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  1. Over £2000 raised at Birmingham tonight for Mitch, really shocked but then again many were at Perry Barr last week and we all saw how serious it was and Mitch is a top bloke. Lee Kilby has started his walk, I wish him all the best its a lovely gesture what hes doing. Hope the Robins fans give him a great reception tomorrow and raise loads of money as well.
  2. Brummies v Mildenhall Wed 9th May KO Cup 1st Leg

    Brummies twitter saying Mitch to be kept in intensive care overnight while they monitor his progress. Praying for Mitch and his family right now.
  3. Swindon 2018

    Mitchell Davey to be kept in intensive care overnight while they monitor his progress. Taken from Brummies twitter. Im praying for Mitch and his family right now.
  4. Brummies v Mildenhall Wed 9th May KO Cup 1st Leg

    My thoughts are with the injured riders tonight after two horrible crashes. Firstly to Mitchell Davey, it was horrible to witness that and to see riders pile into him when he was on the track is something you never want to see. I was a bit concerned when the track staff were asked to form a barrier around Mitchell when the paramedics were treating him on the track and Mitchells parents who had flown over were called out to the track. Thankfully they said he was conscious but I send all my best wishes to Mitch. Also Sam Bebee as well who himself was on the end of a serious crash a season or so back, he had to withdraw with a wrist injuries from the same crash, best wishes to him. Ive seen a few riders come off on bend 4 but Jordan Jenkins really hit the wooden fence hard. After some time down he got up and into the ambulance, so I hope he is okay. Its nights like tonight you realise what a superb job the paramedics do, I take my hat off to them. Once again I hope all the riders tonight make a full recovery.
  5. Stoke v Brummies NT Sat 21st April

    I decided at the last minute to make the journey up after finishing work and I'm so glad I did, what a great result! Mitchell was unbeatable tonight as he was when I last saw him ride against Coventry, hes a rider who's very hard to beat at this level. Best I've seen Tom ride in a while and it wasn't from always from the tapes, he looked very quick. The real star for me was young Leon, what a find he is!. Pretty much 2 months to the day since he turned 15 and in his first competitive meeting he scores paid max and beats heatleaders like Shuttleworth and Atkin. You would never think he was so young when you see how mature and assured he is on the bike. Hope its the first of many big scores in Brummies colours. Arran gave it everything and even gated in the one heat, no complaints for all the efforts he showed tonight and I hope he is okay after his fall. Layne and Callum struggled for the most part but credit where its due with Callum with his last ride. Thank you Jordan for guesting and putting in a solid performance Nice touch to see the riders and Lawrence come out to applaud all of us that made the trip at the end.
  6. British Under 21

    Would have expected more there but didnt think it was terrible not when you consider individual meetings generally arnt well supported at Brum.
  7. British Under 21

    Just read the Birmingham press release and Im puzzled at the planning consent reason. We dont have to race on certain days, any day but from what I believe. Its just we are limited to just once a week. The person that would know for certain is Brian Buck. Some will blame the new promotion for this but decision to award meetings lies solely at the BSPA door, its their meeting. Why the hell with 9/10 days before the meeting are they doing this. Brummies fans like myself who were looking forward to it have been massively let down.
  8. NL Fantasy team (for fun)

    1. Mitchell Davey 8.61 2. Danyon Hume 7.33 3. Jordan Jenkins 7.18 4. Kyle Bickley 6.67 5. Jason Edwards 3.00 6. Drew Kemp 3.00 7. Alex Spooner 3.00 38.79
  9. Brummies v Bees - 28/03/2018

    Absolutely Laurence, just take a few weeks when we had that snow. On the Tuesday they had an amber weather warning for Heavy snow it was like at 80/90 per cent at one point. In the end we had a dusting and it goes to show you cannot believe 100% what they say. Just yesterday they didnt have a clue how far north this rain band would go, it seems the southern counties and the South East have had it worse. Still could get showers but fingers crossed as looking forward to tonight! I would rather look at a weather radar than a forecast and this one is pretty good. https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar
  10. Speedway Noise

    I really hope there is a change as it could help the Brummies with the housing that is being built over the road from the stadium, at where the Birmingham City University site is https://www.birminghampost.co.uk/business/commercial-property/university-campus-become-new-housing-12844322
  11. Birmingham 2018

    I couldnt agree more, I was gobsmacked when i read that press release. JPB is hugely popular with Brummies fans so I doubt many would agree that he is better elsewhere. Hes a rider that has developed enormously in his time at PB, I think he could be one of the best riders at this level next year if he gets a club. Shame but hopefully David can pull a few rabbits out of the hat with the next riders announced.
  12. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Lee Kilby announced as new commercial manager, will be sad that Joe Mclaughlin is leaving but welcome to the Brummies Lee!
  13. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Me too, Swindon connection??
  14. Birmingham Brummies 2018

    Oh my god the BSPA MC messing Birmingham Speedway around, who ever would have thought it. Theres me thinking we have always been treated fairly by them! Yeah meetings get cancelled but it says a new date will be found before the end of year!!. Are they taking the mickey or what!. National League teams are already planning for next year, how are we meant to if the BSPA wont grant our new owners licences. It could be mid december before they get them, when alot of the talent is already signed up.
  15. Coventry 2017

    Good to see so many Bees fans at Perry Barr tonight for what I thought was a good meeting. Its a disgrace whats happened at Brandon and I hope the situation can be resolved whether that be at Brandon or one day in a new stadium in the Coventry area.