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  1. Speedway Noise

    I really hope there is a change as it could help the Brummies with the housing that is being built over the road from the stadium, at where the Birmingham City University site is https://www.birminghampost.co.uk/business/commercial-property/university-campus-become-new-housing-12844322
  2. Birmingham 2018

    I couldnt agree more, I was gobsmacked when i read that press release. JPB is hugely popular with Brummies fans so I doubt many would agree that he is better elsewhere. Hes a rider that has developed enormously in his time at PB, I think he could be one of the best riders at this level next year if he gets a club. Shame but hopefully David can pull a few rabbits out of the hat with the next riders announced.
  3. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Lee Kilby announced as new commercial manager, will be sad that Joe Mclaughlin is leaving but welcome to the Brummies Lee!
  4. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Me too, Swindon connection??
  5. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Oh my god the BSPA MC messing Birmingham Speedway around, who ever would have thought it. Theres me thinking we have always been treated fairly by them! Yeah meetings get cancelled but it says a new date will be found before the end of year!!. Are they taking the mickey or what!. National League teams are already planning for next year, how are we meant to if the BSPA wont grant our new owners licences. It could be mid december before they get them, when alot of the talent is already signed up.
  6. Coventry 2017

    Good to see so many Bees fans at Perry Barr tonight for what I thought was a good meeting. Its a disgrace whats happened at Brandon and I hope the situation can be resolved whether that be at Brandon or one day in a new stadium in the Coventry area.
  7. Tony Mole Farewell Meeting Wed October 11th

    A great meeting, best Ive seen at Perry Barr this year. Im so glad it was for Tony, the man is a legend for what he has for Birmingham Speedway and British Speedway. I wish him, Graham and Denise Drury all the very best in retirement and thank them for what they have done for Birmingham Speedway.
  8. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Gobsmacked! when it was announced and to some degree I still am. It didn't help that David Rowe and Ryan Guest wound us up by announcing at various stages that Sam Ermolenko, Nigel Pearson and Kelvin Tattum make their way to the pits . I had no idea it would be David Mason at all, they did well to keep it secret. He said the Brummies would remain in the National League for 2018 with a view to moving up in 2019. There were a few people around me that didn't seem all that happy with that. Personally I thought we should have moved up for the 2017 season especially after having two very successful years in the National League back-to-back with title wins, however, I support fully David and Peter's decision to run the club in the National League next year. This is a big gamble for them, they dont even promotors licences yet so they are never gonna take another additional gamble by moving the club up when they have alot to learn. The goal has got to be moving up to the championship but only when we are ready to. I wish them both well and they have my full support and hopefully the majority of Brummies fans. Fingers crossed we can have team challenging for the title next year!
  9. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Seems like the Brummies have been sold subject to BSPA approval. More details released tomorrow
  10. Birmingham Brummies 2017 Hat Trick

    Check this out from Horton today, says Coventry will track share in 2018 and drop down the leagues to the NL. Somehow i get the feeling the track share wont be with Leicester! http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/coventry-bees-speedway-brandon-stadium-13571089
  11. Birmingham Brummies 2017 Hat Trick

    Unlike a few people on here I have no idea whats going on when Tony and Graham retire, so all i go by are the occasional stories in the Speedway Star. Given the amount of effort that was put in to bring the sport back to Birmingham and then to save it twice by Tony Mole, I don't believe there isn't something going on given how quiet its been in the media. Surely if no one was interested, they would be shouting from the rooftops in the local media and forming an action plan with the supporters club to try and find someone to take it on? I hope that there is some kind of news prior/during or just after the Kent match which could be our final home league match. So the fans like myself that arnt 'in the know' can have some idea of what the future holds for the club. Having gone through 2014 and all the uncertainty around that, it feels like we are back to the uncertainty all be it in different circumstances. I know some fans will say to just be patient but we are coming to the end of the season with the AGMs upon us before be know it. Fingers crossed we get something sorted before then.
  12. No idea whats happening with Birmingham next year.
  13. Rip Bryn

    RIP Bryn, My thoughts are with his family and friends :sad:
  14. Birmingham Brummies 2017 Hat Trick

    I was very surprised when I saw Ritchings announced as I expected Judge to sign up Jack Smith as the next rider. Daryl struggled a bit towards the end of last season, that said as someone has mentioned he will a second string next year. Sad to not see Jack back but i wish him well wherever hes riding. The team looks decent to me, solid top 3. JPB could easily be a number 1 given the talent that kid has. Hume also could push on to a 9pt average and I reckon Bacon wont be far behind. Cupitt is an excellent signing, still young but he was impressive at times I saw him last year. 9 pts in the British U19 final and did well for IOW at PB
  15. I dont reckon it does but because this is Graham Drury and Birmingham so a different rules apply to us compared to the other teams.Lets face it we have had this dished to us already this season with the Richard Hall farce. Clearly a case of screwing us over, given only weeks later Antonio Lindback who rode for Poole about 9 years previously gets a brand new average. It was 11 years for Richard Hall but he didnt get a new average like Lindback. We are clearly not a club liked by people high up, or even by the man running the BSPA himself