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  1. Whilst it's easy to.point at Lampart and the reserves, Doyle not winning a race all night is equally as significant.
  2. frigbo

    Darcy in Twitter rant

    Fantastic speedway rider but an utterly dreadful human being. Way too much ego and opinion without even an average intellect with which to deliver it Traits which are sadly common in many modern day riders and promoters alike.
  3. frigbo

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Not too bothered about reports going, but please consolidate the stories and match scores into sections for each league. The current layout is all over the show...
  4. frigbo

    Swindon 2019

    Not sure the work on the track changes the new stadium position one iota. Internal work within the existing stadium doesn't prove Gaming International's commitment to build anything.
  5. frigbo

    Forgotten Europeans...

    A few more 'legends' Johannes Fransden Thomas Ravn Nano Righetto Finn Jensen (Eastbourne) Christoph Betzl Markku Helminen Frits Koppe Toni Pilotto Jorgen Hultgren Torben Hansen Csaba Hell
  6. frigbo

    Forgotten Europeans...

    Both ex-Sheffield
  7. frigbo

    Forgotten Europeans...

    Three more pretty obscure ones were: Wieslaw Patynek Ernst Bogh Heinrich Sprenger
  8. frigbo

    Karl Maier Back On A Bike

    Swindon signed him in 1983 but he had a car accident before joining and never rode. Given his record at Leicester and Hackney, he would have fitted well into our team that season!!
  9. frigbo

    Forgotten Europeans...

    Bit of a cheat really as he rode for Sheffield in 1993, so not in the period mentioned initially. He was pretty pants though... I always had a soft spot for Eastbourne in their early BL days as they had a conveyer-belt of untried foreigners in that period.
  10. frigbo

    Forgotten Europeans...

    The less than adequate foreign riders were one of my favourite parts of the sport back then. The onset of the Internet etc has sadly taken that mystique away. A few beauts to be going on with are: Hans Albert Klinge Flemming Rasmussen Trond Skretting Allan Fog Lennart Bengtsson Henk Steman Helge Langli Eddie Davidsson Piet Seur Patrice Blondy Stefan Deser Peo Gudmundsson Lars Eriksson Peter Wurterle Max Schollhorn Jurgen Hehlert Stein Roar Pedersen
  11. frigbo

    Fourteen Favourite Swindon Riders

    Would that have been in 1986? http://wwosbackup.proboards.com/thread/10705/17th-1986 That was a Sunday meeting...
  12. It encapsulated so much that is wrong with British Speedway promotion. He is so far out of kilter with the the majority of issues and many of his comments were simply insular and far removed from the perspective of the sport as a whole. Based on that article, the tunnel is well and truly bricked up with not a glimmer of light to be seen!
  13. frigbo

    Fourteen Favourite Swindon Riders

    I think I'm right in saying Jensen's only point came from a Richard Hellsen engine failure. Christophe Cayre of Isle Of Wight takes that accolade for me I think.
  14. frigbo

    Fourteen Favourite Swindon Riders

    I think Claes Jensen of Poole has the record nailed for beating fewest riders, Steve. Raba was actually leading heat 8 by some distance at Bristol, before inexplicably falling off all on his own.... And I reckon he "beat" two - we can't underplay his contribution!
  15. frigbo

    Fourteen Favourite Swindon Riders

    Raba's Swindon record is: 3 Challenge Matches: 1+1 from 4 home v Reading 1+1 from 4 at Bristol 1 from 3 home v Bristol 5 League Matches: 0 from 3 at King's Lynn 0 from 2 at Wolves 0 from 1 home v Leicester 0 from 2 at Ipswich 0 from 3 at Poole

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