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  1. *JJ

    Outstanding Fixture

    So why are you? In real life (as opposed to your fantasies), this has all been explained: see guitar-art's post above.
  2. *JJ

    Outstanding Fixture

    It's no use argueing with closed minds ...
  3. Only if they do move up a league, surely?
  4. If you weren't there, why are you whingeing?
  5. Chris van Straaten.  1 The team names were with permission of CVS.  2. The Heathens Select had riders missing and unavailable for a variety of reasons from injury to work to riding elsewhere 3. There were no team managers as the meeting ran itself as long as a rider knew the heat he was in, the colour and gate from the programme there was no tactical moves etc to be made..and these were highlighted on their pit boards 4. Each team did have body colours (none supplied by the two away clubs) but every rider had the correct numbered race jacket as per their number in the programme ...Max Clegg wore his Wolves suit whilst Drew Kemp wore a Cradley race jacket.  Hope this all helps the doubters.
  6. And also that permission had been given for the use of the Cradley and Wolves names. But I don't suppose that information will appease some people's hatred.
  7. James Shanes and Leon Flint were certainly Brummies riders. As for the other teams: you don't think that they would want the knuckle draggers to win, do you? Or the pooches.
  8. Is there going to be a Cradley team next year?
  9. *JJ

    James Shanes

    His CL average fitted ... he replaced Jack P-B who replaced Mitch Davey. This was after he was sacked by Poole.
  10. *JJ

    Speedway bike for sale

    Yes - he now knows what a badly broken leg feels like, things went all wrong last year, and his girlfriend had a baby!
  11. Majority? What makes you think this?
  12. *JJ

    Speedway bike for sale

    No. Make me an offer?
  13. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    Still your cheerful self I see ... me for a start.
  14. Two ... why do fans of PL & CL teams think that the National League does not exist? It is more successful than the rest!
  15. Good news, but where and how? Alternative rumour is that Leicester are going to run their own NL team.

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