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  1. Yes,only to gauge how long you can stay in the pub before the meeting starts...
  2. Think you`ll find it was the JD`s you were drinking that were affecting your eyes....
  3. Same here,we enjoyed it,and a big thumbs up to my mate the Sump for sorting the troubles out in the bar otherwise a lot of money in beer sales would`ve been lost... Good to meet up with everybody,though I think I need a drying out period...
  4. Dietbowers

    Tai Quits Team Gb

    Swears like a trooper as well,and lets it rip big time on occasions..
  5. Dietbowers

    Tai Quits Team Gb

    I like him.
  6. Dietbowers

    Sad To See.

    Not much chance of that young Najjer,Starman can`t represent himself with any great authority...
  7. Dietbowers

    Jon Cook

    It`s been quite educational,and very amusing at the same time,not often can we say that about most topics on the BSF thses days... Now,if only Starman can learn something from it,then its all been worthwhile...
  8. Dietbowers

    Somerset 2016

    Looks a C+A team....
  9. Dietbowers

    Somerset 2016

    Still be the Waspels though...
  10. Dietbowers

    Somerset 2016

    I`m underwhelmed at the moment...
  11. Dietbowers

    Somerset 2016

    The youngsters are probably googling 78`s as I type...
  12. Dietbowers

    Somerset 2016

    You`d be surprised how many 78`s spin king has in his record collection...
  13. Dietbowers

    Somerset 2016

    Hope they do,I`m not doing anything for the next hour or so..
  14. Dietbowers

    Plymouth 2016

    He`s far more likely to bet sausage rolls than cash...

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