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  1. Brain fade, now corrected.
  2. Birmingham will use a guest for Jack Thomas who has been ruled for at least seven days.
  3. screm

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Normally the AGM is around middle of November but there`s usually a pre-AGM a few weeks earlier.
  4. screm

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Newcastle Speedway would have to give an intention of running next season at this years AGM, that doesnt mean the speedway would have to be bought by the time of the AGM just an intention of running.
  5. screm

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    Co-Promoters Rob Grant and Dave Tattum will host their last home meeting on Sunday against Birmingham in what will most certainly be a very emotional night for all connected to Newcastle Speedway. Rob would like to thank everyone at the club for their support of his endeavours to rescue Newcastle Speedway since his take over in 2019, however Sunday evening night could potentially spell the end of the Diamonds at Brough Park after a 92 year history. Newcastle Speedway management would like to release the following statement, "With the future of the Diamonds looking uncertain due to the potential of a takeover remaining unlikely, alongside added uncertainty from the stadium and the stadium landlords, we ask that you please follow us in enjoying what unfortunately could be the last meeting to take place at Newcastle's Brough Park. The club has suffered significant losses this year and everyone at Newcastle firmly believes Rob Grant has done remarkably well just to get us to the end of the season, as the truth is we could of folded much earlier in the season. It certainly has not been an easy decision for Rob to make. However, after a meeting with management this morning, following yesterday evenings Championship meeting with Edinburgh, which unfortunately once again failed to attract crowd numbers large enough to sustain the financial pressures of running a speedway club, it is a decision that he regrettably has had no choice but to make. Regarding last nights tannoy announcement that there would be an individual meeting to mark the closure of the season, it has been decided this morning that due to the financial strain the club is under, this can no longer go ahead and the final meeting at Newcastle will be this Sundays championship fixture against Birmingham." Rob himself would like to add on this closing statement, "I am deeply sorry and disappointed for our dedicated sponsors, riders and most importantly our ever loyal band of supporters. I wish you all the very best for the future and I sincerely hope that a rescue package comes to light for the Diamonds and everyone connected to Newcastle Speedway, however, at this moment in time I can say that there is no one waiting to take it over. I understand that this will be an emotional and difficult fixture to attend but if you can, please come along and support the Diamonds for the final meeting against Birmingham this Sunday, 19th September at 6.30pm."
  6. Seems like one of the Newcastle team had asked to be released as they would get more meetings for someone else.
  7. Must admit I was surprised to see Cook excluded as the refs normally take the easy way out and get all four back for the rerun. As for the crowds, even with the restrictions at the start of the season Berwick`s crowds have held up very well IMO.
  8. screm

    Song Title Game

    Pretty in pink - Psycodelic Furs
  9. screm

    berwick bandits 2021

    Just for info, my original post was one of irony as a response to Cresent Girls post who appeared to see no issue in Kinsley riding.
  10. screm

    berwick bandits 2021

    As far as I know his van was held by Police for forensic evidence, but he should have it back by now, if it isn't an insurance write off.
  11. screm

    berwick bandits 2021

    Apart from having no tools, race gear, spares or a van, you Ryan could've been riding.
  12. screm

    berwick bandits 2021

    Aaron Summers gets a guest booking at Belle Vue tomorrow night.
  13. screm

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Craig Cook comes in as guest for Richard Lawson for tomorrows meeting with Belle Vue.
  14. Both straights were widened recently in the hope it would give the riders new lines, it hasn't. Passing is not impossible at Berwick but it is hard.

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