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  1. Gambo

    with or without

    Not if you don't stream the TV matches?
  2. Gambo

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Don't worry, Steve will be able to take his own advice to others from some time ago. He'll be on his bike and starting a window cleaning round.
  3. Gambo

    Scam Warning

    Had a recent email claiming that a parcel had been held back at the depot due to unpaid delivery. It was a scam (probably Phishing) and wanted me to click on a supposed tracking link. My wife has had a similar text message. Neither of us had been expecting a parcel delivery, but in these times when so many are shopping on-line I suppose many may fall for it!
  4. Gambo

    Sheffield 2020

    Just curious, but when did your non speedway person ask you those questions?
  5. Just the League, where everyone 'should' have the same No. of matches.
  6. It's usually after 4H & 4A that they get a Rolling Average, but you cannot incorporate the 12 point starting average in the RA.
  7. Gambo

    Ole Nygren

    Use a VPN?
  8. Gambo

    ICE 2021

    20 minutes of track prep prior to the Final!
  9. Gambo

    A voice of reason?

    That's weird. Just glancing at the picture and it looks like the wind arrows are actually moving! Well, it does to me!
  10. Gambo

    ICE 2021

    No rider currently named as #18 reserve.
  11. Gambo

    ICE 2021

    Andrej Diviš (ACCR) rides @ No.1
  12. Gambo

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Depends who's asking?
  13. Gambo

    Covid Vaccine

    My wife had hers yesterday. Sore arm and slight 'fever' for a couple of hours. OK today.
  14. Gambo

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Is that the truth, your opinion, your hope or maybe (to quote your good self) just an exaggerated timeline?
  15. Gambo


    As suggested by others, adverts can be incorporated in apps.

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