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  1. Tracy Bird

    Ivan Mauger. Belle Vue. 1969/72

    Remember Geoff mudge passing the great man in a world championship qr at Poole in 1969 and Reidar eide and John langfield getting a 5-1 over him in 1971 , apart from these he was virtually unbeatable at Poole,even Simmons at his best always got beaten, he broke the track record in 1975 with Simmons up his exhaust pipe,it wasn't,t till his latter hull days that he became beatable.
  2. You missed pete smith who had over a 9 point average in 1969 a lot more than some mentioned
  3. Jim McMillan got 2 rides as a reserve in 1972 at wembley
  4. Tracy Bird

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Same here
  5. Tracy Bird

    Just One Race (or maybe two!)

    Goog allen
  6. Tracy Bird

    Forgotten Europeans...

    Thomas pettersson,kjell gimre,lars Inge hultberg,Erik tilgaard,Einar egedius gotfred andreasen Henryk glucklich,jerzy trzeszkowski
  7. Tracy Bird

    Vic harding

    Remembering Vic Harding today left us 39 years ago 8/6/1979
  8. Tracy Bird

    23rd July 1974 Weymouth V Coatbridge

    Mark sawyer
  9. Tracy Bird

    23rd July 1974 Weymouth V Coatbridge

    Heat 1 Nigel couzens was not excluded,perhaps late or machinery not ready Heat 9 john Wilson excluded tapes Heat 13 dave Gifford excluded tapes
  10. Tracy Bird

    Your Memories Of Kiwis In The Uk (1970-90)

    Mark dekok,Bruce spargo,Greg joint,Chris Martin all appeared for Weymouth.
  11. The swede that rode at the world team cup final was lars ake Andersson. I would put jack white who rode against English test teams in Australia in the late 60s, far as I remember never rode over here and Laurie hodgson who was coming over here but had a bad crash and was wheelchair bound
  12. Tracy Bird

    Vic Harding

    Remembering Vic Harding today taken from us 38 years ago today
  13. Tracy Bird

    Kevin Holden

    Hard to believe it is 40 years ago today that Kevin Holden was taken from us,a night we will never forget. RIP kevin
  14. Tracy Bird

    Consecutive Seasons

    Poole v Coatbridge April 1968, odd fossengens debut for Poole, I prefer Somerset now , elite league does nothing for me now

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