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  1. Let's see if Kurtz rides in Sweden tomorrow
  2. mark.1

    Peterborough V Ipswich 20th June

    Can only be R/R
  3. mark.1

    Speedway Betting 2022

    They will reverse the Lindgren bet I've had that before.
  4. mark.1

    Speedway Betting 2022

    No pontus RR for him tonight who can take the RR rides
  5. mark.1

    Sheffield vs Wolves 19/05/22 LC

    It's R/R for Becker in Sweden
  6. Brennan riding tonight
  7. mark.1

    Speedway Betting 2022

    Peterborough plus 12.5 earlier today with STS
  8. mark.1

    Speedway Betting 2022

    They even do the championship
  9. mark.1

    Speedway Betting 2022

    It was with STS but that Bet was removed. They have rider points but first 4 rides only
  10. mark.1

    Speedway Betting 2022

    King's Lynn minus 8.5 for me
  11. Just to be clear if zmarzlik wins the final and janowski comes last then poland will win it if they have a better head to head against the other team in the final
  12. If the poles have a better head to head with the other team in the final then a race win only will win it for them
  13. Local weather is saying stopped by 12pm I'm local to the track

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