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  1. Hats off to complin,starke and sedgmen who gave it a real go tonight, brum need to sign complin real entertainer.
  2. And who’s going to pay the stadium rental tonight ?
  3. Birmingham have the under 21 final on the 31st,Poole have meetings weds all through august and then there is at 1 cup match at least and play off meetings.it’s a Friday because Birmingham have first dabs on Wednesdays.
  4. Yes he would,and ruml might be still in Denmark,I’m saying riders who,s averages fit, batchelor might be washing his hair.Knudsen might not be in the country,there must have been better riders available.
  5. I worked out there were 16 riders available from berwick(5 not Harris or flint who,s abroad)4 from leicester(not Morris,howarth,r Worrall,)6 oxford(anybody apart from Nichols) and Ben Morley.
  6. Tracy Bird

    Plymouth vs Oxford 26/07/22 CJL

    Unless his form goes south his average is to high to replace the invisible man.
  7. Tracy Bird

    Plymouth vs Oxford 26/07/22 CJL

    Apart from jake allen(if fit) and may be sedgman and Leon flint extra pay days for the Oxford heat leaders.
  8. Tracy Bird

    Plymouth vs Oxford 26/07/22 CJL

    Can see them struggling for guests certainly from play off contenders,why help Plymouth when it would put their own teams out of the play offs unless it suits them for example Poole riders guesting at home against glasgow.
  9. Tracy Bird

    BERWICK v POOLE July 9th 7.30pm

    I’m a Poole regular and most of the meetings this year has been carbon copy’s of the home Berwick meeting.
  10. Tracy Bird

    Poole v Leicester 08/06/22

    Leicester won at Poole in 1980 in the ko cup and 1982 in the league,( everybody won at Poole in 1982) terrible team.!!
  11. Need a decent 3rd heat leader,after masters and Pickering not a lot to offer away,Pickering is great to watch but needs to improve his gating if he is to make the next step up.
  12. Tracy Bird

    Weymouth 1968

    My first team I supported,wonder who is still alive,I know Tony lomas,Mike vernam,Barry duke,Roy carter are still with us,what about Chris yeatman,mick steel,Phil Arnold,John Hammond,Adrian Degan,Ivan warren and Tony hall are doing these days? ?
  13. Tracy Bird

    Glasgow 2022

    Only fixture that night so got a fair few choices.
  14. Tracy Bird

    Kent kings are no more ??

    Rode there 3 times in 1960.
  15. Thompson is in the main team because of Leicester’s team changes bringing in Anderson and Kennedy,he was reserve before and because Kennedy has not scored that well in the main body of the team briefly and as a reserve.

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