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  1. 847084

    Energy Bills going mad

    Try 150%. Hard times.
  2. 847084

    Most League Title Medals

    Peter Karlsson?
  3. But closed 81-2 I believe.
  4. 847084

    Wolverhampton 2022

    Unsurprisingly, Luke Becker completes the team as confirmed on the official site this morning.
  5. 847084

    Wolverhampton 2022

    Nick Morris announced as the sixth rider for '22.
  6. 847084

    Wolverhampton 2022

    Next rider announced tomorrow.
  7. 847084

    Belle Vue 2022

    Ivan Mauger did a season for Exeter only riding in the home meetings: so it has been done before.
  8. 847084

    Teams Represented By Most Nations/Countries?

    I believe Wolves have 17 also Ermolenko, PK, Olsen, Skornicki, Woffinden, McMillan, Airey, Stancl, Francis (Wales), Peterson, Stangeland, Povazhny, Pijper, Riss, Marzotto, McWilliams (South Africa), Aarnio Unless of course someone knows better!
  9. 847084

    Wolverhampton 2022

    Steve Worrall now confirmed for '22.
  10. 847084

    Wolverhampton 2022

    Ryan Douglas confirmed.
  11. Have only just seen this thread. As ever with all questions that include the subjective word 'best', I would start with a slightly evasive 'well, it depends'. Olsen spent six years at Wolves and was, in terms of heat wins, maximums and averages, clearly the best of the three. Readers who are not of my vintage might find it difficult to believe, but in Olsen's first three years he was an incredibly exciting rider to watch: he could not gate to save his life and very many wins were thrilling to watch. His defeat of Mauger in his first world title was such a race. As Ivan approached the fourth turn of lap 4 on his way to another win Olsen appears from seemingly nowhere to squeeze through a very small gap to take the win. There is grainy black and white film of it but it is not easy to find. By 73 he had become a much better gater and he had also tired of the experience of being a one man team for a promotion that had little or no ambition beyond listing O.Olsen at number one. 74 and 75 were unhappy times for him as he wanted to be a part of a successful team. Hans Nielsen was a rider clearly destined for great things from a very early stage. I remember being ridiculed at Coventry when I said he was a future world champion. Bees' fans reckoned Alf Busk a much better prospect. Ah well..... By the time the current promotion team were in place Sam Ermolenko joined and the club began to enjoy great success. He was integral to most of it. A remarkably gifted motorcyclist he was both thrilling and selfless. The team came first and his team riding remains simply the best I have seen. Pointing to the exact line he wanted his race partner to take lap by lap, the team accrued many more heat wins than would otherwise have been the case. Ermolenko is the best rider that Wolves' teams have had, even if Olsen is the best rider to ride for Wolves. Overall, I just feel privileged to have seen all three ride for my club. Happy days.
  12. 847084

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Leon Flint announced.
  13. 847084

    Wolverhampton 2020

    I wont be the only Wolves fan to see a supreme irony in this initiative.
  14. 847084


    Dreadful news. I always had a lot of respect for him as a rider, the epitome of a sportsman who gave everything for the team. RIP
  15. 847084

    RIP Colin Pratt

    A constant figure from my first days following the sport. A very sad loss.

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