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  1. Redcar 2018

    Yeah its to counter, the wind and pi£s coming from your direction.
  2. Redcar Vs Scunthorpe 12/4/18

    Probably won't need to be. I think the weather might win this one.
  3. Redcar 2018

    Think he is more likely to require flippers.
  4. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Think Danny Phillips is a cert for the no7 slot
  5. Redcar 2018

    I am sorry to have to say this, but what a total yawn this is. I come on, hoping to find something remotely interesting and this is what you get. Very tedious.
  6. Redcar 2018

    To be honest, it was just about sustainable, on the 500s, we were getting, at the end of the Havelock era. Obviously sometimes it was more and sometimes it was less. Everything is so upbeat now, totally different, a breath of fresh air really.
  7. Redcar 2018

    Sorrry Boz, but have to disagree with you about Ellis Perks. He has been slowly descending, since coming out of the reserve berth. His home form has slightly declined, but his away form has been poor and he hasn't ridden, at some of the tougher venues, (Sheffield 0 matches, Ipswich 0 matches Glasgow 1match, Newcastle 1 match ). Overall, I think his home form would have to be outstanding, to compensate for his away performances and it isn't. Riders I would be looking at in his role would be Jye Etheridge or Jacob Bukhave., or maybe Paul Starke if you were putting together a strength in depth team. To me, he just looked like he was going slowly backwards, but hey just my opinion.
  8. Redcar 2018

    Have to agree with that, would also say "thanks but no thanks", to Ellis Perks and Danny Ayres. Purely my opinion on that.
  9. Sadly that is not the original silver helmet and I do not have a picture of it.
  10. Allegedly it is the oldest prize in speedway. that was how it was always promoted. How true it is I don't know, but it is a very old piece of kit. In the style of the very first riders.
  11. Redcar V Sheffield 8/9/17

    Lets hope he doesn't get them tonight.
  12. It's a very different silver helmet. It was first raced for in 1928. The actual helmet has been missing since the early 1990's. It possibly went overseas.
  13. You would think, Chris Harris would be nailed on for an invite.
  14. Redcar V Edinburgh 24/8/17

    Actually, I thought the Monarchs, were a little unlucky, in this one. This should have been an even closer contest. Ricky Wells fall while leading and Erik Riss's ef whilst also leading did Embro no favours. Plus Pickering and Davey deserved better returns for their efforts. However, the Monarchs did benefit, from the tactical ride and Proctors fall in ht 13 which prevented a Bears 5 _ 1. The rerun yielded a Bears 4 _ 2. All in all a good speedway match.
  15. Redcar V Glasgow Thursday

    I think this one will be another gate fest and with Lawson, Summers, Worrall and Lunna, I can only see one winner.