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  1. frigbo


    Swindon v Ipswich 1974. Ashby, Louis, Nygren, Leigh
  2. frigbo

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    Pretty sure Jon Erskine and John Bishop are still about. Not sure about Roger White.
  3. frigbo

    First meeting-how many riders still alive.

    Olle Nygren has also now sadly passed away from the Ipswich team.
  4. Reading today's article in the Speedway Star about the various rules and regs across the leagues, it just shows how shambolic the sport is. Basically, different rules to decide meetings in each league - talk about over-complicated!!
  5. frigbo

    Dave Hemus

    Sad news posted on social media by his daughter of the passing of former Belle Vue rider Dave Hemus.
  6. There are already too many teams...
  7. Halifax, Wembley, Newport Somerton Park, Trelawny and Belle Vue Hyde Road.
  8. frigbo


  9. frigbo

    Teams Represented By Most Nations/Countries?

    Holland - Henk Steman
  10. frigbo

    Rider Database

    Thanks. Sad news to read he passed so young
  11. frigbo

    Rider Database

    To be honest, describing it as a database is a tad ambitious!! It's more of a list! You can find all the info in the "rider" section at the following. https://wwosbackup.proboards.com/
  12. frigbo

    Three Brothers Who Rode For The Same Team

    Sebastien, Stephane and Mathieu Tresarrieu
  13. frigbo

    Alan Grahame

    News filtering through on social media that Alan has sadly succumbed to his injuries.
  14. frigbo

    Swindon Stadium

    When asked last week, the builders said "absolutely no chance" They also said some.of the sections were "f*****!" as they had been stood in all weathers for so long.
  15. frigbo

    West Ham Speedway Closes 1972

    Brian Foote and the late Kevin Holden

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