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Steve Shovlar

Ben Barker V Tai Woffinden

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rnd 1 no contest.

quote"got to do with tia punching a pykie (ben barker),"

I thought pykies could fight? :D

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sorry but please tell me what the hell has darcy ward got to do with tia punching a pykie (ben barker), it is wrong that you seem to think that it is right to bring an innocent party in to the equation. being one of the people that helped sort ou the money for darcy's fine in which he was very greatful i do not see what this topic has o do with darcy?


oh and the arguement between barker and woffinden tha resulted in a punch was to do with what barker had said about woffinden's dad, remember people this is still going to be a sensitive subject for tia!!!

I heard it was because Ben could not spell Tais name.


It's 3 letters and people STILL get it wrong.


Anyway, as Gemini said, they seemed very pally as the last meeting of the season at Coventry, they've obvioulsy got over it so everyone else should too.

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