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  1. Gambo

    Belle Vue 2019

    Because of restrictions imposed on Clean Cut, the message about the delayed stream was only allowed to be publicised (on Belle Vue twitter account) shortly before the streaming began. As word gradually got round, the streaming audience climbed to over 1300. It may well have climbed further after the actual meeting finished. I can understand the (financial) reluctance of publicising the stream, but the technology exists to block the stream from certain areas. Kudos to Pete Ballinger in actually getting the stream going despite having short notice that permission had been granted for the delayed stream.
  2. 1. Alexander Woentin 2. Philip Helstrӧm-Bängs 3. William Bjӧrling 4. Anton Karlsson 17. Christoffer Selvin 5 Wiktor Lampart 6 Mateusz Cierniak 7 Wiktor Trofymow 8 Jakub Miśkowiak 18. Dominik Kubera 9 Patrick Hansen 10 Mads Hansen 11 Tim Sørensen 12 Jonas Jeppesen 19. Jonas Seifert 13 Gaёtan Stella 14 Steven Goret 15 Steven Labouyrie 16 Mathias Tresarrieu 20. .
  3. Just started watching the Polish live feed and seen three separate falls caused by bumps/ruts? in the track!
  4. Gambo

    All Random Chat Here

    I have three posts in the fence at the bottom of my garden, which I have recently re-stained. With all this rain only two of them match now as one has faded.
  5. Gambo

    Tommy Knudsen Auction

    £1900 raised so far at the break for refreshments. TK's own Bees racejacket raised £650. £2300 total on the night.
  6. Gambo

    Tommy Knudsen Auction

    £1900 raised so far at the break for refreshments. TK's own Bees racejacket raised £650.
  7. Gambo

    leicester v stoke potters.

    Why not come along and see for yourself. Hard for me as a Bees fan to say, but Leicester Cubs (and Lions) have been very entertaining this season.
  8. Gambo

    One League - Matt Ford

    Meeting costs are not affected by the number of riders (apart from travel money). It's the number of heats and therefore points that determine the outlay.
  9. Jack Thomas replaces Brennan according to the revised Starting List.
  10. Gambo

    Young lions

    40+ Heats at Peterborough last night... all completed in just 2 hours and 20 minutes!!
  11. Congratulations to the Thomson Twins on their professional debut in Sunday's KO Cup win over Mildenhall. Holding their own against the opposition Reserves and taking points off more experienced riders. Quite a baptism of fire as they were forced to take extra rides due to the unfortunate heat two crash involving Jamie Halder and David Wallinger who were both forced to withdraw from the meeting. I hope that Halder and Wallinger are not out of action for too long.
  12. Gambo

    Where are they now?

    Jan and his family live in New Zealand.
  13. Gambo

    Brandon Update

    No. I believe he lost the rights to the name as one of the consequences of failing to completed the NL Fixtures last year.
  14. Gambo

    Brandon Update

    There is a lot of financial and manpower backing for the refurb of the facilities for if/when Brandon Estates see the error of their ways. It seems that the Stadium was purchased without the necessary due diligence as to the planning possibilities on Brando Estate's part!

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