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  1. As of yet it's not showing on BT3 it's football
  2. p'boro lad

    Sky To Pull Out.

    Has anyone got any dates for the British league racing on by sport please
  3. p'boro lad

    Peterborough Panthers 2016

    Ok so can anyone help panthers have a 125 meeting on the 15th of May along with Rye house, but it's also the MCN Festival as well that weekend??
  4. p'boro lad

    Methanol Question

    Personally I'd never use old fuel just incase what's £8 against engine damage
  5. p'boro lad

    Peterborough Training Schools 2015

    Is today still going ahead after all the rain in the area? Can't seem to get hold of Laurence at the moment.
  6. p'boro lad

    Darryl Ritchings

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery from Adam Portwood and family
  7. p'boro lad

    Rider Insurance

    Don't think there are any, our son is with CICA but i've been informed theyre not taking on any new business.
  8. p'boro lad

    Methanol In Engine Oil

    What size jet do you have in?
  9. p'boro lad

    Dragons Dates For 2014

    Does anyone know how mackaulie is after his fall today?
  10. Sunday there was 2 125 riders, a 250 rider and Ryan Kinsley on a 500 not sure of any of their ages
  11. p'boro lad

    Clutch Problem

    Usually alloy plates are thicker than steel so you will need longer rods or a longer adjusting screw
  12. p'boro lad

    Str At Kings Lynn

    Mark was amazing taking all the rides he did. Having lost Neil in his first heat, Mark was the only rider eligible to take his rides which usually turned out to be back to back rides. A nicely prepare track aswell yesterday
  13. It does thank you will keep my eyes open. I'm sure there are others that have the original Tai painting and would like another upto date one to hang on the wall next to our other modern day world champion Mark Loram.
  14. Will you be doing an upto date painting of Tai?
  15. p'boro lad

    Winter Practice

    There will be at various tracks Scunthorpe is one. Just keep an eye on the when and where section.

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