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  1. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2020

    Given that we still have a day and a half left, I'm confident dandelion can hit the 2500 target this month despite the two bank holidays...
  2. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2020

    Was it a liquid lunch?
  3. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2019

    20th October? They won't need water to prepare the track, they'll need a gritter.
  4. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2019

    The "no war-cries" was a positive I thought. Crowd never got "up for the meeting", no overtaking and the home riders never looked liked overtaking anybody...
  5. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2019

    He was exactly the same at the British Final - when he gated, he was fast. But didn't seem to have an idea of how to overtake anybody. I think it's been like this since his injuries, he needs to regain his mental fortitude.
  6. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2019

    Was my first meeting at Newcastle for a good while. Track was smooth, but seemed a bit dry, which was understandable given the weather forecast. Newcastle top 5 were very poor, only two heat wins between them. When behind, Worrall seems to just follow the rider in front using the same line, so is never going to overtake, 7 points from five rides and no wins is a poor return from a no 1 at home. Bjerre and Jorgensen not much better. Wethers had a bit of fight about him, but it would have been a sorry scorecard without Max Clegg. Crowd was bigger than I was expecting, but a noted lack of atmosphere due to the lack lustre display by the home team. Wasn't a great meeting.
  7. Given today's weather, wulfsport umbrellas would be more appropriate ...
  8. Thanks. Heavens above!!! 6:30??? What do you do for an hour!!!
  9. How early should you get there to have no parking issues? I am assuming you can buy a ticket on the day
  10. Remember, Jesus loves us all. But God supports the Newcastle diamonds.
  11. I'm not sure the shoe polish league can provide anything other than shiny shoes.
  12. Given the way Newcastle rode tonight I think worky would have gone for a national League rider. Aarnio excepted.
  13. Newcastle Riders scored: 6+1, 5+2, 9, 6+3, 4, 4+1 and 6. About what you'd expect from second strings and reserves.
  14. So you've answered your own question then, mechanical failure can cause a rider to crash. If a rider loses his shoe, that could cause him to fall off (and yes I've seen this happen). Another rider coming down can cause a rider to "lay his bike down", this actually happened at the incident on Sunday. Many examples really.

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