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  1. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    That area of Birmingham, Alum Rock/ Small Heath is by far the worst area of Brum imo, I avoid it.
  2. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham v Newcastle

    This news doesn't come as any great surprise if Im honest but it's very sad. Hopefully someone can come in but I'm not very optimistic. Even if they do, I'm concerned that the stadium owners don't want speedway there. The lack of time allowed on the track plus in my opinion the harsh approach with the food and drink policy. I mean confiscating bottles of water on boiling hot days is never a good look, a bit of common sense should have been applied there The Masons have done good and bad things of course but the council have alot to answer for. The disgrace of the road situation in the area has surelt had an impact at least if we do run next year that should be much better. Then the limitations of walk ins being allowed plus numbers due to covud regulations. You only have to look at their treatment of Birmingham Wheels, that sadly looks like it's gonna close. The vandalism at the start of the season had such a big impact, and questions need to be asked asked about the security of the stadium. Fingers Crossed we can be saved
  3. He hasn't cheated but honestly an experienced ref like McGregor shouldn't be making a mistake in a last heat decider like that. It could have such abig impact on us missing out on play offs you never know. Hope the SCB review his.performance
  4. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham v Poole. 1st September 2021

    There's nothing wrong with the track, Danny King just clocked 59.57 which is probably one of the quickest times of season.
  5. Can only see a comfortable win the Pirates. Perry Barr meeting will be much closer but I think this will be 58-32
  6. Brummie Kev

    Brummies v Bandits 18/08

    Which begs the question as to why the social media accounts are so quiet with just over 48 hours to go to the meeting? It was brilliant for the Kent match and it needs to be for every meeting so we can try and get as many fans in as possible.
  7. When you walk out of one stop you can turn right, head up towards the bus interchange and there's a temporary pedestrian crossing there now, near to the Paddy Power. Also you can cross like before the flyover went, except obviously no flyover now. At start of season they had fences up so we had to walk up to clivedon avenue and cross there but you can cross there, just becareful. Leave a bit earlier for traffic but it ain't too bad if your coming from M6 direction which is most people
  8. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham v Kent 4/8/2021

    It was fantastic, not seen it that packed in a long time. Lee Kilby when interviewed in the break said David and Peter Mason were very happy. Of course it's just one meeting and we need good crowds every meeting. We have Leicester this month and they travel in large numbers normally plus next week it's Edinburgh which should be an attractive fixture. Credit to the club aswell, really promoted it the past 7 days and the fans responded. Plenty of fans care about this club and we don't want to lose it.
  9. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham v Kent 4/8/2021

    That's actually a very good shout!. I've recently moved to Elmdon, Solihull and my shortest route is via A45, ring road then up the the A34 from Newtown. That route really is the definition of hell at the minute, as I would be hit with the ridiculous sprint bus works between Heybarnes and Bordesley Circus. Then the traffic from basically Aston Six ways bit of the A34 upto Perry Barr island. Last match I just stayed on M6 to junction 7 and went down A34 and that's what most fans will Probably do and its fine that way. Google Maps was trying to take me off M6 at junction 6, Aston expressway and then Victoria road before joing A34. Thankfully I'm not crazy and I don't love traffic jams enough to go that way
  10. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham v Plymouth

    Agree and the comment in the statement of 'shutting the doors' is quite honestly appalling. Surely most speedway owners if they were looking to leave a club would look for someone to take it on before 'shutting the doors'. Wouldnt thj loyal fans that turn up week in week out deserve that
  11. Brummie Kev

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Can we pay on the gate tomorrow?
  12. Brummie Kev

    Brummies Season Halted |

    Whilst its disappointing news, I wouldn't say its unexpected if I'm honest. Hopefully this action helps to preserve the club long term so I don't disagree with what they have done. If the government delay freedom day then I would think the season would have to be suspended anyway. I do think there are a number of additional issues affecting the club at the minute. Obviously the vandalism was huge and costly for the management, in that regard its remarkable we even came to the tapes. The road works around the stadium are awful, apart from speedway I avoid Perry Barr all together. It can take 30-60 mins if your come from the city centre in evening rush hour, thats from Aston six ways island to the stadium, probably about a 1/2 miles. In addition there's the sprint bus works being done the A34 from Great Barr. I don't know how bad they are but the ones on the Coventry Road are a disgrace. Then we have the train station situation with no trains stopping at Perry Barr till 2022 due to major work. As bad as these issues are, come 2022 it will be much better if they are completed on time. However currently its bound to impact at the minute of course completely out of the clubs control. The issues around the first meeting with track and the whole experience were really damaging. It was one of the worst nights for me at PB in 14 years of going. I wasn't sure whether to go to the Glasgow match but you cant turn your back to your club in their hour of need. I'm glad I went because the track staff worked their socks off to get it rideable and even raceable given what happened. Fingers crossed we are able to come back whether that's this season or next but sadly i don't feel the Brummies will be the last club to announce this.
  13. Brummie Kev

    Brummies v Tigers 9/6

    It was certainly much better than last week. All credit to the track staff for the hard work that they put in. Despite the result, I enjoyed the meeting. Decent racing and we took them to a last heat decider. Gating is what let us down, needs to be much better. Riss had a great night, Castagna and Thomas were solid at reserve. Harris, Shanes and Morris were disappointing.
  14. Brummie Kev


    Is the Speedway Star being sold in WHsmith again?. Managed to get one in the Erdington store today to my amazement.
  15. Brummie Kev

    Football 2020/21

    Absolutely incredible, I'm lost for words

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