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  1. keef

    The Start Of The Decline

    Attendances started falling in the 80s when the Danes and Yanks took over from the Brits as top dogs. Admission prices have gone up faster than inflation, but facilties have hardly improved. Britain is now well behind Poland and Sweden for quality of line-ups and training facilties.
  2. keef

    Swindon 2013

    Dont talk so bloody daft, the County Ground pitch perimeter is the wrong shape for speedway(the corners are at right-angles meaning a danger for bikes entering the corner at 70 m.p.h.)
  3. keef

    Swindon 2013

    Good news in the Adver re; the new stadium with new youth training facilities. A new stadium would attract more sponsors and fans. Local MP says "We are supportive for 2 reasons. Firstly as we will provide a sustainable and long-term future for the speedway team that,having won the league, is a real jewel of our sporting entertainment". About time, in a home that hasn't changed much in over 60 years.
  4. keef

    Swindon 2013

    Batch and Doyley top 2 by a long way in first round of Oz champs at Gillman. Shame the Turban Twins are not there, or Kid Morris. Bruv, who lives in Adelaide, was chatting to Batch, The Sedgmens, and Tommy Cox(Leigh's former mechanic.) Mr.Adams was in attendance.
  5. Good to see The Robins duo top 2. Bruv, who lives in Adelaide, was chatting to Batch and the Sedgemens. Leigh Adams was also there.
  6. Spoke to the guy in Greenmeadow Stores. He phoned Smiths News while I was there(no Dawsons now,)and said they would send him just 3 copies tomorrow. He says he sells around 10 in season, they quickly fly off the shelves. Will gladly put them away for fans if requested.
  7. With the amount of speedway fans in the area they sell out pretty quick in season, will be selling even more next year . Sometimes buy it at track on Thursdays, rarely buy it in winter, and couldnt afford one payment. Had to go to 15-miles to Smiths in Marlborough to get the pre-season bumper issue last year.
  8. My local newsagent in Haydon Wick as well. Only has one on shelf on a Thursday. Normally get mine at Greenmeadow Stores, they have about half-dozen(in season), or McColls West Swindon Centre. The edition wasnt there thiis week. Couldnt see at Delta News Welton Road either The Turbanator store on the Industrial Estate next to Wernham Hogg stock it. Other than that try Smocska Polish shop on the Reading Road
  9. keef

    All Time Swindon Robins 1/7 ?

    Briggo Adams Crump Ashby Broady Kilby Autrey
  10. keef

    Top Teams So Far?

    Last years top 7 looking strong again. Will go for Somerset Ipswich Leicester Newcastle top 4.
  11. keef

    Swindon 2013

    Batch was only headed in the away averages by The Turban Twins, KK, and Iversen, the top 4 in EL. Eddie only just above Steady away from home. Steady averaged more than Batch at Blunsdon. Only Iversen and Doyley in top 40 scored more away than at home. Was expecting to see Batch in top 10 of averages as he was 6th. the previous year. If Peter K. had not have had the mid-season engine problems sure he would have been top 10. Eddie K. and Steady should be top 20 next year with the Schleinmeister Barker and Janowski. Would like to see Cookie Kingy and Worrall up there.
  12. keef

    Swindon 2013

    . Subtle tasteful and speedway dont go together!! Would you walk around Aldi/Lidl/Tesco/Asda in a Swindon Wulfsports jacket? sadly some do!! That Robin is bloody big and scary though. Hopefully some purple stuff will be available..original colour, like the French rugby team that play in pink. I like the new gear meself. Hopefully wont keep changing design like these money-grabbing football clubs. Will be purchasing before Xmas at club-shop at The Abbey...good idea.
  13. keef

    Swindon 2013

    Thanks for the reply Gary
  14. Saw him in first race when we moved to Swindon in 1968, we 've supported the Robins ever since. Superb fearless competitor. For me Fundin was number 1 in 63 to about 65 with Briggo edging him out about 66-68, then Mauger top dog for a few years, until Olsen edged him out taking over as world number 1. Saw Briggo in untouchable form around Wimbledon in British semi around 66. Knutsson also one of the best in the mid-60s. Only Nielsen Gundersen Crump Rickardsson anywhere close for me since. Wardy should be as good as in future. Better than Holder IMO, judging by his Blunsdon performances.
  15. keef

    Swindon 2013

    Which is in contast to the Excalibur site saying there is a store. Who's correct?

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