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  1. Nigel

    Birmingham - The Future?

    Flattery ..I like it.. That's the problem speedway is unfashionable, not cool.. like a pair of flared trousers its outdated, the young generation will steer clear of anything that is not fashionable Modernise or die is the reality. Engage with the young generation, Im an old fart but all for modernising ..... too many Luddites about. I dont want to go down this road its done to death on other threads but for the record Drury put the team together, every one said it would win nothing, wooden spoon they said. but by chance and unexpected form of some riders and the fantastic efforts of Phill Morris the team clicked... Phillips never rode a bike! I am an old fart.... you seem to have plenty of reasons for doing nothing, but non for doing something. You seem to suggest that declining markets cannot be halted or reversed and therefor we should not attempt to save our sport but let it slowly bleed to death. May I respectfully remind you that among many other things even Football was at one time a declining market as was Rugby... where are they now, May I also remind you Speedway was almost dead in 1959 with 7 tracks but the decline was "reversed" in the early 60s in one of the biggest booms in speedway history, again. the declining market hit speedway in 1934 and it was down to a handful of tracks but it reversed the decline with a pre war boom, pity Hitler spoilt it.. People keep writing off speedway as finished but it keeps bouncing back thanks to positive people with a can do attitude, Are you suggesting that previous entrepreneurial failures mean their can not be future successes? the harsh reality is we must modernise or die.....that is my unrealistic and unqualified opinion. Although I grant you no one has arrested the decline in Marks and Spencers market.... cloths for old farts ..not appealing to the younger generation ..has a familiar ring to it dont you think? We seem to have the expertise at Cardiff... great show ,,,, the skills are out there
  2. Nigel

    Birmingham - The Future?

    I am somewhat disappointed to see a negative and down beat post against modernising speedway and I am not swayed by your arguments. Without wishing to be rude, you seem to be stuck in the past, surprising since no doubt you are much younger than me. Philips did nothing to bring in the crowds, he drove them away.... a PR disaster You think bare bones Speedway is sustainable and will survive..? but this is about the future not the past. we must move into the 21st century or die
  3. Nigel

    Birmingham - The Future?

    I believe it is a widely held view that Tony Mole will be the saviour of Birmingham Speedway. ( if he runs it) It is a view I disagree with. My argument is this:- Over the years Mr Mole and his bed fellow CVS, have been and still are highly influential men at the BSPA, during which time I have not witnessed any leadership, influence or direction in encouraging investment to modernise the sport, taking it into the 21st century and appealing to the younger generation. The only initiatives in the face of the downward trend in spectator numbers appears to have been based on the Mole /CVS business model, “Cost Cutting” i.e. 2013, fortnightly meetings, 2014, draft riders. Ask yourself this:- If Mr Mole is running Brum in 2015 will he......... a)Invest in modernising the the sport fit for the 21st century and appeal to the younger generation, and therefore more likely increase spectator numbers.............or b)More of the same old thing, “I’m sending some riders around the track please come and watch” , pull the purse strings so tight that even the moths asphyxiate, with a budget premier league team that won’t win anything, but he will still turn a profit from the ever decreasing crowd numbers until it finally closes. The Mole ‘business model’ will not in my view solve any of Speedways problems, it is the problem... focused on cost cutting instead of investment. Any business whatever it may be cannot survive without investing in the future/modernising Speedway needs a new generation of go ahead young promoters who will modernise the sport. Should Mole be running Brum in 2015 I believe we will get nothing but bare bones speedway, not so much as a flag on the centre green , certainly not 2 paramedics as at some other tracks, so you will still be twiddling your thumbs for 20 mins while the medic puts a sticking plaster on a rider’s finger. No improvement in the inadequate outside viewing. A huge screen on the back straight with all the possibilities for modern showmanship and presentation ....and possible interaction with the i-phone generation.. Absolutely no chance... I firmly believe that Brummies want speedway but not at any price, we are in the age of sophisticated computer technology, speedway has to drag itself from the 1930s and its nostalgic attitudes. A modernised show would I believe pull in the crowds at Perry Barr. And to pre-empt the obvious accusations, I have nothing personal against TM (or others) I am sure he is a decent human being of integrity. My argument is against his and others methods of conducting their Speedway operations and its impact on the health, well being and future of our beloved sport. Speedway the extreme sport 0-60 in 2.5secs and no brakes, its dangerous it’s terrifying, it’s Awesome
  4. I wonder what sponsors 'Selco's' views are on all this, after all, being associated with the disastrous failure of the Brummies can only be bad PR for them. One expects they would distance themselves very quickly from that failure. I wonder if Phillips is their accountant
  5. If it is the case that the administrators have been bought in to liquidate the club. There is a question mark over who will own the track? I am of course aware of who owns the ground the track is laid upon but the actual materials laid to create the race track are I believe the property of Alan Phillips company Birmingham Brummies Ltd. So who will end up with the ownership of said track?
  6. Your post could come back to bite you... While making indirect criticisms of other posters you should be careful of your own facts,, one is assuming that what was heard on the radio were facts?? I admire your sincere and obvious optimism but it might be distorting your facts.. And as has been previously stated the only negotiations I am aware of are with an individual who is offering to loan the promotion £25000, I have not see any statement that an individual/s are offering to take over the Brummies............. but I do hope you are right... Gustix. in answer to one of your posts . it does seem that some posters see Mole as some sort of speedway philanthropist I would suggest this is a mistaken view, Quite obviously he is a very hard nosed businessman who makes money from speedway and he is a multi millionaire . In my view he craftily sold Brum after the crowds peaked.
  7. I have listened to the interview again... and I see where you're coming from... Mole appears to change his statement when pushed further by the interviewer.
  8. Not so... Mole clearly said on the radio to day, he has not had any negotiations with Alan Philips to buy the Brummies , he said he had only offered 5 grand ?? for the equipment, mole has no intention of saving the present Brummies company. The whole interview with Philips ,Mole and the later one with Dury can all be heard on the link posted by the venerable Blue jam you have 7days to listen to it please every one listen before commenting and as far as I know the offer of 5 grand?? for the equipment has not been withdrawn?
  9. Not so, he Will start with a fresh company he will not be buying the present company. nothing to do with the Philips, that company will be dead. We are talking 2015.. why do you think mole does not want the club till then?
  10. Oh yes and Mole will have got the club for next to nothing except for 5 grand for the tractors air fence etc... canny operator Mole
  11. I feel sorry for Covatti brought halfway round the world by a promotion who new (allegedly) they could not or would not pay him ........ Not been paid ? (Allegedly) and unlike his team mates does not have another team to ride for. Stuck in a foreign country and no income You can bet those pair of shysters who run the show have not lost any of their own money?
  12. Charles Phillips son of Alan Philips............................not so well done?
  13. Blaming the fans for the problems would be like Tesco blaming its customers for its drop in profits. Phillips is disliked by a large section of Brummies fans, who last November where shouting....... GO ....PLEASE GO....PLEASE .Go .....Go now. Phillips has alienated the fans causing a drop in crowd numbers IMO and they are unlikely to recover until the regime is changed IMO And the return of Phil Morris would bring a few fans back and please many. PR blunders and mismanagement, they messed up 2013 and now 2014..... couldn't run the proverbial P*** up in a brewery Lies, dammed lies and statistics (debts) ....................... ohh i feel better now! Edit...... I would like to know what sort of salaries the Philips have been paying themselves, bet they aren't in arrears?
  14. Tony Mole and Alan Philips on Radio WM this Sat 12.10

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