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  1. Interview with Steady on Radio Sheffield this afternoon. As usual he came across brilliantly, although some of the questions would make Lorraine Kelly seem like the ultimate investigative journalist. Hope you make a mint tomorrow Simon.
  2. Mr Ore

    Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    It could but as Kim has stated he is owed money from 3 clubs over the two countries this would indicate a max of 2 in one country. (And that may be Sweden). I had incorrectly read the three different currencie as being what was owed in those countries, and not the equivelent values in each. My aim was to redress some of the ill informed insults Damian faced in last years play off final by drawing attention to his ongoing credibility and business acumen which should be respected. Having said that Duggo is also not one to renege on his liabilities
  3. Mr Ore

    Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    Reads to me that he is owed money from each of those years in either England and/or Sweden. As he is not owed anything by Leicester it suggests the sterling debt is from 15 and 16 and at least part of the Swedish sum was due last season, but not by Vargana. He is therfore owed sterling from his time at Lakeside, whether it was from one or two seasons. Respect again to Damien Bates.. Disrepect to the others.
  4. Surely the important thing in all this is that the SRBF does not lose out . I am sure that there are no BSF posters who are unable to attend now who will not be paying the same sum into the fund. Nobody in the wonderful speedway family can be that narrow minded. There is no reason if you can't (or won't now) attend this meeting for contributions still not to be made. At least the petrol companies will then be the only losers.
  5. Mr Ore

    Once A Jolly Swagman

    This will no doubt be the O2 which is still going strong staging concerts, sporting events and exhibitions plus a plethora of restaurants, bars and lecture theatres. I get weekly invitations to events there; today being advised that tickets are now on sale for a World Championship boxing event in a couple of months. Been to God knows how many gigs there, used various restauarnts and had a workshop with Penn and Teller in one of the smaller theatres. I appreciate that you can no longer go up an escalator into a giant's ring piece, but your observation is at best ill informed. Having witnessed the numerous failures of privatisation in selliing off key public services, this is one case where the privtae sector has actually come good with a thriving leisure complex, with tens of thousands attending every day.
  6. That was quick. Arrived back at our Munich hotel, having had to miss the final, owing to the last bus needed to catch the connecting train being due. A long old day, arriving for the 4 rider qualifiers at 10 a.m. with the snow from heat 13 making it a bit special. A few good heats and a last chance work out for the gp riders. Zorn obviously a class above. A few other English voices in the crowd showed we weren't the only mad ones there.
  7. The incredibly helpful secretary at Weissenbach am Lech advises that their meeting next Sunday goes ahead as planned. Looking forward.
  8. Appreciate the update Iris. Time to cancel the accommodation, fortunately flighst not booked yet.
  9. Whilst not very high up in the rankings the Swiss Chamiponships and Open Individual Meeting are scheduled for 20th and 21st January at Champex Lac subject to the lake freezing sufficiently to support a track. Back up dates are 10 and 11 February. Looks to be a very picturesque venue.
  10. Mr Ore

    Dave Rattenberry Rip

    I usually saw Dave at lower level football, where we would talk speedway over a cuppa. He always went out of his way to find me so we could exchange banter He told me he was cutting back but I never realsied he was so ill. My better(her words) half remembers your kindness and we are both saddened by the news. RIP mate.
  11. Mr Ore

    Free Entry 2018

    There is some irony here that tjhose who are complaining loudest about being unaware of this, or supporting the complainants, regularly post about how crap British Speedway and its administration is or how they refuse to attend meetings. Incredible therefore that they should want to have been able to participate in the draw for free admission, otherwise why would it be such a big issue for them. Possibly it says more about their character and morals than than those of the BSPA. There were many chances to enter by supporting various events so clearly those with a genuine interest in the sport were able to enter by getting off their arses to attend. Well done to them. It has been commented that the winners don't live in places with a track so clearly they must travel some distance to get their fix and are therfore even more worthy of the passes. I note that those complaining most haven't had the decency to congratulate the winners who I would suggest are the true speddway fans. With this poor attitude I would suggest they are losers in more ways than one.
  12. Mr Ore

    Just A Thought...

    On the subject of taking the piss out of the paying spectators, the ultimate must surely have been Ivan Mauger pulling up in the race off to avoid getting the number 13 jacket in the World Final and having to ride in heats 4 and 5. Blatant, yet he is revered by those who criticise others for lesser indiscretions, including having tattoos. I'm certainly no Penhall fan but the incident always cited at White City had no effect on the actual qualifiers. Had Penhall won that heat his fellow countrymen who got through would have still qualified, but he would have been Overseas Champion. Tai gets dog's abuse for allegedly not helping his country yet the same abuse is thrown at Bruce for putting his country before himself. Another case of moaning for moaning's sake?
  13. Yes it is a farce that Sheffield will have two riders in their team who could also have ridden for Leicester but to suggest the BV v Wolves was more credible when, of 12 riders present, 9 regularly occupy a total of 11 other British team places surely makes it an even bigger farce. Good move in my sarcastic opinion not to have televised it. You could get rid of doubling up/down other than we then get the usual suspects on here wanting to ban every other rider under the sun for "crimes" which they seem to commit all the time, xenophobic irrationality, a desire to knock anyone who is not going to make it (Kyle Howarth unbelievably being one of the candidates last year ) or sheer jealously that they have screwed up their boring lives and can't bear to see dedicated young people getting on. I will be spending around £250 to attend both these matches and don't give a f@ck what the saddos on the BSF may think. Ironically Ipswich also have 2 riders who would have been in the same position but I know that the majority of their true fans would have been looking forward to attending these matches had they won. I will actually be giving a lift to a Witches fan to see these two matches and know he would rather have been doing the driving. To make MikeBV feel at home though I'll throw a couple of bottles at one of the opposition riders. I have to agree that would have been really great TV. RIP Tom Petty
  14. The silence from all the miserable losers on the forum predicting failure here is deafening. Two meetings done in 3 hours, including a 25 minute gap between meetings to redo the track must really be peeing them off. No boring pre-match presentations, straight on with the racing. A totally new and brilliant programme produced for the night rather than taking the easy option of sticking in another sheet of Izal following last weekend's rain off, like the "respected" promotions would usually do. And a packed restaurant suggesting the good folk of Edinburgh as well as Sheffield are also willing to support a better and pricier level of food in addition to the basic stuff you get at all tracks. So we didn't have the best ever 30 heats in the history of speedway but there are many tracks who can only aspire to the standard of the poorest heat of the night and the best races were stunning. Well done to the promotion, track and pits staff and riders and to the fans who actually went out to have a great time rather than looking to drag the sport down at every opportunity. Ignoring their collapse in the final 4 heats on the night I see Ipswich as potential play off winners although Jan Graversen has to be the best reserve currently in the league, which could be very important in the final analysis.
  15. Mr Ore

    Neil Macfarlane

    Hmm, I don't know, a good looking bloke and all that. . TBH many of Toto's (I know) claims are quite mild when compared with some of the stuff on this forum. Perchance he is a regular poster already. I know who my money's on. Anyhow enough of this nonsence; time to get Ruth Davidson straddling my chopper again. Tutto il meglio

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