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  1. Given the way Newcastle rode tonight I think worky would have gone for a national League rider. Aarnio excepted.
  2. Newcastle Riders scored: 6+1, 5+2, 9, 6+3, 4, 4+1 and 6. About what you'd expect from second strings and reserves.
  3. So you've answered your own question then, mechanical failure can cause a rider to crash. If a rider loses his shoe, that could cause him to fall off (and yes I've seen this happen). Another rider coming down can cause a rider to "lay his bike down", this actually happened at the incident on Sunday. Many examples really.
  4. Perhaps if somebody painted a big X on the third bend fence where the riders hit, it would get the message across that you can't really go full throttle around brough park. You can complain about the track all you want, but the vast majority of incidents on the third bend are rider error.
  5. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2018

    If you started running when saying grrrr, you'd sound like Lindgren. If at an away track you'd also be moving faster...
  6. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2018

    Ashley Morris
  7. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2018

    Which is a very different thing to saying that we know everything in a contract. I'm not precious about this, but it sounds like: - All loan agreements are formed from standard templates that include the rider, the hiring club and the owning club - All the termination clauses are therefore known and if the hiring club terminates the contract (presumably with some penalties?) then the rider will be contracted to the owning club In which case we are all good
  8. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2018

    You can write what you want in a contract - as long as both sides sign it. It is then legally binding.
  9. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2018

    Rather depends what was written in the contract Unless we know that then everything else is mere speculation...
  10. Awesome. That has at least made me smile.... Perhaps a new advertising campaign could be developed using this "At Brough Park tonight: Chav's on scooters".
  11. idanthyrsus

    Newcastle 2018

    From Middlesbrough, so I would have thought he was permanently on something. Chemical waste most likely.
  12. idanthyrsus

    Ipswich vs Newcastle 26/4/18

    From the official Newcastle Diamonds website: " Team building for the Newcastle "Boiler Technical Services" Diamonds over the latter part of the winter came in for a bit of a bashing it has to be aid, but the managerial plan seems to be falling into place." I suspect we need to go back to the drawing board. Might be the rather embarassing situation where the no 7 ends up being no 1 after the first official averages come into effect.
  13. idanthyrsus

    Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    What are those riders averages away from home? Robson getting paid 6 I would suggest is bang on.
  14. idanthyrsus

    Sheffield v Newcastle 05.04.18

    Who would you have out in as a tac sub? All riders ride to their average and got 4-6 points.

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