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  1. MARK246

    A voice of reason?

    https://www.ecowatch.com/earths-core-cooling-faster-than-scientists-thought.html Does this mean Middle earth will stay the same ? Asking for a friend who lives in the Shire
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/dec/07/who-europe-jab-young-children-to-cut-covid-risk-at-christmas
  3. Any proof that the staff wore masks, it is not in any of the newspaper reports in Sweden?
  4. Yes. BIK Karlskoga December 8th, as I stated before it is down to the event organisers.
  5. Oslo has 50 omicron cases from a single, all vaccinated, Christmas party. In Sweden, post the December 1st covid pass deadline, a negative test less than 72 hours before face-off is still accepted for entry.
  6. MARK246

    A voice of reason?

    Sweden had their second lowest recorded November temperature on the 28th of -37.4° The previous low since records started in the 1860s was in 1980 at -39.7°. That with the Siberian record November low set this year, all points in this being more news worthy
  7. The spike in cases will be the same as last year. The Christmas party season is starting in Stockholm, over 75% of all cases last year in Sweden were in Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg. But still companies insist on going to these major cities for their "works" party. After this spike in cases it will calm down, then rise again when the city dwellers go skiing in February
  8. The vote for the PM was taken, but she has now resigned. If the pass is introduced it won't be needed to go to the majority of venues. Due to size and safety restrictions
  9. The government were supposed to have voted on the bill this week but as yet there hasn't been any information. So there is no passport Even if the bill is passed it is the responsibility of the event organiser if they allow entry without the passport, which can be obtained 7 days after the first jab. If the organiser agrees to allow non passport holders into the event there are requiments on space between tables of 1.5 metres, also a limit of 8 unvaccinated people per group. There is no limit on the group size, therefor a group of 8 unvaccinated people can attend
  10. Student rag week paper again
  11. When did the covid passports get introduced, do I need to get one ?
  12. MARK246

    A voice of reason?

    Well wind turbine blades do freeze and it needs fossil fueled technology to make it work, not sure how you were correct
  13. MARK246

    A voice of reason?

    Sadly, the cartoon with the frozen blades is closer to the truth than it should be
  14. MARK246

    A voice of reason?

    Sadly for your narrative this article is not totally correct. Skellefteå kraft have a reduction of 40% output between October and April due to icing on the turbine blades. The blade manufacturers have been working to reduce this figure using two methods, one is heating air to be passed through the blades. The other is a surface coating based on Nano technology to prevent ice from sticking to the blade. Neither of these alternatives are financially beneficial, until the life of the existing blade expires. The blades which currently need de icing in Sweden are left to thaw naturally, or sprayed with hot water from a helicopter which takes approximately 90 minutes flying.
  15. Flippant comments ? all I write on here is what I know, personally, to be the truth. The comment on your poor taste post about the health care worker was based on the information in the article. The vaccine is not working, if that is 1% or 100% it doesn't matter.

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