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  1. Robbie B

    Here is a race I would loved to have watched

    Many thanks for all the information Steve it does not surprise one bit that they might have been would about litigation in case the cheetahs got lose with the inedible effect of injurious to health to those attending the meeting. The funniest race I personally saw was at Wimbledon during the second half interval of league match against Coventry in the British League I think 1978 when Ole Olsen (and i'm sure a wimbledon rider - I have to check my programmes) whilst riding a very young child's bicycle had a one-lap race against some bunny girls who were wearing their full bunny costumes.
  2. I have been busy looking at some online old newspapers archives and in the Daily Mirror dated Friday 8 April 1938 on page 34 it reported on a spectacular Johnnie Hoskins event that was due to take place on Tuesday 3 May when a speedway rider at West Ham would race against a cheetah. The rider as normaill would be on the track being pursued by the animal on the greyhound track with a large piece of meat attached to an electric hare. Bluey Wilkinson, when asked by the paper if he would race against the cheetah for £5 as most of the West Ham rider were shy of racing against the beast and he replied "no, I'll let him have it". The Daily Mirror then stated that the speedway riders place would be taken by a animal trainer who happens to be a speedway rider, but sadly they did not mention his name. Although, I have checked further Daily Mirror's for the race result unfortunately I could not find it.
  3. Robbie B


    The SGB statement is now live at https://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/news.php?extend.37693
  4. Robbie B

    Wimbledon's final meeting

    Hi pardons According to a New Cross v Wimbledon (National League) match programme I have dated 25 September 1946 it states on the front cover that the New Cross official track length was 262 yards. I have also just added this information onto the New Cross page on Wikipedia as it was missing. Result of the match was New Cross 45, Wimbledon 30 in a 14 heat encounter despite a 12 maximum from Wimbledon's number 1 Norman Parker.
  5. Robbie B

    The first race you saw

    My first live meeting was at imbled Stadium on Thursday 17 March 1976 when the Dons lost at home against Reading in a challenge match 32-46. but I did watch speedway on Tv prior to this match dating back to the late 1960s. The first race result was Dave Jessup, Barry Crowson, Bernie Leigh, Edgar Stangeland 65.1 secs. Strange but True Roger Johns was the first Wimbledon rider to win a race home and away in 1976 as he won heta 2 of this match and the following week at White City's opening meeting on 24 March a challenge match against Wimbledon he won 2 again.
  6. Robbie B

    Split Waterman RIP

    Thanks Steve for providing the link to Spilt's obituary in The Telegraph I have now referenced this on his wikipedia page, so they will now not have any reason to remove the sad news of his passing.
  7. Robbie B

    Split Waterman RIP

    Personally norbold I think has to do with which moderator is dealing with an issue. As before this league season started my account was blocked by Wikipedia for updating speedway pages as the previous year I have put links on the British speedway pages directly to Speedway GB and they mistakenly thought that I was associated with them by providing these links to their websites. So for this season I have linked everything to club websites, although this is useful, but unlike the Speedway GB links these will disappear in time as clubs close, or when they change their website, but nowadays Speedway GB achieve their web pages along with the page names.
  8. Robbie B

    Split Waterman RIP

    I have keep the British pages updated on Wikipedia for about 3 years and that the message I received, so maybe there now clamping down on items relating to someone's passing.
  9. Robbie B

    Split Waterman RIP

    I think that we will have to await an official and reliable source of information such as Speedway GB or the Seedway Star to publish something relating to this sad news on their website and I can referenced it from there directly to Wikipedia before they will accept the posting someone's passing. I can fully understand Wikipedia policy asit can be edited by anyone and they do know who we are, and whether the information we post is true.
  10. Robbie B

    Split Waterman RIP

    Hi Gustrix I have found the reason why it keeps disappearing. Under Wikipedia policies edit relating to someone's passing must be supported with reference to their passing ie a website news story. As I cannot find a website reporting the sad news regarding Spilt Waterman yet Wikipedia will keep removing this oticfaction until it is supported with evidence.
  11. Robbie B

    Split Waterman RIP

    I have just added Spain as he location of his passing, if you want me to add anything else then please do inform via a PM and I will add this later on today. The previous date might have been removed by Wikipedia because it may not have been coded correctly.
  12. Robbie B

    Split Waterman RIP

    Hi Gustix, ad others this is very sad news about Split and i have just updated his Wikipedia page with his date of passing hopefully this time the date will remain.
  13. I totally agree with your comment Mark the generosity is from R&R.
  14. Many thanks to R&R Bookies for running this competition and congratulations to Mark for sharing toop spot with me. I totally agree with Panthers89 have said that to finish the GP season with money in your pocket is an achievement and this is the first I have ever mentioned this, so gratulations also for those players achieving this especially when you look at rider partaking in the SGP this years and R&R Bookies extremely clever odds to beat. I must admit that after seeing Kolodziej mess up his chances in heat 18 of scoring points for everyone that I thought Laguta had in the bag in heat 19 only for him to finish last. But it goes to show that in sport anything can happen and my rider failed just like Kolodziej, but such is life. Hope you like my new logo to celebrate my joint-victory.
  15. Best of luck to everyone and what will be will be let's go racing!!!!!!

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