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Remember That Pakistani No-ball?

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Remember THAT Pakistani no-ball?


This is so blatant it may have been asked on another thread so feel free to merge if that’s the case.


I recently questioned the integrity of the sport where riders admit to just trying set-ups and different things and not bothering about the result of the meeting.


To be fair I have only ever seen one instance of this.


The reply from another forum member was


And if you knew as much about the sport as you say you do, you would know that riders are testing set-ups in league matches all throughout the season.


Always have done, always will do.


What did Leigh Adams score in this particular meeting out of interest?


How much ‘testing’ went on in the play-off final?


Speedway is such a small minority sport compared to cricket in Pakistan that betting irregularities will probably go unnoticed but this result is as blatant if not more so that THAT Pakistani no-ball isn’t it?

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you dont like the play offs, why do you feel the need to question the integrity of the riders in that final?

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