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  1. Robbie B

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Many thanks for this information Ghostwalker. Hopefully it won't be long before he's riding again.
  2. Robbie B

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2018

    Some really cleaver odds by R&R here, so time to pick one of my teams rider. Michelsen 5 - 7 £200 more please R&R R&R if Michelsen does not ride on Saturday can you please replace him with Lebedevs at £200 more
  3. Just seen this There was a programme on BBC Radio 4xtra on Friday 15 June and was about speedway and featured Michael Lee. For anyone that missed the programme it's now available for next few days on the BBC iPlayer Radio app or online at their website. The programme is from 2012 and was recorded at a King's Lynn meeting in 2011.
  4. Robbie B

    Elitserien 2018, round 5, 12 June

    The TV meeting is live on Freesports on Tuesday
  5. As usual when riders wear their nations body colours they always seem to put in extra effort. The racing was superb in the finals and they were also some excellent races on occasions in the qualifiers. Shame about the end format though. Tai and Artem were the stars of the tournament for me. And hopefully we will see the event again.
  6. Even though I know that all points count towards a World Title. I feel that to determine the victory in an SGP meeting the rider coring the most points after 20 heats should be champion unless of course if a run-off is required. Why should a rider who worked hard all night lose the right to be crowned champion of a GP for one bad performance in a final heat decider, so that a lesser scoring rider on the night can become declared the winner. Scrapping the GP semis and final would also make the World Title more closely contested, as the extra points scored by riders in the semis and final wouldn't exist.
  7. Really proud of the British riders and they do deserve to be champions. It's nice to have speedway on TV but at the expense of the sports credibility. As far as I'm concerned the team or rider who scores the most points in a meeting deserves the plaudits for their efforts, and not suffer the consequences of stupid rules such as having an one-off final to determine the victory. If TV requires this sort of method to determine champions. If the SWC does return next season maybe there should be a nominated final heat with one rider from each nation competing with the winner of the race making his team World Champions. These one-off final heats including in the SGP for me spoil the event and make a mockery of a riders achievement during the nights entertainment. Just let the rider or team scoring the most points become the champion. In the SGP on two occasion a rider has qualified for the semi finals after scoring only 6 points and might go on to win a GP with a grand total of 11 points. Yet in the same meeting another rider might score 20 points and finish second. This scenario might happen in time and it doesn't make any sense to me.
  8. £200 more please for me R&R on Niels-Kristian Iversen
  9. Laguta 5 - 7 £200 more please r&r
  10. Robbie B

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Very sad to hear the news about Ivan Mauger's passing, and many condolences to his family and friends. Ivan, turned himself into the greatest speedway rider the sport has ever known - starting from an unsuccessful beginning at Wimbledon in the late 1950s through sheer determination and a level of professionalism unknown in our sport at the time. His legacy in the sport is vast and second to none. He will always be fondly remembered by all supporters who witnessed him racing during a exceptional racing career. Ivan, created so many great memories for enormous numbers of speedway supporters worldwide that will live on forever. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE
  11. I think that Rye House have a real chance this season. They got a excellent team of riders that are more than capable of scoring well away from home. And they do have a home track that provides them with a clear advantage against their opposition, if their riders are on top form.
  12. Robbie B


    Brilliant issue of the magazine as always. And many thanks to all concerned in making this colossal magazine with so much read.
  13. Going through some Wimbledon stuff I came across a Wimbledon speedway meeting from 1978 the Levis For Feet Southern International recorded by Steve Brown from the centre green, I know that Wimbledon did record every home meeting for a few seasons, and available and sold, but sadly, this is the only Wimbledon meeting I have. But nevertheless I have now digitised the meeting onto CD prior to remastering it in due course. I was wondering how many other tracks meetings from the 1970s and 80s were recorded onto cassette tape?
  14. Robbie B

    Bt Sport Coverage

    If you were within the 14 day cooling off period when BT's informed you of their BT Sport price increase then you are entitled to leave your contract without any penalty under Section 29 of the Consumer Contract Regulations (2013), as BT's price increase would be considered as being an alteration of the agreed contract terms and conditions between the parties involved namely (BT and yourself), and if you had not agreed to their price increase then you would be deemed free to leave your contract with BT without incurring any liabilities (additional cost to you), Because of this BT can can only charge you for leaving your contract after the 14 day cooling off period had expired. The start date of the cooling off period would start when you received notification from BT Sport about their price increase either via letter or email. The date stated on any letter is irrelevant of this would be considered as being delivered by non-instantaneously means. Because of this the date your 14 day cooling off period starts when you received the letter from BT. If you received an email from BT then your 14 day cooling off period would start upon receipt of their email, as the delivery method would be considered as being delivered via instantaneously means. So if BT charged you extra money for leaving your contract within 14 days re-contact then and ask for a refund or open an formal complaint as they have breached the Section 29 Consumer Contract Regulations (2013), if they had charged you extra for leaving your contract within the 14 day cooling off notice period which they inform you about by law. Hope this helps.
  15. Robbie B

    16th May 1977 Scunthorpe V Coatbridge (nl)

    After checking several meeting programmes from 1976. They clearly state that a team had to nominate a number eight rider so that the team could use an r/r in a meeting under the 1976 league rules. Although the rider nominated as the eighth rider wasn't always transmitted to the general public over announcements, at a meeting.

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