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  1. *JJ

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Somebody was boasting that you would do that at Birmingham
  2. Some people are never happy ... as for the dust, what did you expect, given the temperatures? And why did you leave after heat 14? Annoyed that the Brummies were winning easily?
  3. So do I; last time I simply doubled back at the One Stop turning.
  4. Trouble is, few fans like them.
  5. If you actually went there, you would see plenty of younger people going. The trick is to pursuade them to keep going IMO.
  6. I wasn't applying for the job. Why do you have to be offensive?
  7. Why? I don't see that anyone else could have done better.
  8. Well, not me ... I checked on Speedway Updates at 9 pm and thought, 42 - 42, that can't be right, someone has made a typo ... check the heat scores ... and it was right!
  9. Really stupid comment: both teams have been badly hit by injuries.
  10. You Are Not Allowed to say 'blackboard'; they call it the 'chalkboard' these days.
  11. Yes, I did this a couple of times when they had the road mending; but I think that I will just double back via One Stop. (I park outside the warehouses on Walsall Road).
  12. Apparently you can't drive northwards along the Aldridge Road for the next two Brummies matches. A nuisance as I live to the north ...
  13. Wrong: I am not anyone's grandfather.

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