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  1. frigbo

    Ari Koponen

    News gathering on social media that former Birmingham, Wimbledon and Swindon rider Ari Koponen has sadly passed away.
  2. frigbo

    Vaclav Verner

    I see news gathering on social media this morning that Vaclav Verner has sadly passes away.
  3. frigbo

    Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    Whilst clubs should obviously honour the deals agreed, these numbers do highlight the type of unsustainable money riders are taking out that the sport can ill-afford to pay.
  4. frigbo

    Oldest Surviving Team

    Ian Champion has passed away.
  5. Unfortunately, as stupid as it is, shared and guest team managers aren't a new thing. Speedway has had an incredible knack to show itself as thoroughly unprofessional and tinpot for much longer than most realise.
  6. frigbo

    George White rip

    Ex-Swindon star and world finalist George White passed away on Friday aged 86.
  7. frigbo

    Wolves 2018

    Very average side.
  8. frigbo

    Kelly Moran How Good.?

    Absolutely agree. Shawn was streets ahead of Kelly, as was Sigalos.
  9. frigbo

    Swindon 2018

    I assume it means any rider who has ridden full-time in the GP.
  10. frigbo


    I can only assume it means former full-time GP riders too.
  11. frigbo


    Who knows? Ambiguous as ever....
  12. frigbo


    I guess PK is covered by the "riders out of UK for a season"
  13. frigbo

    Swindon 2018

    Tobiasz Musielak has tweeted that he has signed for next season.
  14. frigbo


    The one rider over 8 rule makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Why not let teams build to the points limit as they wish? Once again team continuity is dismissed, yet any new top-liners are also forced out. Just adds additional constraints for the sake of it.
  15. frigbo

    Promoter's Agm!

    Bound to be the best AGM ever

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