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  1. First of all best wishes to Shane for a full and speedy recovery, but what an absolute hero his daughter is, what an amazing thing to do
  2. screm

    Championship fours

    Congratulations Somerset
  3. screm

    berwick bandits 2019

    Berwick ended the qualifying stages in today's 4`s with 9pts and did not make to the Final which will be between Eastbourne, Sheffield, Glasgow and Somerset
  4. Thats a great effort, maybe the club could've included the finishing total either in their report on last nights match or they post it on the clubs Facebook page
  5. screm

    Championship fours

    Connor Coles and Joe Lawlor come in to join Tero Aarnio and Adam Ellis, looks like Birmingham will have no reserve
  6. To be honest the shape of the track argument has been debated many times on this forum, the track size or shape is not going to change so we have get on with what we have. But it would be untrue to say we don't get good racing with the current shape but we don't get it on anything like a regular bases that must come back to track prep in the days leading up to a meeting.
  7. Robert Lambert is still very much in contention with two rounds to go but his exclusion last night could come back to bite as a point or two in that race could prove crucial.
  8. screm

    Championship fours

    Winner will come from Leicester, Somerset or Newcastle with Edinburgh a surprise package IMO.
  9. Those that thought that Berwick would pull this round on aggregate were deluding themselves I`m afraid and so it proved, in fact as I posted beforehand Berwick would have a job on just to win on the night and so it proved as Leicester ran out worthy winners and looked what they are, the best team in the league. One or two members in the Berwick team under performing of late and that needs to turn round very soon as more home defeats are likely if that isnt addressed
  10. Fine by me, enjoy your Saturday nights.
  11. screm

    Young lions

    Today has been a difficult day, mainly because we have moved to another room in a different part of the hospital where we are not familiar with surroundings. Sam has not had any change he is still having episodes of rapid movements followed by sleeping. Sam is having an mri scan Monday. We are finding it hard now being so far away from home. Keeping strong for Sam. Thank you to all your kind words of encouragement it helps us get through the day. Team Norris. Update on Sam`s condition, hopefully Sam`s family will get the support they require at this time
  12. I doubt very much if you were actually there, Berwick did the best they could to beat Leicester but were beaten by a better team
  13. screm

    Championship fours

    Give Tero my best
  14. I agree with the entirely I think Leicester have more than enough to get the job done. Berwick can win tonight but I don't see us winning by anywhere near enough on aggregate
  15. Actually he is at the track putting the covers down. Not to keep the track dry you understand no he's hiding there till just before start time anything to avoid paying

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