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  1. ruckerroo

    Play-off final

    MATCH OFF, this October lark is such fun
  2. ruckerroo


    My issue is how many other random teams are going to show up In the top league only to scurry away a year or 2 later, I personally think fords big bluff is gonna get called, hes basically gone all in with j 9 suited and wants leverage to go back too a Wednesday.
  3. ruckerroo

    2020 CL

    It looks like there maybe more teams than before next yr, what would be a suitable average to build a championship side too ,personally last yrs was a bit miserly , if it is going to be open house to 3-4 other teams then should it be 38, 40, 42.5 or 45 limit ?
  4. ruckerroo

    Play-off final

    Jesus, thats impossible to pull that back surely.
  5. ruckerroo

    Poole 2020

    I cant see a negative for poole tbh
  6. ruckerroo

    Play-off final

    hopefully the kings can keep it to below 10 to make a corking 2nd leg, lester have a great side but the ruddick issue is a bit of a grey area for me
  7. Swindon strengthened the side beautifully this yr, Jensen the real star for me as nobody could have anticipated his form over the piece. Shocking attitude by some of the pirate supporters on this thread too, no great surprise there.
  8. ruckerroo

    Good Year / Bad Year

    Nomadic fan- best show put on by eastbourne and the iow, have mr coombes and mr dyer to thank for that. Went to 2 somerset homes matches and the track wasnt a patch of previous yrs. Kent has good viewing , the track there is 50/50 for me tho. Just wait too see what the looneys in charge dream up for this yr
  9. ruckerroo

    Play-off final

    I cant imagine tomorrow will be on
  10. ruckerroo

    Play-off final

    wood is v gd at central park.
  11. This is just a comedy really.
  12. Heat times are irrelevant, what cobblers!!
  13. my issues not with riding on a track thats 4-7 secs slow, not really racing tbh. Its just bloody daft not getting things wrapped up earlier in the season. Too many sides have daft filler meetings in mid season, have them at the end and people can be assed to go to em gd luck
  14. glad i didnt bother, times between 4 and 7 secs slower than usual, important meeting turned into a bit of a lottery .
  15. Evenly poised affair. Very tempted to attend but 100 miles for a potential rain off is a turn off. Fc seems to get nasty into late pm and worsen by dark in that area (n)

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