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  1. sidewinder

    Redcar v Workington 23/8/18

    I think all of the bears, will have to be at the top of their game, to come out on top in this one. To be honest, I think a Worky win is the most likely outcome, especially if it is, one of those insipid performances, like Edinburgh and Ipswich. Overall though I think it will be a very good match.
  2. sidewinder

    Redcar v witches 26th july

    Ca'nt argue with that.
  3. sidewinder

    Redcar v witches 26th july

    Glad you enjoyed your visit. We may not be lucky for much longer though. If the current performance levels prevail, I cannot see attendance levels, being sufficient, for survival. Hope I am wrong though. It seems that visiting fans and riders seem to enjoy themselves at Redcar.
  4. I fancy Lakeside, very strongly, but more so if Newman is riding. If he is not riding, then it is neck and neck with Pbro. It seems though, that every team, that is showing as a favourite, is then suffering a key injury, (Sheffield and Scunthorpe). I hope for every team, there are on further cases. Indeed, I hope Charles Wright and Jason Garrity recover to take part. Depending on which Glasgow team turn up, they could also, win this. Should be an entertaining event though.
  5. Has Danny King, had a relapse with his injuries, or just unavailable. It makes a difference, to Ippo's chances though.
  6. I think this will be a very tight meeting, with quite a few potential winners. Favourites, I would make that, Sheffield and Lakeside. After that I would go for, Peterboro, Scunthorpe, Glasgow and Ipswich. I think Edinburgh and Worky could be spoilers and if anyone slips up, could create a shock. That leaves the local teams, Redcar Newcastle and Berwick to make up the numbers. Up at the top end though, its a wide open meeting, for anyone who wants to grab it. The racing should be terrifically close and very exciting. Just noticed Ricky Wells not riding. Scrub the Monarchs chances.
  7. sidewinder

    Redcar v Peterborough Thursday

    I believe the Gladders brothers, put the boot in on that one. They are bigger shareholders. Some perceived slight from years ago responsible and the reason for it. Havelock wanted Ged on board.
  8. sidewinder

    Redcar v Peterborough Thursday

    Think with laydown engines, riding styles, have altered since then. Point taken though, Penhall, Gundersen, they all used to do it.
  9. sidewinder

    Redcar v Peterborough Thursday

    His problem seems to be, he steps the back end of the bike out a little too far, throws a mini locker, which scrubs his speed off, coming out of the corner. Small margins, can make a big difference.
  10. sidewinder

    Redcar v Peterborough Thursday

    Can't see anything other than a Pbro victory, could even be a 4 pointer. All the bottom 3 have had good meetings at Redcar, even Bacon.
  11. sidewinder

    Redcar 2018

    No to Hansen and Bellego, I doubt would fit, plus he rides some Thursday's with Swindon. The guy they should go for, is the young dane, Freddie Jacobson, but I doubt they could afford him.
  12. sidewinder

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    I don't think people, are misunderstanding, what you were saying. I think you are backtracking and changing your tune.
  13. sidewinder

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    Hope you enjoy it.
  14. sidewinder

    Redcar v Lakeside 24th may

    I would settle, for getting our points at home. Tomorrow night, will be a big test of that. Lawson, Morris, Morley and Newman, all have great experience of Redcar and I don't expect Ellis and Wajnachkt to take long to get the hang of the place. It will be a close one.
  15. sidewinder

    Workington team changes

    He can sign for another team, if that team, holds a sponsors licence.

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