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  1. 1997 23rd April poole73 Eastbourne 17 el ko cup south, 28th May Poole 44 Eastbourne 46 el and 16 July Poole 44 eastbourne 46 el and 4th September Poole 43 Eastbourne 49 el ko cup final 1st leg.
  2. Tracy Bird

    E Winner league div 1 2020

    One of the rides of the season, well done that lad studzinski
  3. Tracy Bird

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    aswell as greg dekok,chris pailor,noel Barnsley ,ian Humphreys,andy nightingale and phil ransom.
  4. Tracy Bird

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    Newcastle had two riders out injured bobby beaton and alan emerson at weymouth and oxford,emerson rode the night after oxford at Peterborough so they had hunter,owen, Scarisbrick and 3 juniors as a team.
  5. Tracy Bird

    Unbalanced Team Performances

    two nights before rod hunter 21pt maximum joe owen 14(including 1 fall) 35 out of 41 in a knock out cup defeat 55-41 at weymouth.martin scarsibrick scored 5 out of the other 6. a week later joe owen 19 rod hunter 17 in a 54-42 defeat at Exeter, alan emerson scored 4 out of the other 6.
  6. Tracy Bird

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    With no Swedish or British leagues at present maybe some riders need to be racing more than once a week, Doyle’s form always improves when he,s racing most days of the week.
  7. Tracy Bird

    England speedway team managers

    11/7/66 at Exeter v ussr team manager was Trevor redmond, 28/5/69 at Poole v Australia team manager was Ron hart.
  8. Tracy Bird

    Riders that only rode for London teams

    Gary Everett hackney and wimbledon sverre harrefeldt Wimbledon, West Ham and Wembley.
  9. Tracy Bird

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Think jack holder has done his bit!!
  10. Tracy Bird

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    Phil woodcock poole
  11. Tracy Bird

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    Dave trownson and Phil Collins as well
  12. Tracy Bird

    Local boy who never rode for local team

    Tony hall a Scotsman, rode for Poole, Weymouth,Eastbourne and Rayleigh,he did ride for a short handed Berwick at Weymouth in aug 68.
  13. Tracy Bird

    Whatever happened to the Old Frying Pan?

    I forgot Swindon as well, must be the changes to the track,that’s my excuse!!
  14. Tracy Bird

    One Club Servants

    Steve Watson workington

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