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  1. Actually, the name 'Mercia' is very much alive, being used by the Army the Police and the Girl Guides to mention but three without taking any thought!
  2. *JJ

    Another Speedway Closes

    Is anyone surprised?
  3. *JJ

    Helping your club........

    I've been in KL, RH and Coventry pits; they didn't seem to have. Or do you mean that they let you in some corner? The old BV certainly didn't.
  4. *JJ

    Helping your club........

    Yes, I know all about that, having helped a rider who had to use this space a few times! Most stadiums have GL riders parked up some corner on the dirt ... Which is why I am glad that the Birmingham promotion is doing something. The only other track which has second-half pits is Stoke.
  5. *JJ

    Helping your club........

    Er ... there weren't any second half pits, dire or dangerous, which is why they are being built now! As for the original question, everybody and his dog knows that the 'fan' in question is not the sharpest tool in the box.
  6. *JJ

    Eastbourne 2019

    Who were the 40+ riders? I must have missed that. And why shouldn't women ride?
  7. *JJ

    Workington 2019

    Isn't there DL speedway at Northgate?
  8. *JJ

    Rev Limiters

    Use rev limiters?
  9. *JJ

    Rev Limiters

    You think that top riders will spend any less? Two valve engines aren't going to change things. Or do you think that everyone will buy 1970s Jawas?
  10. *JJ

    Visa criteria

    You could give the present team a chance first?
  11. *JJ


    Many sympathies ... not having a husband or wife, I used it as another forum; the NL site was quite good, as was the MDL and amateur FB pages when we were involved in them, but now it is just the Championship
  12. When we (Birmingham) were in the National League, I used to follow the Facebook page for the NL, but I can't find an equivalent one for the Championship. Does anyone know of the correct Championship Facebook page?
  13. *JJ

    Rev Limiters

    Because all riders would then have to spend thousands on buying new cyliner heads for their engines!
  14. *JJ

    Swindon Stadium

    Yes? That is what I meant.
  15. *JJ

    Swindon Stadium

    It's what happened at Cradley: I am astonished that they haven't had a 'mysterious fire' at Brandon, or an Irishman with a bulldozer.

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