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  1. Speedway needs to bin tv league coverage, bar the final each yr every match makes a loss it seems, bar the bank holidays and random summer meeting
  2. ruckerroo

    NL comfort zone.

    Sadly it would cost 12 grand to put the fetid car park before you worry about the laghole of a stadium interior
  3. ruckerroo

    IOW vPlymouth tue 11th june

    enjoyable match but got v cold and dusty later on. Couple of unforced errors did for the warriors in 12 and 14, wood well clear in 13 and Stoneman fell, Wilson won re run too. Plymouths team are well suited to smallbrook tho, they rode well
  4. ruckerroo

    One League - Matt Ford

    Its got to the stage where one league can only be round the corner. Once sky turned it up it told you all you needed to know. Ford is a lot of things but hes a very good promoter and lets face it,there are a hell of lot of championship riders in the prem anyway. I don't know if its the fix but if ford cant make it pay on his crowds, somerset must have done plenty coz they couldn't wait to drop, eastie were doing plenty 5 yr ago so they dropped down , Leicester prob got a bung last yr but they've quickly dropped, 3 eastern sides held up by one bloke, must be worth a try.
  5. ruckerroo

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Lublin are briill too watch, try so hard
  6. you cant buy confidence at the supermarket, sadly
  7. I think brum will make a good fist of it tonight , bacon is a very very good guest, 53-37
  8. I think rosco must think of resting zach for a while, cant be doing much for his confidence at present
  9. The tracks been in poor shape for 2-3 seasons really, always bumpy, notoriously dusty. Hope any injured riders aren't too battered and bruised
  10. After 2 desperate home defeats and the horrible crash for tom brennan the bandits are in town tomo. Bowtell drops to reserve while georgie woods had 2 maxs this wk in the nl, kyle newman joins the side replacing tom. Berwick look a solid side but maybe better on bigger tracks , busk jacobsen could do well at arlington and doolan and summers are no mugs. Eastie look good for a win tomo , lets hope alf bowtell can get a few riding in a role more suited to his ability.
  11. They just built the side awfully really. Kennett and morley at 15.2 or a solid 8pt and 7 pt rider would have been a significantly better balance. They ballsed it right up tbh and poor toms injury compounded matters. Lets hope alfie bowtell can , now riding in the correct position score some much needed points
  12. Major major surgery required at eastie. A right mess
  13. the argus makes interesting reading today, def changes afoot and mebbe more than one
  14. Ive no idea if they will make changes tbh, if they do i dont think it will be just 1 change

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