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  1. 847084

    Sheffield 2020

    That was exactly my thinking.
  2. 847084

    Sheffield 2020

    If finishing top I wonder whether Wolves would pick Sheffield for the semi finals.
  3. According to Wolves' twitter feed Nathan has retired from speedway.
  4. 847084

    Name your 5 favourite tracks

    King's Lynn ( in the 70s), Hyde Rd, Trelawny, Somerset and Monmore Green.
  5. 847084

    It's Not All About Winning Races!

    Sam Ermolenko deserves a mention in this company. 34 full maximums but 64 paid in his Wolves career. He would often point the line he wanted his partner to take as he defended the 5-1. PK also had far more paid than full maximums. Ole on the other hand scored 81 full in his Wolves career: but only 7 paid in six years!
  6. 847084

    Name your favourite five riders.

    Ole Olsen, Sam Ermolenko, Peter Karlsson, George Hunter, Gary Peterson.
  7. 847084

    50 Years Ago Today, Brummies Return.

    I did make the trip to Perry Barr in '71. It was later in the season, Sunderland the opposition. A comfortable home win accompanied by a Silver Helmet matchrace won by Arthur Browning. My recollection is of a large crowd and a good night's entertainment. I always enjoyed the visit as a Wolves supporter. A particular memory was Hans Nielsen's first visit in his first season. Was he 16 or 17? Anyway he faced a tac sub in heat 8 and shocked all by gating first and riding with an air of confidence and determination to take the win. That was the first time I Thought he could go a very long way! The wheels project was not the same and the loss of Perry Barr was a big disappointment.
  8. 847084

    Ronnie Moore Golden helmet

    Ronnie Moore’s defeat of Pete Smith was at Poole on 21st July 1971. He had defeated the previous holder, Richard May of Reading, the previous week to become the new holder. He lost the Helmet at Leicester on the 27th July to Ray Wilson. Wimbledon were not involved in any Golden Helmet match races after that. Trevor Hedge, earlier in the season, had been beaten by the then holder Ole Olsen at Monmore. Coincidentally, Olsen lost the Helmet by default through injury; the same method and reason he regained it at the season’s end.
  9. 847084

    RIP Mark Lawton

    Dreadful news. The best thing about watching speedway for decades was that you got the opportunity to meet some special people. Lawt was one of them. RIP
  10. 847084

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Signing number six tomorrow. Happy Christmas everyone.
  11. 847084

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Signing number 5 announced tomorrow.
  12. 847084

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Next signing announced tomorrow.
  13. 847084

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Broc Nicol is Wolves’ third signing. Interesting.
  14. 847084

    Wolves V Ipswich 15/7/19

    Cue Ipswich 5-1 in heat 1.
  15. 847084

    Plymouth 2019

    Perfectly dry and bright weather all day here. Forecast was for good weather. I don't know where this 'adverse' weather is.

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