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  1. ruckerroo

    Play Off Run In

    Yep, i think if i was mildys boss thats where i would go
  2. ruckerroo

    Play Off Run In

    essentially everyones riding for 2nd place anyway, but it beggars belief why sides have 5-6 wk breaks with no meetings in mid summer. It could even be that the only side with the remotest sniff of giving mildy a match over 2 legs wont qualify
  3. ruckerroo

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    Nobody cares, 4 heat leaders and 3 second strings, utter shoite
  4. ruckerroo

    Completing Fixtures

    Hottest summer for 40 yrs and teams are flapping and squawking trying to complete fixtures by a given date.
  5. ruckerroo

    Kent vs Mildenhall

    Its just scary how good mildy are this year, theyve lost at least 7 points with josh bailey out and still won easy. Just no stopping them
  6. ruckerroo

    What’s in a name ??

    the race night is a massive positive wether you are from herts, Essex, surrey, Timbuctoo or anywhere
  7. that's probably the most sensible thing to have happened in speedway for about 25 yrs, I feel for the rye fans but they've local riders in the lakeside team and I think they will get belting crowds at hoddesdon of a Saturday night
  8. ruckerroo

    Swindon v Poole. Prem B. 27/8/18. 7.30pm

    from national league evidence I was amazed Swindon signed smith, his form away from belle vue is pretty modest tbh, tom has limited experience of the bigger tracks but is excellent on the smaller ones, his big plus is he has good kit too.
  9. ruckerroo

    Birmingham 2018

    just the worst thing to happen, the 3rd heatleader to get crocked with play offs looming, irreplacable
  10. ruckerroo

    Kent v Brummies NL Mon 27th Aug

    Last heat decider, i think its a massive neg for kent having hurry in for injured bowen and mr boxhall
  11. ruckerroo

    Brummies v Stoke NL Wed 22nd Aug

    clegg needs to get out of the stoke side, they've dragged him into the gutter with themselves
  12. ruckerroo

    Does this league have a future ?

    Im not anti the third tier, I enjoy it, however its very hard to find a competitive match to go and see week in week out with 2 closely matched sides . As the previous poster says, if these potential changes to the 2nd tier are mooted then the relevant parties need to know asap.
  13. Plenty of doom n gloom in speedway at the moment ,but in its guise as the 3rd tier does this league have any future long term?. As in most divisions money definitely talks, weve got a chasm between good and bad sides and it seems to be growing year on year. One could argue that maybe Eastbourne, brum and possibly mildy or even kent if they sorted the curfew would be capable and have the facilities to move up a division if required. Weve got sides that are struggling badly , buxton , the iow despite the best promotion are struggling to be competitive , Coventry are in a permanent state of flux, moving on to stoke that really are a bit of a disgrace in all honesty with never ending track issues and a poor side. Plymouth, despite its outpost and terrible injuries seem to be doing ok . What happen if sides in the championship go pop and there is lots of restructuring to be done?.
  14. ruckerroo

    Stoke v Kent

    The feel bad factor at stoke, good grief,every rider that goes there regresses so fast, getting walloped by a side with top 2 missing and no reps. Great stuff from kent btw , stoke are rank
  15. I feel sorry for jack smith tbh, i know rosco says his spot in the teams secure but his confidence must be shot. well done to the aces on a fine win

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