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  1. Thanks for letting me know Phillip I have not got my Star this week yet and I do look forward to it contents. I have to say that the new covers are absolutely stunning and aa massive pat on the back for the person/s that make them, because they must take a long time to design.
  2. Many thanks for this link I have updated my favourites and hopefully it will resolve the issue I have been having for the past few weeks. It not only the Speedway Star where these results are missing. The speedway GB website may list the result of a match, but there sadly is very few details about these meetings.
  3. Not only that Steve lately for some unknown reason you cannot access this forum online as my browser cannot locate the site it is all very strange.
  4. Hi Dave

    if this is an emergency only as I sold a speedway programme on eBay to a Trevor Jones from Wilenhall only  a few weeks ago so I do have this person home address.

    But as stated I can only supply you the address if it is an emergency, only.


    1. daveallan81


      Hi Robert,

      It's to do with an Ebay transaction. He bought programmes from me a week ago but since then I've heard nothing. No response to communications including unpaid items warnings. I just find it strange that a guy who I've dealt with before and has an impeccable feedback record hasn't paid or been in touch.

      My post on here was the a last throw of the dice before I cancel his order and send out 2nd chance offers.

      Thanks for getting in touch though.



    2. Robbie B

      Robbie B

      Hi Dave

      Trevor's actions are indeed unusual as I have previously stated he has brought from speedway programmes a few weeks ago on eBay and he duly paid for them without any issue.

      I did not know the reason why you needed to contact Trevor Jones urgently, but as you do have his address iI will no longer need to pass this information  onto you. Although my reason for disclosing his home address would not have be lawful pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and because of this I would had to refrain from this course of action.

      I know that the GDPR 2018 can be only circumvented in cases of a genuine emergency (as I' am studying law I know this fact). My submission of his personal home address would not have permissible under the legislation due to it not be a genuine emergency.

      I really do hope that Trevor is OK and that you hear from him soon along with your payment of your sold programmes from him.


  5. Robbie B

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2019

    R&R actually it is not Robert Lambert as you will see in time. I got you guessing now but no more clues.
  6. Robbie B

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2019

    For me to inform of my rider and fix the odds his odds would be cheating. win or lose I lie to play fair. But his bike does have two wheels one at the front and the other at back if this clue helps you
  7. Robbie B

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2019

    A very steady start for myself. I already know what rider I will be choosing in the next hopefully the odds will be in my favour next time around as Laguta was too high for me in the first round. But I do expect some very shrewd and extremely clever odds from R&R bookies in round 2
  8. Robbie B

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2019

    R&R Bookies please note that I have changed the rider in my bet
  9. Robbie B

    Bash the Bookie SEC finals Competition 2019

    Hi R&R many thanks for running this little game for all of us to enjoy., and my bet is Kevin Wolbert OUT Kai Huckenbeck 5 - 7 £200 More IN A CHANGE TO MY BET R&R
  10. Another luck pick again for me as I laugh all the way to the bank (for now anyway). R&R please do not bin the spread stretcher as I this element to the game is great as it could intince someone into making a risky bet.
  11. Robbie B

    Wimbledon Race Jacket YouTube Video

    The Montine has now been updated to the correct spelling the new video address is in post #1 I have been informed via PM more information and another race jacket just making the video now for uploading it will be too long
  12. Robbie B

    Wimbledon Race Jacket YouTube Video

    Hi Steve Thanks for pointing this out to me I will updated the video it will take 30 minutes or so with the old video not being available whilst i update YoUTube I will post the new address on post #1
  13. I have just uploaded to YouTube an updated video featuring all of their Wimbledon race jackets the new address is https://youtu.be/o5O0G4vJMA0 If you do have any additional information then please do inform me and I will make any necessary adjustments, and a new race jacket added. as Wimbledon had 3 different race jackets in 1984. I have checked this with various Wimbledon programmes and the Speedway Star magazine.
  14. Robbie B

    1976 GBL and NNL Body Colours YouTube Video

    Hi prodons The Wimbledon speedway body colour Youtube video is now live
  15. Does anyone know what all the Wimbledon body colours were prior to 1937. On the defunct speedway website they have a Wimbledon team photo (1929) and a picture i have of the 1930 team show them wearing a light body colour does anyone know whether it was white or yellow? On eBay there is a 1931 programme printed with blue writing - did they use this colour on their race bibs? When did Wimbledon start using the plain red race bib? Maybe 1932 as their match programmes have red print on them from this date. Again on the defunct speedway website these was a case of them using a black race jacket away against Belle Vue in 1934, so maybe this season they used two different team race jackets as Belle Vue wore red one's. Thanks in advance for any help. +++++S top Press +++++++ After doing some spectral analysis on some old Wimbledon photos I can confirm that in 1929 and 1930 their team body colours were yellow as this was showing in the B&W images. All images from 1932 showed the colours to be red the same as printed on their match programmes. Ths only leaves 1931 but as their match programmes used blue in the printing (here's one on eBay at the moment) it is only logical that this might have been their body colour for this season.

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