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  1. Berwickbandits2018

    Nikolaj Busk Jacobsen has had a very decent night riding for Newcastle in their home meeting with Redcar, he has scored 9+1 from four rides.
  2. Makes next weeks meeting very big, a home win and the good times will be back, losing doesn't bare thinking about.
  3. Stal Gorzow`s efforts not helped be only having one reserve.
  4. Looking at the line ups I`m thinking this has home win writing all over it.
  5. His Polish form isn't great either by the looks of things as he has scored zero points today. Anyone fancy having a go at explaining why Edinburgh were granted R/R, as has already been mentioned this is not a re-arranged match so its difficult how this has been granted.
  6. Berwickbandits2018

    Couple of Berwick riders riding in meetings today, Kevin Doolan has ridden in Jon Armstrong`s Testimonial meeting at Mildenhall. He finished the qualifying races with 12pts which put him into the semi final where he finished second, that put him in the Final, where he finished fourth. The meeting was won by Rory Schlein who was undefeated all afternoon. Nikolaj Busj Jacobsen rides in tonight's meeting at Brough Park in the Newcastle v Redcar clash where he guests for the injured Lewis Rose. And for those who missed it congratulations to Leon Flint on recording a paid five ride maximum for his club, Birmingham, in their meeting at Stoke last night.
  7. Very few people taking their places at Shielfield last night would have predicted what was about to happen, but take nothing away from Newcastle they thoroughly deserved their win and had Berwick not finally got into some kind of form in the later races Newcastle`s win might've been all the more convincing. Gating was vital last night and the away team were far better in virtually every race and with track conditions ultra slick passing was always going to be difficult. Hopefully for Berwick this performance was a one off, and it might be a blessing that it was in a non league match that saw such a poor night for normally reliable riders. I guess we will get some answers next week against a handy looking Lakeside team. Thank you and well done to Dick Barrie on a perfect tribute to the late Ivan Mauger and letting us remember Berwick supporter Martin Hastings.
  8. HELLO, meeting tonight. Weather has been lovely the last few days, and is fine again today, so hopefully we will get more of the same kind of entertainment as last week. Berwick are back to full strength with the return of Jye Etheridge while Newcastle are using good old R/R for the injured Lewis Rose while Glasgow`s Lewis Kerr comes into to guest for Stuart Robson who pick up a hand injury at Redcar last Thursday.
  9. More 15.55pm update. We are waiting for confirmation from the police regarding the re-opening of the roads around the Raceway. This is due around 4.30pm. We will update as soon as we hear. This was taken from the Lakeside twitter page, hopefully things will get the all clear very soon.
  10. Berwickbandits2018

    Shocked and saddened to read this, seeing him at Berwick was all to brief and all to rare but he was a thoroughly decent guy. RIP Martin.
  11. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Legend, superstar Champion. RIP Ivan.
  12. After watching another NUFC win Mr Tsusami was probably delirious so i think we can forgive him this time.
  13. There should be enough people in the Redcar side of the pits to stop this happening, very poor IMO. As for Barker, nothing surprises me with Ben, you just have to laugh at him.
  14. So far the Youtube links for all the Polish matches have been perfect, hopefully it will stay that way.