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  1. northyorksbear

    Newcastle 2020

    Hopefully Newcastle can survive and continue - I don't think a full track share is a valid option, but what should be seriously considered regardless of changes at Newcastle is Newcastle & Redcar sharing a junior team in hosting the meetings - seems totally logical to me and has so many advantages given what both promotions and venues can offer
  2. northyorksbear


    Have to agree - excellent read each week Well done and Thanks to all involved Stay safe everyone
  3. northyorksbear

    Newcastle 2020

    Jade Mudgway !!
  4. northyorksbear

    Redcar 2020

    You need to be careful asking Janice to keep you entertained - you might get a shock
  5. northyorksbear

    2019 Most 5-1s

    3 more Redcar possibilities Wright/Riss Wright/MPT Riss/Andersen
  6. northyorksbear

    2019 Most 5-1s

    Stewart & PalmToft
  7. northyorksbear

    Redcar 2020

    Back in 2008 I posted my dream team on the Speedway plus website, here it is reproduced with my comments at the time - Very poignant this week with the sad news about Jim Burdfield - who made my dream team!! Steve Wilcock Without question the number one Middlesbrough rider of the modern era, watched him progress from solid second string to THE best rider in the National League. He never really received the full accolades he deserved, possibly due to being too quiet both on and off the track, just basically piling the points unnoticed. I also had the thrill of winning his race jacket and getting a ride round Cleveland Park with Steve after the Ellesmere Port match in 1985!! Allan Brown My first hero in 1968 was Graham Edmonds, but after he was injured Allan Brown came in and he became my top man. I don't have many personal memories from back then, but know he was very stylish (and won lots of races). Tom Leadbitter As well as being a top performer for the Teessiders/Tigers Tom was a great team man, always helping teammates on and off the track. He was also great with the fans and loved to be involved in everything going on. I have a fantastic picture of an end of season meeting. Tom is covered in flour, riding a donkey like it's the finish of the Grand National. Martin Dixon Dicko in full action was worth the admission money alone!! I've witnessed numerous passes both inside and out at Cleveland Park, when the opposing riding hasn't known what's hit them. At the time of his serious elbow injury in the late 80s, in my opinion Dicko was the best rider in the National League and would have dominated for several years. He also had fantastic equipment, I remember one away match at Stoke, M'bro needed a 3-3 to win the match, Wilks (Steve Wilcock) had been struggling all night, but came out on Dicko's bike against Paul Thorp, gated and won by a mile. Gary Havelock Witnessed his after meeting rides, pre meeting rides, first "official" team rides and all the time we all knew he had that special something. Another who never looked overly spectacular, but had a great knack of gating when he had to and winning the important races. Nowadays at Redcar he leads by example and if heat 15 is vital then he brings out all the World Champion class to produce the goods. Bruce Forrester Another of my heroes sadly no longer with us. Bruce came to Cleveland Park a novice, but was a quick developer, and another who led by example. Very quick out of the gate, Bruce also wasn't afraid to move opponents if he had to. One meeting up at Sunderland he invariably was ahead after turn 2 and the Sunderland fans gave him real stick, but at the end of a superb maximum they all applauded a great performance. Jim Burdfield For my last rider I wanted someone who typified the Middlesbrough spirit of wholehearted trier, if not a top performer. I considered John Spilsbury, Dave Butt, Bob Watts and John Place amongst others, but eventually went for Burdy - mainly due to his personality, his ability to produce match winning performances and most of all his never say die attitude.
  8. northyorksbear

    Predictions thread

    I would agree with that 6
  9. northyorksbear

    Newcastle 2020

    OK to start on the negatives - at this moment in time virtually everyone's predictions will have the Diamonds finishing bottom of the league, and I can see many defeats to start the season off with. However positives - as others have said there will be speedway at Newcastle in 2020,and from Granty's comments for a number of years afterwards. The team which has been put together does have potential for improvement with several riders able to have substantial increases in averages, whether they will is the big question. If the new guys, who I assume will be assets, get a full season in then they should be good for 2021 and I fully expect diamonds to be much more competitive later in season. Bottom line is enjoy your speedway and support the new promotion - hope it goes well - as I have often pointed out it is to the benefit of Redcar and Newcastle for both to have strong teams, as was clearly demonstrated by last season's cup final. Merry Christmas to all up in Geordieland
  10. northyorksbear

    Predictions thread

    I appreciated hearing your views and fully accept why Poole & Newcastle were not included, I'm expecting you to update your list when each is known. The flak you are getting appears to be more due to part of your name as opposed to your comments
  11. northyorksbear

    Redcar 2020

    Best top 5 in the league and two reserves with huge potential - IF one (or both) of them click 2020 will be the YEAR OF THE BEAR
  12. northyorksbear

    Somerset 2020

    nobody mentioning MPT??
  13. northyorksbear

    Knockout Cup Draw

    Well no-one can claim this is regionalised !!!
  14. northyorksbear

    Somerset 2020

    Might be alot of fun with Barker and some of his other teammates (or teammate to be precise)
  15. northyorksbear

    Eastbourne 2020

    Top quality side in my opinion - I have installed them as my favourites for the title already Would have loved kemp at Redcar

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