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  1. speedibee

    Bill Maynard

    He lived just round the corner from me in Hinckley ,so those three tracks would have been his locals he sponsored a local driver as well , often saw him out and about on his mobility scooter , and he was involved with a few local pensioner groups and campaigns
  2. speedibee

    Bill Maynard

    Rip . Claude Greengrass , died in hospital today after breaking his hip falling off his mobility scooter ,
  3. speedibee

    Bill Maynard

    Rip . Claude Greengrass , died in hospital today after breaking his hip falling off his mobility scooter ,
  4. speedibee

    Feeding Wild Birds

    Afternoon folks , just thought i might pop in and ask some of my old school chums for a bit of advice , spring being just around the corner , I would love to get some birds to take up residence in one of my 3 birdboxes . or maybe a bush or conifer , anyone got any tips on what food might encourage them or if there's anything else I could do . and has anyone seen TWK while we are about it , haven't seen any posts from him for a while hope he's ok . and just outside looking in like me
  5. speedibee

    Changing Over From Bt To Sky

    you can sign in and look at hotmail.or gmail anywhere you like as well
  6. speedibee

    Cradley V Eastbourne Tpnl 11 Sept 2017

    no bother with somerset on fridays next year , mondays and thursdays or drop back down so the m5 shouldn't be too bad , Like you and give us a b ,I have no team and I have had enough , I wont travel about to watch speedway because unless I'm watching my own team I'm not interested , Ill just read about speedway sinking further into the mire pandering to a few top riders and Poland , and spend the dosh on takeaways to enjoy ,while I watch the GP's use league speedways bread and butter earners to run their profit making circus
  7. speedibee

    Typical Catholic Church

    I' wasn't suggesting that.s what you said , Just piss poor explanation on my part . what i meant was if anyone was going to point their finger and blame the catholic church they would also have to blame the government as well because almost as many MPs are kiddy fiddlers as catholic priests I'm a Catholic and you are in no hot water with me , Just Rotherham which is only the tip of a very large iceberg more than equals any misdoings by Catholic priests
  8. speedibee

    Typical Catholic Church

    if you are going to claim that because there have been many priests convicted of paedophilia that the whole organisation is complicit , then you would have to make the same claim about the government , good works excuse quite a lot though , go on a thread and make a comment about Tai Woffinden , it will be seconds before somebody posts about the money he raised for great ormond street
  9. speedibee

    Typical Catholic Church

    Catholic priests get paid by their parishioners , Unlike C of E vicars they are not employed by the Catholic church ,
  10. speedibee

    Typical Catholic Church

    There are ordained Women in the Catholic church already , one of them Takes Mass to my mother each week as my mother is not fit enough to go to church , and there are also Priests who are married in the Catholic church , before you attempt attempt any other pathetic analogies Matt K i suggest you do a bit more thorough research
  11. speedibee

    In My View By Phil Rising

    yes they stuff them up their suits , they look like the airbags so non-one suspects
  12. speedibee

    In My View By Phil Rising

    originally the poles had a switch concealed . until martin smolinski revealed the magic button thinking he had done nothing wrong . but the new ignitions just have the advance and retard built in . I think it can be programmed with a laptop as well , It's the same system as fitted to trials bikes and Mx bikes
  13. speedibee

    London Tube Train Explosion

    Android yes , sharp no

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