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  1. At the start of the season we switched to set race nights. To bring back the stars, and have full teams racing against each other. The authorities foolishly stopped the return of the big names, by the one eight point rider rule. On the issue of less guests, do you think it has worked? What affect has it had on crowds size, for the clubs that have had to switch race nights?
  2. I often go to Belle Vue, but will give this a miss. Silly prices for an untried new event, and now with Cook dropped, it is even less attractive.
  3. Trevor

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Such sad news, he was the best rider I have ever seen. The lack of coverage on BBC outlets is shameful, fans should bombard them asking that this true sporting legend's passing is marked.
  4. Trevor


    I love the Star, and look forward to Thursday when it comes. I also loved the retro feel of the front cover. My only suggestion for improvement is less of the really long articles and a bit more fan input, such as teams your team loves to beat, tips when coming to your track, rider you love to hate etc.
  5. Trevor


    Best read of the year!
  6. Trevor

    For or against team suits

    Team suits are a big help to identify which rider is which plus it gives a more professional look. Out of interest which team first went for team suits? I remember Halifax Dukes wore a team suit in the early 70's.
  7. Trevor

    Promoter's Agm!

    Overall some common sense decisions. My only gripe is Tac Sub in Heat 14 and only one rider over 8 point ave in the Premiership.
  8. Trevor

    Belle Vue V Cradley

    The track was the star of the show, after that downpour. Credit to all riders, who have a big cleaning job to do on kevlars and equipment!
  9. Trevor

    How Many Of Us Are Losing Interest.?

    I was planning to go to Belle Vue on Friday, but when I saw the team sheet, full of guests and RR, I changed my mind and didn't go.
  10. Trevor

    Racing On Set Nights

    I feel there are many problems for the UK with a set night/s ( Mondays @ Thursdays ). Stadium availability, having to ride on a night that may not be a popular night with the locals etc. Keeping our traditional nights, but having a squad system for the top league, could still attract some of the top stars and also end the curse of too many guests and RR?
  11. I have long thought Cook, is the most underrated Speedway rider around. People over the years have not fully appreciated him, I hope now he gets the recognition he fully deserves.
  12. Brilliant deal, four hours of Speedway, per week, for £25 per year. I signed up today, they said if I didn't cancel at the end of the year, it would be £60 next year, which still isn't bad.
  13. Trevor

    Tai Massive Project

    To be honest, I've lost interest in Tai, and couldn't care if he won the GP series or not. His refusal to ride the two matches involved in the British Championship, and unwillingness to ride for GB, means I don't consider him a British rider any more.
  14. I see Premier Sports TV have got the rights to both Swedish and Polish leagues. With Tuesdays showing a Swedish match followed by a Polish match.
  15. Rob Shuttleworth will have a busy time tonight, as the SGB twitter account has him riding for both Belle Vue at home and also guesting for the Isle of Wight at Plymouth! How long to drive between those two venues for the next race?

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