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  1. nickcat0

    Best/Worst Christmas Songs

    I used to hate that Pogues/Kirsty MacColl song, until my son and a dear friend (now no longer with us) performed it at a Xmas concert ........ Now it just brings back happy memories. My fave Christmas song though, is this not very politically correct one ..........
  2. nickcat0

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    My son and I went to watch Southport v Farsley Celtic last week. I'd forgotten what a joyless, depressing, and soul destroying experience it is, watching my local team.
  3. nickcat0

    Help Lynn win something

    Sadly, for most of my time there, I was without a car (apart from when my then fiance/now wife came to visit) ....... Usually on my day off work, if i didn't fancy wandering around Kings Lynn, then I'd catch the train to London, it was only about 90 mins away.
  4. nickcat0

    Help Lynn win something

    In 1995, I lived and worked in Kings Lynn for 6 or 7 months. It has got to be one of the dullest and most boring towns in the UK. Unless it's greatly upped its game in the last 25 years, then I can't imagine what criteria was used to decide the winners of each round.
  5. A very talented rider no doubt, and with an individual World title and a couple of Team World Cups, he had a good career. However, the feeling persists that it could have been so much better. Personally, I think it's not correct to say he was the most talented Brit ever, and therefore the best. Part of a top sportsman's job is to take his talent, and combine it with a tough mental approach and strong work ethic, in order to produce the best possible results. That's why although acknowledging Lee's talent as a rider, I'd place him behind Tai and PC in my "best Brits I've seen" ranking.
  6. nickcat0

    Football 2020/21

    I thought Sterling preferred to play on the left and cut in.
  7. nickcat0

    Football 2020/21

    Unless Southgate changes his favoured formation, it may be hard for Grealish to be anything other than a squad player. Southgate has said he won't put square pegs in round holes, so that leaves Grealish as an attacking wide player, who prefers the left hand side, where I would have thought that Raheem Sterling would be ahead of him (at least based on perfromances over the last 3 years). Grealish could help himself by working harder on the defensive side of his game. Admittedly, he wasn't at fault for the first goal against Belgium. Dier's pass, Mount's weak challenge, Rice being attracted to the ball, Chilwell not covering across, and Mings only half blocking the shot would all share more of the blame; but having said that, Grealish made no effort to track back, where he would have been in a position to challenge the goalscorer.
  8. Really? I'll have to introduce you to a couple of ladies that I know
  9. nickcat0

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Lewis Moody ...... Rugby Union
  10. nickcat0

    European Union - In Or Out?

    Trade with the rest of the world won't stop, but it will become more expensive, more complex, and probably take longer to transport the goods. According to the IMF, there are just 35 advanced First World Economies i.e. there's only 35 rich countries that it's worth doing business with. Of those 35 rich economies, 27 are in the EU. 4 of the other 8 are in Asia; and all are further away than Europe. So the cost and time it takes to transport goods are greater and longer. For the same reason why most people do their supermarket shop within 5 miles of their home, so most societies throughout history have traded with their neighbours. This idea that the rest of the world is a market waiting for us with open arms is wishful thinking, there really aren't any dirt farmers in Somalia wanting financial advice from Eric in Croyden.
  11. nickcat0

    Rugby World Cup

    There's a difference between being the "most talented player ever to hold a rugby ball" as pugwash suggested; and being a very good player in a side that wins lots of trophies .................... I don't dispute that Edwards is the most decorated player, and even a very good one, just that, in my opinion, he wasn't the most talented in the Wigan team, nevermind all of rugby ............................ Off the top of my head, here's some of Edwards' teammates that I would rate more highly as all-round players; Ellery Hanley, Joe Lydon, Brett Kenny, Andy Gregory, Jason Robinson, Dean Bell, Andy Goodway; and I'm sure there are more that I've missed
  12. nickcat0

    Rugby World Cup

    Sorry ........ I know it's an old post, but I can't let this outrageous statement pass .................. Edwards wasn't even the most talented player in those Wigan teams of the late 80's and early 90's; nevermind all the other non-Wigan players to play either code
  13. nickcat0

    Rugby World Cup

    It gets the forwards out of the way for "1 tackle", and allows the backs more space.
  14. nickcat0

    Jeremy Corbyn To Lead The Labour Party?

    Personally I'd rather have a MP who has beliefs and principles ................... I don't have to vote for him/her if I ndisagree, but at least they're honourable in their motives......................... Than to have a MP who adopts policies to get into power because they're vote winning policies, but doesn't believe in them, and possibly won't follow through when power is achieved.
  15. nickcat0

    Jeremy Corbyn To Lead The Labour Party?

    It's refreshing to have a politician who actually believes in something and appears to stand by those principles and beliefs .............................. Instead of just saying what he/she thinks is the popular opinion.................................. I hope he doesn't get corrupted by the system and become like all the other trough swilling MPs

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