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  1. It is hardly the place of the Speedway Star, or the BSPA, or the SCB, to behave like a silly woman on BSF, and assume, without the slightest evidence, that a promoter is lying.
  2. *JJ

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Thank you ... I notice that 'GWC' hasn't replied! He was presumably referring to Paco's low score at Sheffield, after he had just driven a thousand miles from Bavaria overnight. I for one wasn't expecting much from him.
  3. *JJ

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Which one? One hasn't turned a wheel yet, and the other was top of the averages a few days ago ...
  4. *JJ

    Brummies v Eagles 1.5.19

    Well, if that sort of thing makes you happy ... everyone can now see why this person was banned from the Brummies forum, for persistent trolling and personal insults.
  5. *JJ

    Brummies v Eagles 1.5.19

    May we hope that you will also cease to post on Brummies threads?
  6. *JJ

    Once a Jolly Swagman

    While others were keen to shoot communists ...
  7. Thanks (and Steve) but I will have to give the ale a miss as I will still have to drive back to Birmingham!
  8. Sheffielders often mention the carvery by the stadium. Is this in a pub nearby, or actually in the stadium building?
  9. *JJ


    On and off ... I saw an individual cometition (British final?) at Monmore Green where he did an outstanding job, but he didn't indulge in his usual annoying tricks. I once wrote in the Brummies forum that they should send the Perry Barr presenter to MG to see how Porky (no relation!) creates atmosphere for the fans (instead of standing in the middle of the centre green with his nose in his programme).
  10. *JJ


    So do I: he is a really excellent presenter. EXCEPT for his habit of commentating! And the way he puts down the opposition.
  11. *JJ


    I remember some years ago in a Wolves/Brummies match, Porky was bawling as Freddie Lindgren led on the last corner: he was practically having orgasms about the Super Duper Super Swede, but then Brummies guest Scott Nicholls beat him on the line to win ... Porky didn't stop roaring about the Super Duper Turnip, though!
  12. *JJ


    Commentating during a live speedway race is idiotic! We can see what is going on, so why do we need to be told? That is even when they get it right ...

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