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  1. Even more ironic that Ronnie is spelled T-E-R-R-Y in the particular article. Still when was accuracy a tool of the serial whingers on the BSF?
  2. Mr Ore

    Somerset Speedway.....

    If Metropolitan Counties count, London Lions. If riders count, Denzil Kent, Dave Durham, Leon Flint and Chris "Greater" Manchester. Don't think anyone has mentioned Arena Essex yet either. Quite an obvious one really.
  3. F^^k me. Surrey charge from £29 - £32 for the cheapest pre-booked seats at the Oval with a fiver extra to pay on the day, and better seats will cost much more. No OAP discount. As a comparison the cheapest seat for a 5 day test is £270 rising to £372 for the dearest, where the first three days are £100 each. One for the persistently moaning wrinklies on BSF to digest.
  4. A little surprised that nobody in officialdom has posted here. Following Sunday's triple-header the Kestrels cannot be caught now so become the first Kent team (as per tannoy announcements) to win a league title since 1978. Not the greatest of meetings with the main interest seemingly being to see if Alex Spooner (a class above) could beat Paul Hurry's NL track record Although going close he failed, but regularly lowered the SDL record, on his way to a 27 point maximum, from his 9 rides.. Kent beat Exeter 24 - 12, Weymouth 25-11 and Isle of Wight 28 - 8. No away riders won a heat with Exeter's Adam Sheppard's three second places being the best.
  5. Mr Ore

    Torquay United FC new stadium!

    Bears more than a passing resemblance to Stadium MK too. Maybe Torquay will be followng the real Wimbledon to Bucks.
  6. Mr Ore


    Easter Trophy at Kent tonight. Another con; it's not even Easter.
  7. Mr Ore

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    Whoa, steady on. You don't know me either yet, because I sat in the most expensive seats I must be a dishonest and unfriendly snob. You feel it not at all disgraceful to insult me and those around simply because of your irrational pseudo lower socio group persecution ideology, when it was clear to anyone with an IQ higher than an amoeba that another poster was simply having a leg pull with an associate. We were all there as speedway fans and I personally dined with 15 people from the smelly seats before the meeting, without the need to have a tetanus jab this morning, exchanging texts and Facebook messages with them before, during and after the meeting. We also stood in line with the hundreds queuing for the busses back to the park and ride and deigned to actually speak with some of them, even though we knew there was nowhere to wash our hands afterwards until the first services. Danger obviously is my middle name. No, really it is. My parents weren't very good when it came to choosing names; just ask my brother Chisel Trousers Ore. Why is it that the BSF attracts so many miserable old (FrddieEriksen)ers who always seek to find something to moan about? We had a brilliant meeting, full of action, excitement, incident, atmosphere and bon hommie, blatantly enjoyed by all there and those watching on BT Sport, yet there are always several who otherwise won't be happy.unless they can't find anything to whinge about. Fortunately you made an offer to Mr Plinge asking what you personally must be. Sadly my sarcasm juices would enter overdrive to benefit from entering such an opening, so I'll rein the irony in. . Chill out my friend and, to show that we "snobs" are decent folk and not at all unfriendly I accept, in advance your sincerest apologies, which you as.a decent human being are already composing, for insulting me and those other unknown parties around our very expensive seats. Good man. Anyhow Kent v Birmingham tonight in the Easter Trophy tonight. Hope we have loads of guests and rider replacemen to encourage erudite debate afterwards. Anyone know where the dearest seats there are? T
  8. Mr Ore

    Birmingham Statement

    A pathetically bland statement immediately overtaken by a reporr of last night's meetng at the top of their news thread..Hmm. Although I worked a year in Birmingham and attended every home match, and several away during that time, I am certainly not a fan but I trust that apologies are forthcoming from certain alleged Brummie fans for the abuse hurled at Jayne Moss in support of him, and the results of his actions. .Maybe I am just farting against thunder with that desire though.
  9. Another thread rapdly going off topic. The original poster feels that speedway is declining becaise he/she hasn't got a favourite rider. Unlike some of the rubbish we get, this seems to have been a considered and very scientific assessment of the curent problems. Although he presently doesn't have a club, because of his efforts last year, Jan Graversen is my current favourite. Rather than all this arguing shouldn't we all be having a favourite rider to get the sport back on track (see what I did there?). I have noticed that, since having a favourite, the sport is noticeably improving, so come on get a favourite and make the sport great again..
  10. Interview with Steady on Radio Sheffield this afternoon. As usual he came across brilliantly, although some of the questions would make Lorraine Kelly seem like the ultimate investigative journalist. Hope you make a mint tomorrow Simon.
  11. Mr Ore

    Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    It could but as Kim has stated he is owed money from 3 clubs over the two countries this would indicate a max of 2 in one country. (And that may be Sweden). I had incorrectly read the three different currencie as being what was owed in those countries, and not the equivelent values in each. My aim was to redress some of the ill informed insults Damian faced in last years play off final by drawing attention to his ongoing credibility and business acumen which should be respected. Having said that Duggo is also not one to renege on his liabilities
  12. Mr Ore

    Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    Reads to me that he is owed money from each of those years in either England and/or Sweden. As he is not owed anything by Leicester it suggests the sterling debt is from 15 and 16 and at least part of the Swedish sum was due last season, but not by Vargana. He is therfore owed sterling from his time at Lakeside, whether it was from one or two seasons. Respect again to Damien Bates.. Disrepect to the others.
  13. Surely the important thing in all this is that the SRBF does not lose out . I am sure that there are no BSF posters who are unable to attend now who will not be paying the same sum into the fund. Nobody in the wonderful speedway family can be that narrow minded. There is no reason if you can't (or won't now) attend this meeting for contributions still not to be made. At least the petrol companies will then be the only losers.
  14. Mr Ore

    Once A Jolly Swagman

    This will no doubt be the O2 which is still going strong staging concerts, sporting events and exhibitions plus a plethora of restaurants, bars and lecture theatres. I get weekly invitations to events there; today being advised that tickets are now on sale for a World Championship boxing event in a couple of months. Been to God knows how many gigs there, used various restauarnts and had a workshop with Penn and Teller in one of the smaller theatres. I appreciate that you can no longer go up an escalator into a giant's ring piece, but your observation is at best ill informed. Having witnessed the numerous failures of privatisation in selliing off key public services, this is one case where the privtae sector has actually come good with a thriving leisure complex, with tens of thousands attending every day.
  15. That was quick. Arrived back at our Munich hotel, having had to miss the final, owing to the last bus needed to catch the connecting train being due. A long old day, arriving for the 4 rider qualifiers at 10 a.m. with the snow from heat 13 making it a bit special. A few good heats and a last chance work out for the gp riders. Zorn obviously a class above. A few other English voices in the crowd showed we weren't the only mad ones there.

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