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  1. screm

    Ipswich 2020

    Delighted to hear that Chris has been found, hopefully he will get the treatment he needs to recovery.
  2. I have 2 seats in section A2 so I guess I have tickets in roughly the same section as you, as I posted earlier I think we both face writing off the money for the tickets.
  3. I done the same as you, I took up Esayjet with their voucher offer and received the full amount plus a £10 gift, as you say quite impressed with Easyjet to . I to used Booking.com and have received an email today the the hotel I was using in Prague ( Pyramida ) had accepted my reasons for cancelling and offered a full refund which is great. The tickets I am afraid I am just going to right off, of course I could still use them if things improve I still can use the flight vouchers and re-book the hotel but in reality I doubt very much that will happen.
  4. screm

    Newcastle 2020

    Tonight's meeting definitely on
  5. Warsaw in October anyone... https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/881341/zuzel-grand-prix-mistrza-swiata-poznamy-w-pazdzierniku-w-warszawie
  6. As far as social distancing is concerned will things be any better especially with flights, seating inside the Marketa etc.
  7. screm

    Season Ticket Holders

    I doubt any club would keep season ticket money as it would be the ultimate PR disaster, maybe clubs are waiting to see what is to become of the 2020 season first then make a decision, or maybe once we know what is happening there will be a directive/instruction from the BSPA.
  8. screm

    Speedway Crashes

    And yes he did get up and walk away
  9. screm

    Sheffield 2020

    U-turn from Pedersen as he agrees new contract to ride in Poland.
  10. screm

    Swedish Elitserien fixtures 2020

    Valsarna Speedway stadium for sale. https://www.blocket.se/annons/varmland/tallhult_motorstadion/88781513?fbclid=IwAR3FDq0MDs0MNDDcjHft2H-sYNcIk15Ga9uGC_nUmHabXnvVRa1l5Vnj8lk
  11. screm

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    You are probably right though at the minute the intention from the BSPA is to get the season running at some stage so all teams will need to be full but as you say I don`t see the 2020 making it to any track in this Country.
  12. screm

    Cardiff 2020

    Which is the point I was making earlier, Extraliga are already planning behind closed doors meetings so it not impossible they could stage SGP, even though its not their competition.
  13. I`m with Easyjet out of Edinburgh on the Thursday before the SGP, I`ve had an email saying they will email me if the flight gets cancelled, I cant see me being in Prague this year.
  14. Looks like we will get a decision on Prague very soon http://www.speedway-prague.cz/dubnove-a-kvetnove-zavody-se-posouvaji-nebo-rusi/?fbclid=IwAR2Qvnbq7L_0ByLyx1NkD4uNtwqGbiqh5ruaTQihf4at6Fi6vMeMf2eFFtw

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