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  1. paulw

    Ryanair refunds

    I tried this morning and got the same message. A quick message via Twitter to them confirmed that they are having issues with the site and are attempting to fix it ASAP. They went onto say that they would let customers know when it was back up and running. Understandable really, so I think its just a case of either waiting for an email or check in a couple of days time.
  2. paulw

    Poland fixtures 2020

    Register on their website and you are good to go. Tickets are normally on sale a week to 10 days beforehand, print off from home and away you go. If you are booking for a group, it’s good to have passport numbers as they normally need to be assigned to each individual with name and ID number. We’ve done Gorzow a few times now, great stadium, great view wherever you sit. Bear in mind that they don’t sell programmes inside, you need to queue up at a ticket window to get them. Also recommend getting to the stadium early as it always seems that the whole town turns up on match day and it gets a bit hectic. Have a wonderful trip.
  3. We have had to change our plans but luckily we are driving so its just a little longer in the car for us. We were going to do Wroclaw Friday (staying in Wroclaw), now doing Leszno instead, onto Torun Saturday (stay in Torun) and then the derby on Sunday, staying in Poznan. Suppose the best thing to do in future is to book hotels with free cancellation so if fixtures change you have options, but we are lucky that we aren't relying on public transport which I understand alot of fans do who travel out for the weekend. Think this will be more common now the TV contract is worth so much to clubs, especially towards the end of the regular fixtures so they can have a "big meeting" on a Friday and then on Sunday.
  4. paulw

    Warsaw 2019

    They are available at any ticket machine, also they allow you to choose English as the language. The more modern ticket machines also allow you to pay with your credit card, contactless if your credit card has this.
  5. So after the refund tonight's match cost £20 but admission is normally £17.
  6. I too can highly recommend the Hotel Euro, our group have been for the last 2 years and each time the hotel has been excellent. With regard to tickets, I booked ours via ticketpotal https://www.ticketportal.cz/ and found it pretty straightforward to use as you can change the language to English. You print the tickets off at home. We have sat in the main stand, just either side of the start line and had a fantastic view, you will wherever you sit to be honest. We sat on benches that are numbered so depending on who you are sitting with and close to, it can be a bit of a squeeze. If you are able to get on the front row, its much easier to catch the attention of the girls bringing the drinks round! I believe our tickets cost £25 - £30 for both meetings last year, with the Friday night meeting only being a few pounds. You'll have a great time, lots of food and drink in plentiful supply and great speedway.
  7. Hi Lion I had problems registering for this weekend's WSL meeting on the web site also. However, an email to their support email address quickly sorted it out and after that it was plain sailing on getting the tickets ordered, paid for and printed off. Stick with it
  8. I emailed the club asking the question whether food and drink were allowed to be taken in after the issues people had at Kings Lynn last week. Neil Watson kindly replied that your own food and drink can be taken in.
  9. Hi all Could anyone tell me what time Sunday meetings normally start please. A group of us are looking to do a trip for the 1st weekend of fixtures, see Zielona Gora's match on Saturday and then look to get to Wroclaw on Sunday. Train times look ok as long as the meeting starts after 2pm. Thanks in advance
  10. paulw

    Bydgoszcz Tickets

    Just to update the list of people going, its Paul W +6!
  11. For my sins I am organising a trip to Cardiff again this year and have some spaces left so wondered if there was anyone who reads the forum in the East Anglia area who would be interested. We leave on Friday 2 June ( firstly from Thetford and then from Ipswich) and travel down to Bristol Filton Holiday Inn. We have B&B for 2 nights, and expect to go to Somerset on the Friday night. Leave Bristol Saturday morning and hope to be in Cardiff around 11.30am to soak up all the pre GP atmosphere. Good tickets, middle tier block M34 rows 4-7 (just off 2nd bend) and these include a free programme. Back to Bristol after the GP and then travel back Sunday lunchtime, leaving around midday. All this for the bargain price of £155. The only thing this doesn't cover is the admission to Somerset. If anyone is interested please PM me and I will give you any other information you may require.
  12. paulw

    Bydgoszcz Tickets

    Having found out from the posts last night about the change of flight times (many thanks to those who posted), I phoned Ryanair this morning and after explaining I was unhappy with the change of times got a full refund on the flights I had booked for Saturday to Monday. We are now flying with Wizzair from Luton to Gdansk and getting the train to Bydgoszcz. The cost of the flight was only £10-£15 higher than that paid with Ryanair originally.
  13. I have 8 spaces left on a two day trip I am running to the Cardiff GP. Leaving from Thetford on Friday 10 and picking up at Ipswich, we are staying in Bristol overnight and hoping to go to the Somerset meeting on Friday. Onto Cardiff for the GP on Saturday and then travel back after the meeting. Overnight accomodation, breakfast, stadium ticket ( Block L33 rows 18-21) and coach travel all for £ 85. (This does not include entrance to Somerset meeting) If interested please e-mail me on pauljwarren@tiscali.co.uk.

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