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  1. I watched and have donated, and whilst the weather played a big part in the racing, I must admit that I was disappointed (to say the least) with the camera work. Fortunately I managed to find the stream (eventually) thanks to others! In my humble opinion the home straight camera was actually too close to the track, making it hard for the camera operator to follow riders as they zoomed past. The finish line camera, again was too close and the majority of the picture was taken up by the start marshall and the flag. Hopefully the production team will learn from the constructive comments of others. I would give them a second chance if there was to be another stream from Berwick, but it would have to show a massive improvement for me to be a regular watcher.
  2. Gambo

    SON 2020

    Perhaps some of those riders were asked but declined?
  3. Gambo

    SON 2020

    Day 2 will be run on Sunday if cancelled today. As there will be no spectators, the timing of the event would probably be something that suits the TV company.
  4. Gambo

    SON 2020

    You can with 4-3-2-1.
  5. Gambo

    Unusual individual meetings

    3 riders get two points each. 4 Riders would get 1.5 points each.
  6. The Referee's Results show Fienhage and Sayrio both with 6 points. Fienhage is 3rd in Heat 18 Levishyn is shown as disqualified.
  7. If Woofy wins tomorrow and Zmarzlik finishes 3rd in his S/F, they will either be tied on points or Woofy wins by 1 point. Depends on which S/F Zmarzlik is in.
  8. Reserve change for Torun. Igor Kopec-Sobczynski at #18
  9. It's also the first round of the inaugural FIM Flat Track World Championship, on Sunday in Pardubice.
  10. I was impressed by the picture quality. Well done to all involved.
  11. https://vimeo.com/462112863/ce641c3e6a
  12. I had to advise a poster after the first round that the FIM do not produce the TV graphics. Good job the FIM don't rely on the TV! Doyle is classified as 3rd in his S/F.
  13. Wayne Broadhurst. Grass Track British Champion, and competent indoor Ice racer. (Telford)

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