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  1. northyorksbear

    Julie Lewis Memorial @ Redcar 24/5/19

    Agree with Boz -McDonald looked useful- worth a go if a team needs a rider - Bukhave did look good, but I think he may have tired - some riders had 7 and even 8 rides - and I reckon Jacob wasn't used to that. List looked ok, but always at the back, think Josh Auty gave him starting tips whilst at Scunny!! I would also like to say well done to promotion on an innovative ides and the presentation of the meeting exceedingly slick getting through a full programme of 23 heats
  2. northyorksbear

    Leicester v Redcar BCS 30.03.19

    My first visit to Leicester and I'm not in a hurry for the second!!!!
  3. Local weather forecast is showing a cracking day Saturday - get yourselves along to Redcar for a cracking meeting and the ideal way to start the 2019 season. REMINDER - It is SATURDAY at 3pm
  4. northyorksbear

    REDCAR 2019

    Just seen a local weather forecast - saturday looks excellent - maybe not shorts and t-shirts but a nice day - anyone thinking of coming hope this makes your mind up. REMEMBER - it is SATURDAY at 3pm
  5. northyorksbear

    Sell me your team to Support

    An excellent choice - and if you would like to pay a visit to watch "your" team you will receive a very warm welcome
  6. northyorksbear

    REDCAR 2019

    It was stated as 3pm in Speedway Star this week
  7. northyorksbear

    REDCAR 2019

    I agree it isn't a "great" line up in the sense of world class GP riders - In an ideal world we would want to see Tai Woffinden, Greg Hancock, Nikki Pederson, Freddie Lindgren, 2 or 3 top Polish riders, Jason Doyle, Emil Sayfutdinov, Hans Andersen etc etc. You could also argue that a "better" line up would include the likes of Robert Lambert, Danny King, Craig Cook, Jack Holder, Chris Harris etc etc. However this is a testimonial meeting and most of those riders won't be available, or will be reluctant to ride for the basic pay on offer (You only have to look at line up for the Ben Fund - very similar to Ben's line up!!) What Ben has done in assembling his line up goes very much in tune with his character, he has all his new team mates on board (except one who is unavailable) as he sees the value in giving them track time and it will help to build team spirit for the coming season. He has made the gesture of including Workington (a good commercial decision if it entices comets fans over) and giving the likes of Simon Lambert and Kyle Bickley the opportunity to get additional races under their belt and remind promoters they are available. I assume the invite to David Wallinger is a thank you for all the assistance he has given Ben whilst he has been with Redcar, again a typical gesture from BB. So no it isn't a "great" line up in the true sense, but when you look into the reasoning and thought behind the line up it is a very, very good one and I hope many fans come along to support all the riders
  8. northyorksbear

    Redcar v Sheffield SGBCL 07/09/18 at 19.30

    Think you mean AT Swindon
  9. northyorksbear

    Redcar v Workington 23/8/18

    Think you'll find they charged the Bears fans £2.50 aswell!!
  10. northyorksbear

    Redcar v Edinburgh 12/7/18

    I go away for one week and look what you do!!!! Seems like a good time to be on holiday!!
  11. northyorksbear

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Hi looking at coming to IOW speedway next week. Any tips, advice or info that would be useful?
  12. northyorksbear

    SGB championship fours 1st July redcar

    Who from? I hear BSPA are delighted with the organisation and event as a whole - no regrets whatsoever!!!
  13. northyorksbear

    SGB championship fours 1st July redcar

    Check the speedway updates site - the full programme is listed on there
  14. northyorksbear

    Championship Predictions 2018

    Guess it's no to J Holder aswell then!

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