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  1. Jeanzi

    Scunthorpe 2019

    I sadly designed to suits back in my school days. This was based of Carl Stonehewer and Peter Karlssons suits in the early 2000’s. They were awful but it’s what was wanted. These were 100% team suits with the race jackets worn over the top.
  2. Jeanzi

    Scunthorpe 2019

    They were team kevlars I can confirm that. All the same design with Thomas Armstrong’s in the same place. The only difference is the makers of the suits. Kauko’s was made by Rusty Harrison’s mother. Hence the 50 shades of orange It faded out mid season due to the change in personnel.
  3. Jeanzi

    Visa criteria

    Josh does have British Ancestory.
  4. Jeanzi

    modern track prep

    Put detergent into the water bowser to allow it to soak into the base better.
  5. Jeanzi

    Workington 2018 .

    I can also remember him getting passed by Luke Crang round bends 3-4.
  6. Jeanzi

    Workington 2017

    Do Premiership averages equate to the same as Championship? If so Jake Allen or Porsing.
  7. Jeanzi

    Workington 2017

    2015 he rode at reserve in June after many abysmal performances the same as 2016 although the didn't go to reserve. Yes I do agree with you there but you have to remember Campton broke his collarbone in the first meeting and rode through the pain barrier while it was still broken. Roynon should not be judged any different.
  8. Jeanzi

    Workington 2017

    Something tells me that Mason Campton has in fact spent less time at reserve than Hansen has in Comets colours. Hansen has been riding for years and 10x the experience of Mason. But yet he was the biggest let down in Comets colours last year. You have to remember Campton has had the Visa issues haven't helped meaning he has only had 3 full seasons in England (spending only 1 month at reserve at Glasgow and 2 meetings for Workington). What did Roynon do last year that Campton didn't? I don't believe Roynon performed well. If Campton was poor all year, Roynon would have been in the main team much earlier, giving Campton time to build his confidence. But it didn't happen and nobody questions him. Think it's very harsh on Campton.
  9. Jeanzi

    Edinburgh 2017

    I back a lot of these Australian riders with sponsorship as well as some English riders too, I have many contacts in Australia. This is how I have some knowledge on these Australian tracks. In reference to the below link, I believe that Pickering has only rode in club days at the Kurri track and he has stated he has scored more than 12 every time. Should be scoring more than this round his home track that has ridden all year. Yes he did well at the first two rounds but these are bigger tracks with a dirt line. These club meetings he refers to are equivalent to the amateur meetings at Scunthorpe. I have heard he has a very wild style and cannot gate for toffee. Don't think Edinburgh is for him. We will see. http://www.edinburghmonarchs.co/news-centre/article/2016-12-29/aussie-josh-completes-the-team
  10. Jeanzi

    Edinburgh 2017

    I see that Pickering 'who has not scored less that 12 points around his home track this year', scored a mighty 2 points in the last round of the Australian titles. He also scored 2 at Undera, very much the same as Armadale's tight and technical track I have heard. I wondered if Jye Etheridge will get a call up mid season.
  11. Jeanzi

    Dan Bewley

    I think it was Workington who didn't want Cook there...Lawson stayed there for a number of years until he was a number 1. The conflict between Cook and Lawson probably got in the way and had to chose between one or the other. With Steve Lawson being a big family friend of the Bewley's and part of the backroom team at Workington then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work it out. You can see Dan in the pits most Saturday's at Workington as well when he isn't riding elsewhere. Top kid.
  12. Jeanzi

    Dan Bewley

    I can see him being at Workington in 2017. Local lad with the track being 5 miles from his front door. Can't see a reason he wouldn't want to be there tbh.
  13. Dan will have no issues riding the dirt! He would rather ride in the dirt than on the slick. Rode the fence when he was at Workington chasing the dirt. Showed Max Clegg how to do it.
  14. Do you know Mason Campton's time in heat 14 was quicker than the time in heat 15 Chris? Maybe Branford would have maxed out for you today on that stat. He only had one time quicker which was in heat 1 on a freshly re-prepared track with an inside line, instead of the dust bowl that was there for the PL meeting.
  15. Shawnie C B, are you serious? You probably sit behind a keyboard in your day job as well. There again you have to be good at something... He's qualified and he's here so deal with it. You probably have never seen the kid ride. By the looks of things, I don't think you'd beat my granny riding speedway at Scunny. But there again someone like Mason Campton can ride professional speedway and get paid for it. Jealous? You must be. So I'd stick to keyboard bashing, you may get a new one for Christmas if you're lucky Browny.

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