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  1. I`d love to know, on the face of it it seems quite ridiculous.
  2. screm

    Berwick v Scunthorpe

    At this rate I am going to be on my own-some.
  3. screm

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Very poor is putting it mildly.
  4. screm

    Glasgow 2018

    Still a squad member, but very unlikely of being selected.
  5. screm


    Aaron Summers had a rare outing today in the Polish league where he scored 5pts for Wanda Krakow in their home defeat to ROW Rybnik, the meeting ended 27-63...ouch.
  6. screm

    Glasgow 2018

    Bewley selected ahead of Cook once again for today's meeting between Wanda Krakow and Rybnik where he scored 10+3.
  7. screm

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    I think Mr Chapman is/was a poster on this forum, I am hoping if he sees this thread he will give his own thoughts.
  8. Sadly for Peterborough that ship sailed to Edinburgh.
  9. screm


    Theo Pijper has had a decent day in the second Speedway Longtrack GP in Holland where in finished 4th in the Final, the meeting was won by Martin Smolinski.
  10. screm

    Berwick v Scunthorpe

    That and Scunthorpe were not much more than a three man team, though guest Covatti did splutter into life in Ht12, Gino Manzaries was an embarrassment. Hopefully Danny Phillips will be back very soon after his crash and withdrawal.
  11. screm


    Dont worry you will get used to this, anyone who dares to criticise is a forum fanny.
  12. screm

    Berwick v Scunthorpe

    No doubt at all. How`s that for support Mrs Cresent Girl.
  13. screm

    Berwick v Scunthorpe

    Berwick should be able to see off Scunthorpe tonight, irrespective of track conditions, our visitors have a rider at No1 just back from injury and IMO are considerably weaker in the reserve positions. If Berwick are to keep up their play off ambitions this is a must win.

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