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  1. screm

    bandits 2020

    You are kidding.......arent you.
  2. screm

    Newcastle 2020

    At the minute Kennedy doesn't have a team in either league over here.
  3. screm

    Poole Pirates 2020

    How about both.
  4. screm

    Edinburgh 2020

    Yes I was wrong, though I think most people would know what my sarcasm was aimed at.
  5. screm

    Edinburgh 2020

    Got out of bed the wrong side this morning did we.
  6. screm

    Edinburgh 2020

    Maybe, maybe not, you have to credit to the Edinburgh promotion at least for looking at bringing in new assets and anyway their top three should mean they are capable of winning at home at least though they may take a few hammerings on their travels. Lets hope they do better with this Australian import than their last one who ended up being the worst ever newcomer.
  7. screm

    Edinburgh 2020

    I doubt it will be elsewhere.
  8. screm

    Edinburgh 2020

    If you mean William Lawson I thought he had retired.
  9. screm

    bandits 2020

    Doctor, doctor
  10. screm

    bandits 2020

    The jackets I was after was from the year before, so you could say its my own fault for not buying one when they were available the season before. Maybe the club could look at an on line shop, merchandise could be picked up at the track once ready.
  11. screm

    bandits 2020

    Thompson Twins, half decent 80`s band.
  12. screm

    bandits 2020

    Chance would be a fine thing, I asked at the club shop if they still did team jackets as in previous year but alas no.
  13. screm

    bandits 2020

    Leon Flint has signed in Sweden for Eskilstuna Smederna`s Team Rapid.
  14. screm

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Seems a very impressive start to the Belle Vue team to me, well done to the club.
  15. screm

    bandits 2020

    Hopefully it will be as attractive an offer as it was last season, that saw me take out a season ticket for the first time ever. It seemed to be a success with the numbers on our passes.

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