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  1. northyorksbear

    Somerset 2020

    nobody mentioning MPT??
  2. northyorksbear

    Knockout Cup Draw

    Well no-one can claim this is regionalised !!!
  3. northyorksbear

    Somerset 2020

    Might be alot of fun with Barker and some of his other teammates (or teammate to be precise)
  4. northyorksbear

    Eastbourne 2020

    Top quality side in my opinion - I have installed them as my favourites for the title already Would have loved kemp at Redcar
  5. northyorksbear

    Newcastle 2020

    Each team in Northern league will race the same opponents the same number of times eg twice against 5 teams and once against the other six,so it willbe a fair table. Then likewise in Southern league - Seems quite simple and straightforward to me
  6. Neither of those are any good, I don't get back till 8pm Monday evening (in Manchester!!!!)
  7. One would hope commonsense will prevail and the riders can ride in a cup final as opposed to a totally meaningless match!!
  8. northyorksbear

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    lol You seemed to enjoy the comment too much Anyway as we are on a week later can you now make the final??
  9. northyorksbear

    Bears v Diamond's KOCF

    Whilst it is the correct decision, the major downside to it being delayed a week is that we will have to endure more of the drivel being posted on these threads (sadly I have to say primarily from a Redcar fan!!)
  10. northyorksbear

    Championship Grand Final 2019

    Whilst I obviously wanted the Bears to be in the final I think both Leicester and Glasgow deserve to be there - good luck to both sides - lets hope it's a cracking tie
  11. northyorksbear

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    If you met him in person you would be amazed he could string coherent sentences together, I think his young children do the posting on here (Note to Yearbyred - Visually impaired!! (I haven't forgotten!))
  12. northyorksbear

    Bears v Diamond's KOCF

    What's the story with Lasse Bjerre - is he likely to be riding in the final? Choice of guests will be very important for both teams - I make Redcar the favourites, however it is a lot closer between the teams than many may think - Diamonds have got quite a few who can have good meetings at Redcar - and Ulrich might just come back tobite us big time. However the most important aspect is the fact that we finally have a major final between these two sides - lets make it a great event and show the rest of the Championship the passion we have in the North east, this is great for both promotions - and whilst we all know both clubs have some "supporters" who will view this as an opportunity to "have a go" at the opposition and their fans, I sincerely hope the true speedway supporters in each club will get behind their team, but show respect to the opponents and applaud good riding by all riders, whatever colours they are wearing
  13. I've only seen him at Redcar and he must have been rolling in every heat, because he always seems to enter first corner in lead!! Can't think of any other reason than rolling Whereas our rider Erik Riss also usually gets to the first bend ahead, but of course he is just a good gater and never rolls!!
  14. northyorksbear

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Good Luck with your conspiracy theories - I'm afraid you are a very small minority Rumour I heard was that both were very keen to ride and do well so they might get the call from Redcar next season

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