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  1. *JJ

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    And Asda, where I buy mine.
  2. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    The new generation seem to be arriving - there were hordes of kids running around! Just like I used to do 70 years ago ...
  3. *JJ

    Gerhard Engine

    One of the Coventry riders - Luke Harris? - was using one last Sunday; he was going well. This is the only one I have seen for a while, though.
  4. *JJ

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    Who is worse?
  5. *JJ

    Mildenhall v Brummies NL Sat 9th Aug

    This may be wrong, of course, but I was told that Bacon crashed because his bike hit a piece of car debris. This is not a surprise; I have heard of this before.
  6. Because RR for Walker has never worked. Much better to use RR for Shanes or Hume.
  7. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    It's two miles (3Kms) south of M6 Junction 7, on the A34 main road into Birmingham. When you see the entrance to a flyover, don't go over this, but turn left; the stadium entrance is then just on the left.
  8. *JJ

    Stoke v Brummies NL Sat 1st Sep

    They don't appear to be breaking the curfew by running MDL now. Drury lied by saying that the planning permission only allowed 20 heats (actually 21), that there was not enough parking space for MDL vehicles (they seem to manage now) and that the track staff would not stay on until 10 pm. They seem to now, and did when necessary before. The fact is, Drury (and Mole) didn't care, and during the NL era from 2015 were just going through the motions. I never asked for them to 'break the curfew', but NL matches were, and are, always over by 9.30 leaving plenty of time for practice.
  9. *JJ

    Stoke v Brummies NL Sat 1st Sep

    With good reason, the way he behaved to me.
  10. *JJ

    Stoke v Brummies NL Sat 1st Sep

    The less bright amongst Brummies supporters think that they have the right to win everything, so when things go wrong, they have hysterics and blame someone. They have decided to hate Rogers for some reason.
  11. Tell me about it ... I have experienced all of this helping a rider over the last few years. He has now given up for all of these reasons, plus others.
  12. Lawrence Fielding usually puts previews and results for Dragons in Facebook, both the MDL page and 'Carmarthen Dragons Online' page. Wasn't the 19th the Coventry v. Birmingham match which was rained off?
  13. You are confusing second National League teams with Development League teams. At the moment, only Belle Vue do the former: I don't know how popular this is. However, plenty of teams have MDL/NJL/SDL teams, which run as 'second halves' after the main match. These don't incur any extra costs, as the riders are not paid, and the track staff etc. are there anyway, and all other costs come under the main match. DL teams are invaluable for riders to gain experience and skill before making the jump up to NL standard. Very few NL riders have come up any other way other than the Junior Speedway set up.
  14. *JJ

    Birmingham 2018

    NOOOOO! The last time was a disaster.
  15. *JJ

    Does this league have a future ?

    I would have thought that, with a couple of exceptions, the National League is very successful at the moment. Certainly, I for one am enjoying it just as much as when we were in the two other leagues (if not more).

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