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  1. Gambo


    Okay so they 'destroyed' a few of their aircraft, but I can't understand why the US military didn't de-commission all those weapons that they didn't want to/were unable take with them. Wouldn't have taken long with an angle grinder to disable most of the stuff!
  2. Gambo


    Needs to double up to make things pay?
  3. Rory Schlein according to the Leicester match preview.
  4. Gambo

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Anyone can run on any night, but Premiership teams have first dibs on a doubling up/down rider on Mondays and Thursdays.
  5. Gambo

    Eastbourne 2020

    Current GSA's could change if the rumours of the sad demise of Eastbourne turn out to be true. I believe that all Eastbourne matches would be expunged from the records with Eastbourne riders reverting to their 2021 starting average. So any team that has raced against Eastbourne would therefore probably have their averages re-calculated too.
  6. Gambo

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    They didn't have their 'own agenda' they wanted to be World Champion, and the only way they could achieve that was by joining the GP Circuit. So you think that the likes of Hans Nielsen, Leigh Adams, Jan O Pedersen, Erik Gundersen etc. etc. should have said don't want to be World Champion, I want to ride for my British club on a Saturday.
  7. 3.4.......... The U21 Rider must race in a minimum of 1 heat in each meeting. Final day 1 and Final day 2 will be classed as 2 meetings. If the U21 Rider is not nominated before the country’s last programmed heats 2 minute warning, he will automatically be required to replace the rider in Red or White. Ooops! you are talking about the U21 not SoN. No mention of a compulsory ride in the U21 Team Final.
  8. Correct, according to the latest FIM TRA's.
  9. Hey R & R, regarding the topic title, you do know that we aren't supposed to mention that it's in the pariah state, R*****a! People might have thought that Togliatti was in Italy!
  10. Gambo

    Speedway to reinvent itself?

    Neither Poland nor Sweden used to ride on a Saturday, whereas Britain had the virtual backbone of their League(s), Coventry, Cradley, Eastbourne, Swindon, Bradford, King's Lynn to name a few, who had to lose their traditional (and most lucrative) race night.
  11. Should change his name to Max Mosely Fan!
  12. 1 hour 30 minutes to do 92 miles! That's going some considering the time it must take to get out of central London!
  13. Gambo

    Redcar vs Poole 20/08/21

    You mean similar to how Coventry legally had Pawlicki at reserve in 2010 Play Off Final? Look how much you (and Matt Ford) complained about that!
  14. Medal & Prize money for 1st place. Both had identical scores, Pawel beat Max when they met in heat 12, so would have been 1st anyway! Kolodziej had 3 heat wins Smolinski 2. (All stats compiled using KanDysoft spreadsheet!)

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