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  1. ruckerroo

    2019 Points Limit

    RIP the NL
  2. ruckerroo

    AGM November 2018

    lakeside/rye house not in either of top 2 leagues ?
  3. ruckerroo

    AGM November 2018

    am I being a dunce here but have somerset turned up the top league ?/
  4. ruckerroo

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Don't keep paying over the odds to riders , it effects every team when you do that and pushes then nearer the mire as well
  5. ruckerroo

    Swindon 2019

    Unless youve a SIS contract you are dead in the water as a dog track. If as mooted the dogs shuts at end of yr i really dont fancy the speedway surviving one bit
  6. ruckerroo

    Swindon 2019

    2 category one greyhound competitions have been cancelled at swindon this yr, the arc and now the oaks. Very nasty smell eminating from blunsdon of late
  7. ruckerroo

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Phillips isnt even a nat league heatleader, somebody posted he wasnt trying for scunthorpe, hes just outclassed
  8. ruckerroo

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I could name you 20 Nl riders a mile better than phillips, completely outclassed
  9. ruckerroo

    lakeside 2019

    Did you prefer lens rye house track shape and surface or the latest shape and surface ?
  10. ruckerroo

    lakeside 2019

    That's a bad bad sign him going.
  11. All 5 mildy riders finished the match fit, incredible how 4 are unavailable the morning after. Very disrepectful from the fen tigers
  12. I never had a moments worry tonight, eastie did everything right tbh. injurys at a bad time cost mildy dear but turning up at arlo with rr for ayres and kelsey for jenkins was shocking management tbh
  13. powell took a right hiding at Mildenhall a fortnight ago and hasn't been the same rider since, I think it will go down to the wire, first 4 heats are abs vital for eastbourne
  14. Nathan stoneman is the guest thursday night for danny ayres
  15. What a rotten stinking mess, just think, if rumours are true they actually want 4 or 5 sides from the national league to move up and join this shambles next season.

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