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  1. Those in charge in Sweden, didn't even close down the ski resorts the last two weeks, while the country had its winter sport break. The fact that over 25% of cases are in Stockholm, is the political reason behind the measures. The only areas to have rises in cases in the last two weeks are Luleå and Stockholm
  2. You could substitute Stockholm for Sweden in most of the political press releases, Örebro Lan showed a drop in new cases for the last three weeks. The cases in Stockholm will rise, yet again, when the capitals population return from there annual skiing holidays in Sälen and Åre.
  3. MARK246

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Working in the EU, most of the aluminium we use comes from Norway, but we are not using the grade dj350z requires for his work. Iceland also produce premium aluminium to supply the EU
  4. MARK246

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Too true it wasn't, you only need to look on the postings on Nigel Farages' Facebook page to see it was a xenophobic vote
  5. With an estimated 280,000 people homeless in the UK (Shelter figures) are they allowed to lay on the bench.
  6. MARK246

    European Union - In Or Out?

    I did but I emigrated when I saw what it was becoming Don't judge others by your own standards
  7. MARK246

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Sadly you cannot compare Great Britain in 1975 to the third world country it was 2016 either
  8. MARK246


    I thought the Swedish fixtures always started in May. But they only have 8 home meetings
  9. My partner works in health care in Sweden, and has always preached about the benefits of Vitamin D, good to know she is not wrong
  10. MARK246


    Boris Johnson says that until vaccines are rolled out we are fighting the virus "with the same set of tools." A harsh but fair assessment of himself and his cabinet
  11. The death rate in Sweden has remained fairly constant, the spike in cases in Stockholm was the reason for Löfven's reaction. It was just a political move to generate favour in parliament.
  12. When did you think the Christmas parties started here ?
  13. You mean Löfven's knee jerk reaction to the spike of cases in Stockholm due to christmas parties. With 20% of the swedish population now over 65, which has risen from 18.5% in 2010, a small percentage rise in deaths is inevitable
  14. I live in Sweden, what unprecedented measures has Löfven introduced, he is widely regarded here as useless. In 2020 I worked and lived normally, apart from some short time work due to problems with exporting goods
  15. MARK246

    2021 Season

    Poland ?

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