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  1. Stoke

    They spent years coming up through the Junior speedway system, although the first time I saw Bewley, Bickley and Kemp was at amateur meetings.
  2. Stoke

    Development Leagues. You need to serve a season in the MDL etc. at least before becoming good enough for the NL; a DL superstar will still struggle at NL level, just as a NL no.1 can struggle as a Championship reserve. The fact is, unless they have been racing in motorcross etc., a rider progresses ftom training sessions (not 'schools') to amateur racing to Development Leagues to NL.
  3. Belle Vue Colts 2018

    He didn't ride for Birmingham last year, or only 50 yards at the P&P day. No NL team will get 'loan fees' and certainly not 'training fees'. Not that Birmingham (or many other teams) lifted a finger to 'train' any riders.
  4. Brummies v Bees - 28/03/2018

    I went into the grandstand for the second half - it was bitterly cold - and found that it was nearly full, so there must have been more people attending than it seemed. There were plenty outside.
  5. Birmingham 2018

    True but then again I am about 55 years older than the speedway rider!
  6. Birmingham 2018

    Probably, Arran is a fill-in until Dan Gilkes becomes available in the summer. Judging by the vast breadth of Roberts' backside, he needs to get fit before he is ready for the NL.
  7. Birmingham 2018

    Most unlikely ... any rider with any sense stays on the inside on the fourth bend - it tightens up, throwing the rider into the fence if he isn't careful.
  8. Birmingham 2018

    Indeed - but the only place that seems to do this is Scunthorpe. As far as Birmingham is concerned, the previous NL promotion never lifted a finger to find new riders, merely signing those who started at other teams. At least the present promotion is talking about finding and training new riders, although they are constrained by the fact that they don't own the stadium, have a 10 o'clock curfew and only have the use of it once a week.
  9. Birmingham 2018

    And I bet if he was trying to get into YOUR team, you wouldn't be squealing about 'fiddling'. Borczuch has been living in this country for years, so if he has a British passport he is just as eligible for the NL as Mitch Davey, Adam Ellis, Jack Smith and the like.
  10. Birmingham 2018

    Lee - sign them up!
  11. Birmingham 2018

    Jobs for Tracey and Judy?
  12. Birmingham 2018

    Hiring the venue?
  13. Birmingham 2018

    If it is the rider everybody thinks, it isn't a big name
  14. Birmingham 2018

    It's only eight letters ..
  15. Birmingham 2018

    So who do you think it is, Sings?