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  1. northyorksbear

    Leicester 2019

    But will he fit in October???
  2. northyorksbear

    REDCAR 2019

    We're all going to Wembley Media Prima arena, we're all going to Wembley Brough Park, nah nah nah na, nah nah nah na (Repeat many times) Well done to everyone - should be a cracking two legs with our nearest and dearest
  3. We all said 10 points was the benchmark - any more made Bears favourites, any less Eagles on top - so all to play (ride) for in second leg. I'm hoping Edwards poor form continues (can improve after tonight) that might just be the deciding factor, but ultimately I think it will be how the big boys do against each other
  4. northyorksbear

    REDCAR 2019

    Well Done to Kaiser Erik, great performance. But lets also celebrate Tom Woolley, he matched GB & Glasgow (and defending champion) star Craig Cook's score - and from one less ride
  5. northyorksbear

    REDCAR 2019

    Whoosh - still going up
  6. northyorksbear


    Not worried about the result in this, Bears are on a fact finding mission ready for the biggie next month
  7. northyorksbear

    Redcar v Newcastle

    If you deliberately post to wind people up then don't moan when you get flak back! If you can't take it don't dish it out !
  8. If it is off I'll just tell my wife I decided not to go to spend the evening with her - it will earn me some credit after pointing out I was out 4 evenings out of 7 at Speedway (maybe 5 out of 8 if I go to Scunny) Nobody spill the beans and tell her it was cancelled if this happens
  9. northyorksbear

    Redcar v Sheffield

    Thunderstorms and persistent rain in Northallerton!!!
  10. northyorksbear

    Redcar v Birmingham

    You would have been even more impressed with Jitendra's extra article in the week before's programme he put out a two page spread detailing the whole reasoning behind the triple change the Bears made and explaining exactly how the promotion (himself and Jade) went about it. A really top class and informative article which countered all the rumours and criticism posted on here about timing of Ulrich's departure, his expenditure on flights and Jack Smith being harshly treated. Fans at Redcar feel we are very lucky to have two guys who understand the necessity to engage with the public, give explanations (where possible) about what is going on behind the scenes and want the crowd each week to feel they have been made welcome and had an entertaining and value for money evening! I'm sure your comments will have gone down very well with them both.
  11. Very good but your theory has a major flaw!!!
  12. Is Broc Nicol fit??
  13. northyorksbear

    Glasgow v Redcar KO Cup 5/7/19@19.30

    Whilst it is good to be gracious in defeat, one should also not gloat (too much) in victory, certainly not to the extent of abuse - to mirror a previous comment it is good to see genuine Bears/Speedway fans enjoy the victory and be grateful!!!
  14. northyorksbear

    Glasgow v Redcar KO Cup 5/7/19@19.30

    Jade needs to have a serious talk with the riders on the inside gate on the other three occasions - not following team orders and the masterplan !!! Think the Bears had some things go their way over the two legs - Proctor not matching Jensen's potential score - Ostergaard riding his 550 instead of the 350 - rr working in their favour in both legs and of course the major factor of duping Glasgow riders at the tapes this evening But you have to take your chances and following the defeat of Somerset this is another top side we have put out of the cup, really good to hear genuine Glasgow/speedway fans offer congratulations to the winners over two legs. Lets hope we can meet in the playoffs (preferably the final)!

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