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  1. That was a strange one. My memory of it is that he fell off and his bike hit, and then went over, the fence. But it’s a while ago and I might have imagined these details.
  2. Kester

    Thread Sabotaged - Mods Please Delete

    Well remembered, as a child there was something that really disturbed me about that show.
  3. Kester

    Thread Sabotaged - Mods Please Delete

    Bingo was one I think. Not sure if the others were pastime related? Darts? Snooker? Dominoes?
  4. Kester

    Birmingham v Leicester

    Interesting point. It's a tricky one, and I do see it from the promotions point of view. However, I think the emphasis should always be on getting the meeting on if possible. As Stevebrum stated, it's a sign of how much the sport is on its backside that the major consideration in these circumstances isn't sporting but financial.
  5. Kester

    Birmingham v Leicester

    Oh balls. I don't get chance to get to many meetings and this was going to be one of them.
  6. Kester

    Moderators: are you there?

    I find that the problem is not necessarily anything terrible that has been said. It's the fact that so many threads, particularly in the Premiership section, just descend into absolute drivel. Caused by the usual trolls, and those who can't help but respond to their every post, even though they must know by now what the outcome will be. I used to enjoy reading through the forum and keeping in touch with things but these days find that, too often, it's just tedious garbage.
  7. Kester

    Plan to save the Sport

    Great ideas. But I still think there's room for a tactical 'Triple Jeopardy' joker. Can only be played one in each meeting by each team. Unless the lower placed league team is over 10 league points behind with 40% of fixtures still to race. Then they can opt to use the feature twice if there's a sun break. The nominated rider (purple helmet) will score Triple points for that heat. Then be called to the centre green for the 'jeopardy' section. A coin toss. Correct call - the riders points total is doubled. Wrong call - they have to do the next race on foot. Can't believe Starman's negativity, there's no pleasing some people.
  8. I first noticed Hans's rolling starts when I was watching the GP series DVDs about 10 years ago (Being a supporter of a PL team I hadn't seen him in the flesh at the time). After that, spotting his rollers became a bit of a fixation - he basically does it all the time as far as I can see, it's part of his start technique.
  9. . Farage claims every ballot that goes against him is a fix, he'd still be banging on. If we are all meant to hold hands and move on then surely the overbearing hubris needs to stop too. The reality is that no one, clearly not anyone in government, has the first clue what's actually going to happen and what post-brexit Britain will look like. It's a rare day I agree with Peter Hitchens but I suspect there'll be more than a grain of truth in his statement that we were only ever half in the EU, and post Brexit we will be only half out.
  10. Kester

    Poole Sign Lindback

    Or, most plausibly, he can't count to two.
  11. He was certainly rather subdued after that, and who could blame him.
  12. A decent meeting without being a cracker, Lakeside did enough to keep it interesting. A big congratulations to all on the centre green who were looking the right way and had quick enough reactions to avoid a possibly nasty incident.
  13. Kester

    No Woffinden....

    I agree with you on most things but not this I'm afraid. What about if I take a job with a new employer doing the same job I do now? Am I 'turning my back' on my employer? Should I not take that job? Am I beholden to my existing employer as they trained me in that job and gave me the skills necessary to do it? What do I owe them? Nothing - they paid me to do a job, I did the job and took that money. Loyalty means a lot to fans, but ultimately means a lot less to employees - which is what riders are.
  14. Kester

    El Predictions 2016

    I have been a semi-regular buyer of Backtrack in the past. I have the same impression as you, I am sure I have read several articles with riders stating that they went from training to riding in the team within a few weeks.
  15. Kester

    Are Outside Forces At Work

    His statement read спидвей вентиляторы толщиной сводит меня с ума

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