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  1. Add that on to the ultimate question they'll never answer - "Why is Trump desperate to take credit for the vaccine?"
  2. So you think Sandy Hook was a hoax?
  3. Dutch farmers, Canadian truckers, Sri Lankans - you can't rely on anybody these days. It's almost as if these people don't appreciate that they were single handedly stopping The Great Reset. Now we're going to own nothing in 2030 again, grrrr.
  4. You haven't understood correctly https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/government-confirms-cornwall-firm-not-7412269
  5. The Conspiracy Lovers are clearly in a mass panic, they are realising they haven't learnt anything from the Donald Trump thread. Putting your trust in copying and pasting from Twitter feeds was never going to end well. It could be up to ten years before they have to confront the fact that The Great Reset didn't involve anything they thought it did, most of the population haven't died, the airports are still open etc etc etc.
  6. They've suspended sales of some tickets till Monday, that's all. The daft theories will become reality when they close all regional airports in 2025. Keep us posted won't you.
  7. That card was launched 3 years ago. So, you're hardly a soothsayer. If you don't want one, then don't apply, it's very simple.
  8. Why don't you put your pretend nurse hat on and tell us exactly how the article linked by VB is not accurate?
  9. Says everything that that's the only part of VB's post you take issue with. You've got no answer for the majority of it that blows your drivel out the water.
  10. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    They have the best excuses, filed alongside 'No reasonable person could be expected to believe these claims'.
  11. Is this the same tick tock that was counting down on the Trump thread? How's that one going?
  12. Of course, if lots of people had died you'd now be posting that it was caused by the vaccine.
  13. Kester

    Glorious Britain

    A couple of months ago I was on a school residential trip staying at Nantgwynant. At the foot of Snowdon, it was absolutely beautiful and spectacular, more wild than The Lakes (which I love too).
  14. Kester

    'the Donald' Trump

    How's it going in Maricopa?

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