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  1. And what were the ages of these people who died? Because without that information the point you're desperately trying to make doesn't hold any water, rather reminiscent of Wolfie's tremendous list of very old scientists who mysteriously and suspiciously died. The data is from a 6 month period, during which time roughly 300,000 people will have died from all sorts of causes and many millions of vaccinations have been given.
  2. Kester

    Joe Biden

    This is clearly explained online if you could bother to do research rather than just copying and pasting from your groups. Anyway, if you were just deleting votes and committing a devious crime why would you do it live on TV? And this is just a CNN graphic. You're not very good at thinking these things through are you?
  3. Absolutely, it's the typical conspiracy thinking, creating false narratives. Begin with the ending you want, in this case a globalist elite who are going to take over the world (don't think too much about the how or the why). Then look for 'evidence' and 'join the dots' to suit the narrative you want to create. Then once dreamt up, don't worry too much if none of it stands up to any form of logic because the people who fall for it won't use any.
  4. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    I don't know how the msm missed it (commies!) but everyone's favourite purveyor of bedding Mike Lindell hosted his 'Cyber Symposium' a couple of weeks ago. This where he was going to show his array of evidence and blow the whole goddamn election apart. What he actually had were some screen shots of voter lists and other meaningless guff.
  5. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    My wife is distantly related to Robert E Lee, she's fine with the statue coming down. That said, they didn't ask her opinion.
  6. Is this the same one as Churchill's though? Because I've read that and it doesn't say anything about taking over the world. Biden doesn't seem to be getting it.
  7. Churchill spoke about a new world order too (note the difference between 'a' and 'the') so was he in on it too?
  8. Kester

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I didn't vote to leave, but if there were tangible benefits to leaving then at least I could see the point of it. But nobody can tell us any, and I don't see any on the horizon. The downside that has impacted me has been the introduction of import tariffs. I play the guitar semi-professionally and used to buy guitars regularly from the continent. But there's no point even looking any more as the addition of import fees has made the cost of continental guitars uncompetitive. I'm lucky that my negatives are so trivial and I don't rely on trading overseas professionally. Because where are the positives for those people?
  9. Kester

    European Union - In Or Out?

    No, there's no one willing to answer that question is there?
  10. That data can't give an accurate comparison though as It's not like for like. 'Rare side effects' vs death. And the report said 'fewer than 1 in 10000'. We'd need to know the rate of death after the vaccine.
  11. There are so many they hope we can't keep track. Then, when none of their predictions come to pass they can just move onto something else. The Trump thread is a prime example.
  12. In the world of conspiracy it can all be rolled into one. Just blame Biden and "commies".
  13. Are you serious? Do you ever pay attention to anything in the real world? So tell me, do you think that the Australian health official inadvertently referred to the New World Order, in the conspiracy theorists sense, in a press conference?
  14. On no, now the Australian public health chief has let the cat out of the bag will she be assassinated? Or did she just use a harmless phrase that only the tin- foil wearers will be triggered by. You should zoom in on her lapel badge, you never know it could be an illuminati symbol.

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