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  1. Brummie Kev


    I saw a video on social video when we had the heavy rain a week or so back of water gushing in through the roof of a sorting office in Birmingham. Subsequently I've seen a few people posting that they have had no post for a week. Probably that flood and damage has caused a backlog.
  2. Why is this track grade so long. You would think after such a long delay after heat 2 they would get the track grade done then, then have 4 heats. Thank God there's no crowd there!!
  3. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    It seems the first phase of the Perry Barr regeneration programme, which eventually lead to demolition of the Flyover on the A34 will commence from next Monday for 18 months. Seems in the first phase the Flyover will still be in use. https://www.tfwm.org.uk/news/travel-advice-issued-ahead-of-road-works-in-perry-barr/
  4. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Jack Thomas is a terrific signing on that average imo, I honestly thought his average was between 4 and 5 as hes a rider I've always rated. He can definitely add a few points onto that! Just one rider to sign and if we can sign a solid heat leader then I think we have a good side, so different from the start of last season anyway. Credit to the management with the side they have put together
  5. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Hasnt Adam Ellis signed for a Polish Club?
  6. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Really happy to see Paco back, absolute no brainer in my opinion. He had a good year last year after being written off when we signed him and hes a rider that interacts really well with the fans. The team that has being built so far looks solid, so its going to be be interesting to see who the final two riders are. I think a 2pter and a heat leader is the way to go especially with such a strong reserve as Paco who should score big points. Did anyone see the Brummies twitter post last night talking about today's announcement? There was a picture of the Super Mario Brothers which instantly made me think we were going to announce Paco but made me also are going to sign just the one Italian!
  7. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Are there really no other options out there? He only averaged 2 points a meeting earlier in the year. I know the season is coming to the end but still we could get someone in with a view to next season.
  8. Brummie Kev

    Edinburgh vs Birmingham 23/8

    Very disappointed with the side we have. I know Butcher will try his best but its not fair on the lad and his confidence when hes only a 1.5 NL rider. Thomsen only averaged about 2 earlier in the season, so dont understand why hes been bought back if im honest. Bloody hope Garrity rides!! I know this season is a learning curve but we need to be more competitive at this level next year ( that's if we dont drop back down), at home we have at times but too many times away from home we have had a well below par side.
  9. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham v Somerset

    It wasnt a bad meeting, track was better and good to see a decent crowd in after they did alot of promoting over the recent days. There were loads of kids in which is the generation we need but not sure about the whistles they give to them. Gets a bit annoying after a while. Garrity after a slow start was an absolute joy to watch, no doubt he will prove to a good signing. Yes hes wild but hes a match winner and will be popular with the fans. Aarnio for me has been a poor signing. He doesn't look like a heat leader which is a shame as with Adam out , we need all riders to step up. I simply dont understand why we didnt use the tactical sub in Heat 10?. I would have thought Garrity would have had a decent chance of beating Grobauer and Covatti and partnering Worrall to a 5-1. It would have been better to have Worrall/Garrity in Heat 10, Aarnio/Shanes in Heat 11 and Garrity/Wallinger in Heat 12. It then would have meant we could swap Wallinger for Shanes in Heat 14. A shame we have no home match next week when its the school holidays but hopefully we can bounce back and start winning our home matches next month.
  10. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Its a no brainer in my opinion to make a change for Ashley if hes gonna be out for much longer. I feel for him as he was just coming into form when he had the crash but its coming up to the transfer deadline and a very busy time for the Brummies. Now Aarnio is back, I think rider replacement or a guest makes us a lot weaker. Happy with Garrity. I would have changed Agertoft rather than Hume, as I don't think there's much between them. Agertoft if he gates looks quick but hasnt really scored well yet, he may come good when he drops at reserve. Wallinger isn't a bad signing.
  11. Brummie Kev

    Redcar v Birmingham - 19/07

    I love Paco, its been great to see him doing well this season and proving people wrong who wrote him off before he rode for us. His passion and enthusiasm really makes him a popular rider with brummies fans and tbh there shouldnt even be a vote for rider of the year. He wins hands down. All in all a good effort from the brummies with such a patched up side, (again) thanks to Ty and Ulrich for their performances. Good Luck to Redcar, they have a good side with the changes they made.
  12. Brummie Kev

    Brummies v Bears

    Its gonna be tough without a doubt, its frustrating that Morris and Aarnio are missing again. It makes us so much weaker not having Morris given he was scoring double figures just before he got injured. We need both back soon or the Brummies management need to decide whether to continue with a weaker side or look at short term replacements. August is a busy month and in an ideal world we need a full strength side. If we had a full side I think we would beat Redcar but its gonna be tough now although Ayres is a good guest. Is Ellis riding Wednesday?
  13. I was just amazed we got near to 30 points so all in all I cant fault any Brummies rider last night. Im not sure why Paco is apologising for last night, he doesnt need to as hes had a good season and a real fans favourite at Perry Barr. There are other people that should come out and explain the circumstances as to why that team went to Glasgow last night.
  14. If Adam had this booked before joining the Brummies then fair enough as you say but the club should have looked at all his commitments prior to signing him. Its really poor to just come out with 'personal reasons' which was stated prior to him racing for Swindon last night, wouldnt he have missed that meeting for personal reasons aswell!! Its clearly in my eyes the club did not realise he was missing tonight until recently and are trying to cover their backs. I hate to be constantly negative about the club but situations like this are poor. Im sure all the Brummies riders tonight will try their best, but its so disappointing for the sport that a meeting like this is taking place. What about any Brummies fans that have spent alot of money, maybe hundreds on travel, hotels and then look at side we are taking there. What about the Glasgow fans that are spending £20 plus on admission/programme, food/drink etc to see what is going to be a heavily one sided match. Its not good.

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