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  1. Poole 2018

    Risky move if the Poles hold firm though! Seems silly to make it public if they decide not to lift there rule - Unless Matt thinks a bit of pressure from a local paper will sway there descion!?!
  2. Poole 2018

    Am i the only one on here thinking the Poles are not crazy with this whole situation regaurding 3 league limit?? They have the best league in the world, the best riders and solid teams, the best stadiums and the most supported meetings - Why wouldnt they want to protect there product? Okay it sucks that we miss out, but Speedway in this country has been miss managed for years and the product has been cut so much that we now have 2nd division team line ups in the top flight. You cant blame the riders for putting the most effort/resources into a job in Poland as the rewards are far more than they could ever expect over here. Good on the Poles for making a stand i say!
  3. Poole 2018

    Theres a joke in there about certain speedway riders who have been lucky not to have been drug tested!
  4. Poole 2018

    Social media will always win over a coffee shop - To do retail well costs a lot of money and with speedway as its primary focus you will put a lot of people off who arnt into or dont know about the sport off going in in the forst place. Social media is very affordable and can be managed for a low cost, then you let your fans do the bulk of the work. One thing i know they do in Poland is visit Schools and charitable organisations and give back to the community - This obviously isnt just good will but it shows kids the sport and all of us who have kids know they have dragged us along to stuff we didnt really want to go to! Give out a few free kids tickets and they will have to come with a parent - May hook a few long term supporters too.
  5. Poole 2018

    I havent heard plans to - Think the cost involved is too much for them to consider. Short sighted in my opinion - Maybe someone needs to drop a copy of field of dreams over to Matts! If you build it they will come. Everyone wants a good race track, after all without it you will struggle to get good racing. I work in the motocross industry and those who dont invest in there tracks do not see a good return. I know Matt has been offered help in the past with various improvements and promotional ideas but they never get implimented due to either short term costs involved or lack of effort. Its a shame as it seems ego has got in the way at times.
  6. Poole 2018

    I wouldnt see that as a trolling post. Im a Poole fan and have spent plenty of time on the centre green over the years and id agree with you - The same holes have been there for years and its not a lot of riders favourite place to race - I think its fair to say there is room for improvement!
  7. Poole 2018

    I dont think the track is even the main problem - I gather there were a lot of personal issues going on with CH that Matt didnt agree with and was pretty blunt over at the end of 2016 and think thats not going to be fixed over night.
  8. Poole 2018

    From what i gather from speaking to one of CH's sponsors, he has no intention in riding for Poole again. Has Matt made the call to KK yet!?!? ;-) What average is Bjane on!?! ;-)
  9. Poole 2018

    I havent posted in quite a long time as life is pretty hectic, but i have just read through a shed load of pages on this thread to catch up - Seems everyone is freinds as usual! ;-) Its a shame it looks like Hans wont be back - Nice guy and very experienced. As for CH seems thats looking doubtful - I was chatting with a customer of mine who has helped him out over the years and he said he doubts he will be back at Poole - disapointing as he is on a bargin average for the amount of talent he has - Shame to see his personal issues look like they have got in the way over the past few years. As for the first 4 signings they look pretty good - Poles tend to be a risk but like many i remember the year matt had Hans and Krystoff Cigeilski (SP) at reserve (from memory) and that panned out alright! Nice to see Josh back - very nice lad and has a good racing head on his shoulders - Hopefully Matt can pull a "Big" name out the hat to take the pressure off Brady. Andy
  10. Poole 2015

    One of the best come backs ive seen on here in a while!
  11. Poole 2015

    Im guessing you dont know "Graham Noyce" - 1979 world 500cc motocross champion then!?! He would regually be the last out of the beer tent the night before a GP - Those who know his background will also know many of the stories linked to the guy! Sadly he pissed his tallent up the wall - Could have gone on to be one of the greats but it wasnt to be! Lets hope Ward doesnt go down the same route!
  12. Poole 2015

    Yeh of course - Its such a shame because you have a great track up there and plenty of scope for it to be a successful club, however if the sport isnt supported it'll never be a success - Its a shame the sport in this country isnt promoted. Look to what the polish clubs do - They get there stars out in the community as part of the riders contracts. They also advertise outside of specialist press. They create a brand and market that brand. They have facilities for young riders to progress. What do we have in the UK? Normally a bit of plywood outside the ground saying speedway tonight.!
  13. Poole 2015

    I agree with you to a point about it not being worth advertising in Speedway, and without knowing how much the deal is worth a year its difficult to pass comment, However for example if were talking 200k a year then that wouldnt go far advertising in national press so it may not be as silly a move as we all think. As title sponsor all the local rags as well as sky are obliged to use the teams correct name (in this case "Poole Readypower Pirates" so they will get a certain amount of exposure coupled with being able to write the cost off against there tax bill. I love Speedway but also earn a portion of my living from it - I personally believe if more clubs in the UK ran there teams like a business then they wouldnt all struggle - Its a model that grass roots to pro motocross has learnt from and that is now more than ever a genuinely scaleable business - Sadly Speedway hasnt caught up!
  14. Poole 2015

    I'll be honest, I dont know the in's and out's of the Peterbough situation, but if its not a viable prospect to pump cash into then why bother? Take love and passion for the sport out of it - If I was going to advertise (which lets face it, thats what this is) then id put my cash into a team or individual that i could see a return from? I have a few sponsors for my business and they are only with me because of the exposure i can give them. When im not valuable to them they wont continue.
  15. Poole 2015

    Is this not just a Business decision?? If a company see's commercial gain in investing in a sports team and they see a good tax relief and growth to there business then its a no brainer isnt it??