, but he will learn from this criticism and become an Allister Campbell style PR guru within two years.
  14. John Hannibal Thomas

    Riders' Fall-out

    It was Scunthorpe's Ben Powell riding his bike at Kenni Larsen, I'm sure there was a 1-2 page thread on here about it at the time!
  15. John Hannibal Thomas

    Gothenberg Gp 08/05

    A deserved GP win for KB, if only he had not received the horrific injuries he has done over the past 5-6 years I think he would have had at least one World Championship to his name by now.

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