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  1. In terms of the main meeting no, but could be problematic for the riders in the second half practice session.
  2. Before they start their meeting against Eastbourne I thought it was worth pointing out that Berwick have relegated Newcastle to the bottom of the league. Now who`s cheering on Eastbourne.
  3. He was but he was up pretty straight away and walked back to the pits, both Berwick riders needed treatment after which Jye Etheridge was able to walk back to the pits. Sadly for Jacobsen he was taken from the track by ambulance with what seems to be a dislocated shoulder.
  4. In this case both Berwick riders were not fit enough to take their place in the re-run, as was the same with Nick Morris, he was replaced by Lewis Kerr.
  5. The tighter turns of Brough Park will suit Eastbourne, but they will need to improve significantly on their performance last night at Berwick if they are to get anything out of this meeting.
  6. Like you say its a great idea and I will have a number or two, if its an all year round I take those participating will need to give their bank details to set up a direct debit for the winter months. I hope all the numbers go as the more numbers sold the more money for Berwick, 120 numbers £600 to the club.
  7. Do you know if this is going to be a twelve month thing or only during the speedway season, 120 numbers is a lot if its going to be one number per person so can you have more than one numbers.
  8. Obviously having three meetings in as many days you can make a holiday out of it but giving the distance there was a decent turn out from Eastbourne. If only Berwick could get a southern tour together as in years gone by.
  9. Great to see Freddie winning his home GP, still tight at the top of the standings but Leon Madsen seems to be consistant enough to stay on top while Tai now has real job on to secure at top eight place for next year though he must know he is a definite wild card pick if he doesn't make top eight
  10. Not quite sure if I was at the same meeting as some on here as I thought much of the meeting was mostly poor with most races either from the gate or over by the end of the first lap on an ultra slick track. Berwick dominated throughout and were very worthy winners, sadly for Eastbourne only guest Nick Morris gave any real trouble to the home side, Kerr never really got going while Lawson started brightly but faded badly. Best wishes to NB Jacobsen on a speedy recovery from what looked a horrible accident.
  11. Supporters are running a monthly draw on behalf of the club, £10 per number, the draw will take place during the last meeting of each month, if there is no meeting I`m guessing it will take place with the winners announced on club website, supporters Facebook page, club Facebook page. It was announced that the details will appear on the various media outlets over the next day or day or you will get your information then. Great to see the club and the supporters club working together.
  12. screm

    Introducing yourself....

    You dont know where you live
  13. Looking at photos from the track, its going to be wet.
  14. Waiting to see if they will give him change from his tenner.
  15. BSPA would never do something like that though would they

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