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  1. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    If not Charles Wright then who else is out there that could do a decent job at number 1?
  2. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    He hasnt signed for anyone in the championship yet. A good option imo.
  3. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Not for me now sadly, we need a number 1 so the last two should be a 3pt reserve and someone around 7.5.
  4. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    I'm not so sure because a week ago David Mason said the team was all signed up, and about the same time Davey put a tweet out saying hes looking for teams for next year in the CL and NL.
  5. Brummie Kev

    2019 Championship Confirmed Signings

    Kyle Newman to Birmingham, average is 5.83.
  6. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Really pleased Kyle Newman is back at Birmingham, I was disappointed he couldn't return in 2011. Hes the type of rider you pay your admission money to watch, Perry Barr is a track suited to his style and hes on a decent average. Good signing all round.
  7. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Ashley Morris is a really good signing, a solid second string who has had a good few seasons up on Tyneside, so its easy to see why alot of Newcastle fans wanted him back. He averaged 6+ at home last year and for me hes more than capable of putting a points on his 5.44 average esp now the points limit has been reduced. David Mason said in the double page feature in the Speedway Star that all the team has been signed up and we be announced before christmas.
  8. Brummie Kev

    2019 Championship Confirmed Signings

    Ashley Morris to Birmingham
  9. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Ashley Morris is the next rider signed
  10. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Would love to see Ben Barker back, one of my favourite riders to have rode for us. You pay your money to watch riders like him so I hope hes announced tomorrow or in the coming weeks. It would be great to have some of the riders that rode us last year, Tom Bacon has gotta be nailed on as hes been fantastic in his time at the Brummies. I would have Shanesy back aslong as he is available for most of the meetings, felt he missed too many meetings last year with his grasstrack and longtrack commitments. I would give Mitchell Davey a consideration, not sure what average he would come in on.
  11. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    So pleased we have made the move up, its 100 per cent the right time. We have had four good seasons in the National League but the third tier is not where this club should be especially after the outcome of the NL AGM, 36 points limit is a disaster for a club like Birmingham. The management have been absolutely fantastic in their first season its a learning curve for the Masons but Ive been impressed, they can really build this club back up again for sure. I'm looking forward to going to tracks Ive never been to before and to get away from Cradley . Good to see Ulrich back at Birmingham, its been 10 years but he did well for us in his spell then. Adam Ellis is a rider I wouldnt mind seeing back, he was brilliant when he rode for us against Peterborough, Ben Barker is another one who is very popular with Brummies fans. Tom Bacon and/or James Shanes are the riders I would consider from this years side. Would say Leon but think he will be at Berwick. Hopefully we can have a solid side from 1 to 7.
  12. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham 2018

    I wouldnt have thought so but nothing would surprise me given the past few weeks! We should know for certain in the next 24 hours.
  13. Brummie Kev

    NL AGM 2018

    When is the MDL AGM, maybe we are applying to race in that?
  14. Brummie Kev

    AGM November 2018

    Still waiting to find out what league my team is racing in next year. Probably wont find out till after Christmas
  15. Brummie Kev

    2019 NL Season

    I find the whole thing disappointing to be honest, why are we left completely in limbo of what the clubs plans are for 2019. I think a decision either way should have been made weeks ago to be honest, instead we have had no word. The AGM statement comes out and says 2 NL clubs have moved up, it happens to be on the Brummies website so my thought was that its not a matter of if but when its announced. Then today we hear that no decision has yet been made despite the championship agm finishing almost a week ago. What is going on? I will be at Perry Barr in 2019 no matter what league we race in but I hope its Championship. When you go to some away tracks and Cardiff people always say "Why is a club like Birmingham in the National League? its right, why are we?. We have a good track and good facilities in a good location with some great sponsors. After 2014 I was glad we raced again at any level but the club should be moving forward and looking to race in the second tier. Its a level we have raced at before, and I enjoyed so much the old premier league days of 2007 to 2010. It was a big mistake to move up to the EL, that clearly was a financial gamble too much. A move up to the championship is a big risk as well I dont disagree but I have every faith we can make it work. Theres some good people at this club. I am quite worried about what kind of National League there will be in 2019. What clubs will be running as in 2018 there seemed to be concerns with a few clubs. So bearing that in mind will there be a significant reduction in the points limit. Will admission prices stay £13 and the like if the points limit and quality on offer reduces? It will be hard to sell to the general public. My preference would be to increase points limit but that isnt suitable I know because its a struggle for some clubs. So if we stay in the NL I just pray points limit stays the same.

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