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  1. screm

    Good luck Robbo

    Its always sad when a long serving rider calls it a day but its great to see Stuart go out on his own terms, not having to retire due to injury, not announcing his retirement after not getting a team place, but getting out when he is still capable of doing a decent job for a team. Happy retirement Stuart.
  2. Unless things have changed there is no Czech SGP for next year.
  3. screm

    Leon Madsen

    Any rider who doesn`t even attempt to qualify by right should never be considered for a GP spot.
  4. Cogratulations to Kyle Bickley, Sam Hagon and Leon Flint on their wins last night and to Leon Flint becoming British Champion in the 500cc class. Decent racing with 20+ races all done by just after 9pm.
  5. screm

    Ipswich V Berwick

    Thank you.
  6. screm

    Ipswich V Berwick

    Come on Ipswich, one race to go, do the decent thing.
  7. Possibly though as the interview was all about his roll as SGP race director I think he would be talking about SGP matters.
  8. These are the details of tonight's meeting taken from the Berwick site, please note earlier start time than normal. http://www.berwickbandits.co/news/starza-2018-and-british-youth-finals-berwick
  9. Well I`ll be, an away win at Edinburgh, one of the wonders of the World.
  10. screm

    Belle Vue 2018

    Should've stuck with Jye Etheridge as I dont see any improvement with Riss.
  11. screm

    Where is SCB

    Certainly knew his stuff and I found some of his posts interesting, but he is where he is for a reason and all of his own doing.
  12. screm

    Ipswich V Berwick

    Late change https://ipswichwitches.co/riss-returns-to-germany/
  13. Creditable performance from Berwick but that's about that in terms of making the play offs
  14. Big if, but if Berwick have any ambitions of reaching and holding onto a play off place then this must be a full points away win, possible especially with a weakened home team but not very probable I`m afraid.
  15. Madness and plain stupid.

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