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  1. frigbo

    Jason Garrity

    Absolute scumbag... Speedway riders are generally not renowned for their intellect, but Garrity is as thick as mince.
  2. frigbo

    Your speedway years

    1974-1978 Going to Swindon with my Dad. 1983-1986 Every meeting with mates. 1987-1993 - once or twice per season 1995-1998 - Every home meeting again. Big league fornat got me right back into it. 2000-2009- Every home meeting and several away. Sponsorship money into the club in 2006. 2010-date - Seen about 5 live meetings in total. Don't even watch on tele now either. Get Speedway Star (to maintain collection) and work on history website, but the love has gone for good this time I think.... Favourite years? 1974 and 75, 83-86, 95 and 96 2000-2002 and 2006.
  3. frigbo

    Andrzej Pogorzelski

    News breaking on social media this afternoon about the passing of Polish international and World Finalist, Andrzej Pogorzelski
  4. frigbo

    Your 'first world champion'!

    Barry Briggs. Swindon v Winbledon 1974
  5. frigbo


    Brilliant service this week. I forgot to renew my subscription and only realised when this week's edition didn't arrive yesterday. Subscription renewed late yesterday morning and mag arrived via this morning's post.
  6. frigbo

    Bernt Persson

    Just seen a post on Facebook from Karl Fiala saying Cradley legend Bernt Persson has sadly passed away.
  7. frigbo

    Poole 2020

    Concerning news this evening about the Poole Stadium closing for Greyhounds https://poole-speedway.com/news/view/poole-stadium-directors-statement
  8. frigbo


    Adopting the cheaper paper is entirely sensible if it means production of the mag is sustainable as a result. The only feedback i would give is it did mean the mag was more crumpled after being shoved through the letterbox. A small price to pay if it allows it to continue.
  9. frigbo

    The Bee Gees and Speedway in Australia

    Briggo was on it. 1974 i think.
  10. frigbo

    One Club Servants

    Jan Zabik spent only the one year at Sheffield.
  11. frigbo

    One Club Servants

    Ronnie Moore ride for Coventry in 1974 too. These are harder to find than it first seems.
  12. frigbo

    One Club Servants

    Peter Collins didn't.
  13. frigbo


    Still waiting on last week's edition. Sat in some sorting office somewhere I'm sure..
  14. frigbo

    Danny Ayres RIP

    Absolutely! That is something that should have been put in places yeara ago.. There have been way too many speedway riders involved in these type of tragic events, both during and after their racing careers over the years.
  15. frigbo

    Transfer Window

    Another clear and concise BSPA press release!

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