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  1. Gambo


    Pilot Error!
  2. I presume the long delay is for track work?
  3. Gambo

    Brandon Update

    Do you really think that new land hasn't been sought? A new site would have solved virtually all of Brandon Estates problems.
  4. Rolling Averages will stay at 10 matches for 2023.
  5. Denmark. Leon Madsen, Patrick Hansen, Anders Thomsen, Mikkel Michelsen, Frederick Jakobsen Sweden. Jacob Thorssell, Fredrik Lindgren, Pontus Aspgren, Oliver Berntzon, Kim Nilsson Poland. Patryk Dudek, Maciej Janowski, Janusz Kolodziej, Bartosz Zmarlik' Kacper Woryna GB. Robert Lambert, Dan Bewley, Adam Ellis, Chris Harris, Tom Brennan
  6. Ianb is super critical about almost everything! If Ianb says there was plenty of passing then you'd better believe it. And he is correct this time!
  7. Top 5 from Stralsund: Bartosz Smektala. 14+3 Kai Huckenbeck. 14+2 Timo Lahti. 14+R Rasmus Jensen. 11 Frederik Jakobsen. 10 Jordan Palin finished 12th with 5 points.
  8. Gambo

    Scam Warning

    Simon the delivery driver has been busy today. He text me this morning to say that he was unable to deliver as no one was home, using the phone number +447840852576. The link to reschedule ends with //local-depot44.com. When I did a Google search (typing the details, rather than clicking on that link) my AVG anti-virus prevented access, saying (as I expected) that it was a phishing scam. 2 minutes later he sent the same message to my wife, using a different phone number.
  9. Gambo

    European Union - In Or Out?

    it was completely wrong (in your opinion) Opinion Polls don't mean a thing as far as Legislature goes, and no Party has since said that they would campaign on reversing the decision to leave.
  10. Gambo

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Once again, you state your opinion as fact! It WAS how the government enacted a far reaching constitutional change, and was accepted by Parliament. And yet again you only quote your 'side' of the argument regarding lies.
  11. Gambo

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Why is it that you refuse to accept the word Majority in this issue? You know very well that it means the majority of people who could be arsed to vote, voted to leave, and yet you constantly nit-pick on this. It's not big and it's not clever!
  12. Gambo

    Birmingham v Berwick

    Just curious, but which tracks do you mean you will be attending? i.e. which tracks always have two ambulances and two paramedics?
  13. AFAIK Sam marked the track layout with pegs, but the pegs were moved to suit another's design (similar ratio to a Cycle speedway track) without Sam's knowledge prior to the laying of the circuit.
  14. Gambo

    Birmingham v Berwick

    I believe a part of the 6 hour problem was that, as Josh was deemed to be under the care of a Paramedic, he was lower priority than someone who has chest pains etc. at home.
  15. Gambo

    Super Heat question

    Yes! ANY Rider can go in the Super Heat.

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