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  1. frigbo

    Three Brothers Who Rode For The Same Team

    Sebastien, Stephane and Mathieu Tresarrieu
  2. frigbo

    Alan Grahame

    News filtering through on social media that Alan has sadly succumbed to his injuries.
  3. frigbo

    Swindon Stadium

    When asked last week, the builders said "absolutely no chance" They also said some.of the sections were "f*****!" as they had been stood in all weathers for so long.
  4. frigbo

    West Ham Speedway Closes 1972

    Brian Foote and the late Kevin Holden
  5. frigbo

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Buster given up on his threat of not running then?
  6. frigbo

    Why speedway is failing

    Do you not see the issues having 2 'leagues' with basically the same riders brings?
  7. frigbo

    Why speedway is failing

    Big difference between riders racing in other competitions for clubs and representing more than one team in what is essentially the same league... Ideally, it would be one rider, one club Europe-wide to enable inter-league European competition, but realistically that will never happen.
  8. frigbo

    Why speedway is failing

    Don't kid yourself we have league speedway nowadays - we don't. What we have is a contrived circus where the same riders swap team suits and ride at different tracks that are thrown into 2 groups to give the illusion of 2 leagues... Many talk of the current situation being necessary due to lack of riders, another way to look at it is there are too many clubs. Let the weaker clubs close and create a proper, sustainable and credible single league to build up from. Of course, the poor little pampered, over-inflated rider egos will then complain they don't earn enough - because of course they couldn't get a real job to supplement speedway earnings, could they?
  9. frigbo

    Taffy Owen

    Sad news today about the passing of forner Workington and Belle Vue Colts legend 'Taffy' Owen.
  10. frigbo

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    And still very much the case today. The current farcical facade that pretends to be a bona fide league structure is all about appeasing the riders, rather than the paying customer or what benefits the business.... They'll never learn....
  11. frigbo

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    Absolutely agree, 1985 was the start of the downward slope.... 1995 one big league and then the Sky money offered two great opportunitues to reset, re-plan and move forward - both were squandered.
  12. frigbo

    Eastbourne 2020

    That was a quality bit of fixture planning then!!
  13. frigbo

    Riding with a countryman.

    Olsen and Fransden Olsen ans Weiss Sorensen Olsen and Thomsen Olsen and Busk There's loads...
  14. frigbo

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    Problem is 'Trees', your type of blind optimism of 'carry on regardless' has given promoters licence to simply continue down the crumbling path the sport now finds itself on... They have treated punters with disdain for years, as they believed they will still blindly turn up each week and suck-up whatever dross was chucked at them under the guise of 'professional team sport'
  15. frigbo

    RIP British Speedway

    Not quite comparing apples with apples here though..... Schlein for example has ridden for 4 other clubs in the 4 seasons he's been at Wolves!

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