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  1. you gotta sign riders on the up too achieve at speedway, ones in their late 30s are heading one way tbh
  2. Poole 2018

    Whats the next move for poole in a few wks? This replacement was just a tip of the scales
  3. Poole 2018

    shanes the sacrificial lamb whilst the other foreign scrap under perform
  4. Eastbourne 2018

    I agree with city rebel,need to move up a league really
  5. Isle Of Wight 2018

    The middle order needs help too tbh, them and buxton propping up the league i think
  6. Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Ryes pensioners are heading one way, the knackers yard
  7. What a fetid performance from the pirates. Im looking forward too shovvys report already
  8. Coventry v Eastbourne 15-04-18

    Well done cov. Eastie arent a patch on yrs gone by, the no2 position is occupied by a reserve and the top end strength is ok but no better than many other sides
  9. Glasgow 2018

    Would jake knight be a 2 ?
  10. Eastbourne 2018

    Im not liking the team tbh, powell is an underwhelming signing on his average, i cant have dugard on my mind in the top 5 either. averages dictate these things obviously
  11. Eastbourne 2018

    The 39 limit is a killer for a side like eastbourne who tend to have biggish home wins year on year. Very hard to get continuity.
  12. Eastbourne 2018

    knot going to be easy for eastie to put a gd side together. Baileys at mildy, knights average mustn't fit into their plans . early doors obviously but mildenhalls side looks a complete stand out
  13. Mildenhall 2018

    real intent from mildenhall, great looking side so far
  14. Eastbourne 2018

    I dont think bates has an atom of being an eagle next yr
  15. Richard Halls Nl Average

    Fair play to cradley