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  1. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    Does he ever read any of the guff he posts?
  2. You've had to get a couple of your aliases on the case I see. According to you, they needed to fire workers to implement Plan B. Please try and keep track of your own nonsense.
  3. Funny, because you've previously told us that firing NHS workers was a part of 'The Plan', sending the NHS into a deliberate crisis leading to Plan B (whatever that is, you were rather vague on the matter). You've certainly found reverse gear in the last couple of weeks.
  4. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    What do you mean, win it back? He's still the President. This is all part of his elaborate plan. After 1 hour in jail, he will fly over the prison wall with a jet pack scattering real-life proof of election fraud over the citizens of the US. The Democrat commies will flee, never to be heard of again and Hilary Clinton will go straight to jail for Satan-worshipping paedophilia and all the other bad stuff she's done which definitely isn't made up. His new government will include Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, Lin Wood, Mike Flynn, Guiliani and other people who definitely aren't bonkers. Any day now - it's gonna be HUGE!!!!!
  5. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    For anyone interested, this radio programme (in 7 parts) is a very good listen. Journeys to the beginnings of the nonsense that fed eventually into QAnon and the events of January 6th. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001324r
  6. So, the 'Global Cabal' who are running the show and are so powerful they have already set in place a mass de-population scheme, mass sterilisation and the The Great Reset (You'll Own Nothing!!!!!!) have backed down over vaccine passports after the the powerful influence of Esther McVey? So tell me, are Frost, Brady and McVey down with the de-population, sterilisation and Great Reset but draw the line at a vaccine passport? In which case I've got to question their moral stance. I'm not sure you've thought this through.
  7. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    Pretty thin gruel isn't it, this. Any news on the election fraud?
  8. If it doesn't exist then why have you posted many times that China created it?
  9. Kester

    1921 Census

    I love a good census, spent many a happy hour ploughing through them when I was at uni.
  10. The figure is from VAERS, which is unverified data.
  11. Theranos is/was not a 'pharmaceutical giant' but a start-up company with only one product. The fraud is that despite many of the scientists involved in the tech flagging up its deficiencies Elizabeth Holmes continued to draw in investment based on false promises.
  12. So Gates is going to de-populate the world by increasing the population? That's a dastardly plan.
  13. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    It's hard to keep track with who you are pretending to ignore when you've got a few usernames on the go.
  14. Kester

    Joe Biden

    Well, that's a given from you.

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