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Michael G

**sat 24th March*** Stoke "day Of Opportunity" Meeting +support Classes ***report And Scorecard Added***

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Stoke have named Sunday 24th March as the “Day of Opportunity” for suitable three point riders to stake a claim for a team place in next season’s Potter’s line up. The Club will stage their first Amateur Meeting of the Year on that day and are contacting suitable candidates for this showdown at Loomer Road and for the moment the top end of the event, the Open Class, is restricted to riders wishing and qualified to stake a claim for a team place.

Potter’s Team Manager Malcolm Vasey explained further. “We have planned this event for weeks but the weather has held us back. The track is in something like decent shape and with further work in the coming days which is planned it will give the riders an opportunity to showcase their skills. This Club operates on totally professional lines and our finally designated 1-7 will have a glorious opportunity to repeat the better exploits from last season. We expect riders to race in every match and that is something they must be aware of. We have developed a list of potential riders and I will be contacting them and I am also happy to hear from others who think they have what it takes”.


Vasey can be contacted on 07768 073284 at most times and will welcome enquiries from three point riders not signed up elsewhere in National League 1-7’s. It is not often chances like this crop up and Vasey went on to say “Stoke is a progressive Club and we have started a journey to take us back to where we feel we belong and 2012 is the next stage. We have a great team in the making and the riders joining us will have a marvellous opportunity to be part of it. We aim to improve as a Club still further and have plans that will greatly enhance our position in speedway.” he added. “There is still a long way to go but newcomers could not arrive here at a better time.”


In addition to the event described above the usual Support Classes- namely the intermediate, novice and youth classes (125/250) will take place and riders wishing to register in those categories should contact Mike Gittings on 07717 573639 or michael.g06@tiscali.co.uk as soon as possible.


Start time will be 12.00, with gates open from around 10.30, cost to enter the support classes is to remain at 2011 prices being £35 for adult and £25 for youth.

For those who have'nt been before the address is Loomer Road stadium, Chesterton, Stoke on Trent, ST5 7LB.


Any further questions please contact Mike Gittings 07717 573639 or michael.g06@tiscali.co.uk.

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Ah Crap- I have to do Pit Marshal Duty for the Ben Fund Meeting at Birmingham on that day


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Stoke’s first amateur meeting of 2012 dubbed the “day of opportunity” took place on Sat 24th March in fantastic sunshine , spectators were treated to a field of eligible riders competing to try create a good impression for the last remaining Potters team places, and the slower paced amateur and youth riders.


The Open was the class for the riders in the hunt for a tem place and they started the meeting with a bang literally when Jamie Collins fell and caused the race to be stopped. Heat two was run whilst the three remaining riders recomposed themselves; but that also ended in disaster when David Holt fell from the lead, causing Connor Dwyer to lay the bike down and receiving a suspected broken ankle. Fortunately Connor received the all clear from x-rays at hospital but took no further part in the meeting.

The referee excluded Holt for the stoppage, and heat 1 was rerun; this time Danny Stoneman took the lead before falling leaving the awarded victory to Dan Berwick followed by Shaun Tedham.


Following the excitement of the first two heats the meeting ran smoothly and was dominated by Scunthorpe signed rider Oliver Greenwood who acted as a yardstick for the others and went unbeaten all day taking the fastest time too, though the times for the second set of races were slowed by the track having been freshly watered.


The intermediate class saw most of the riders gaining a victory at some point and some close final scores, though Stoke regular John Markham took home the prize for first place with two very polished victories and comparable times to the open class. The third place was tied between three riders- the fastest winning time being used to determine final positions. A special mention Sam Darroch who went up from the novice class and to grasstrack rider Scott Cresswell competing in his first speedway event, he fell a number of times but every time remounted and never finished last in any of his races!


The novice class saw only two riders, both called Wayne and both from the midlands! In the end it was the Stoke regular Wayne Beckett who defeated newcomer Wayne Gosling.

The youth 250 class was won by Stoke’s very own mascot Sam Ward who defeated rival Mitchell Beckett to take home the first place trophy.

Five riders contested the youth 125 class, a big improvement from Ben Woodhull and Kean Dicken from previous times here the former was unlucky to fall in his last ride, but there was no stopping newcomer Anders Rowe who rode his little 125 round quicker than the 250, novice and inter riders on 500cc bikes!


Unfortunately the final six heats had to be cut short due to the first two heats taking nearly an hour with the stoppages, and reruns. The curfew was reached so racing was concluded with everyone having an even number of rides as the others in their class.




Open Class

Oliver Greenwood 3,3,3,3 =12 *MAX* 1st

Ross Walter 2,3,3,3=11 2nd

Dan Berwick 3,2,3,2= 10 3rd

Alex McLeod 2,1,3,3=9

Shaun Tedham 2,2,2,3= 9

Danny Stoneman X,3,2,2= 7

Tommy Fenwick 3,2,2,X = 7

Tom Woolley 1,3,1,2= 7

Lloyd Barrett 3,1,X,2= 6

David Holt X,1,2,1= 4

Andy Mellish 1,0,1,1= 3

Jamie Collins X,2,X,X= 2

Connor Dwyer, F,N,N,N= 0


Inter Class

John Markham 3,3,1=7 1st

Scott Cresswell 2,1,3=6 2nd

Glyn Edwards NS,2,3= 5 3rd decided by fastest winning time

Freddie Owen X,3,2=5

Sam Darroch 2,2,1= 5

Sean Phillips 3,0,0=3

Mark Whitehead R,1,2=3


Novice Class

Wayne Beckett 3,3,3= 9 *MAX* 1st

Wayne Gosling 2,2,2= 6 2nd


Youth 250

Sam Ward 3,3,3= 9 *MAX* 1st

Mitchell Beckett R,2,2= 4 2nd


Youth 125

Anders Rowe 3,2,3= 8 1st

Ben Woodhull 3,3,X= 6 2nd decided by fastest winning time

Kean Dicken 0,3,3= 6 3rd

Luke Woodhull 2,2,2=6

Luke Whitehead R, 1,2= 3



Rider of the meeting awards went to; Open Class- Danny Stoneman. Inter Class- Sam Darroch. Novice&Youth Class- Ben Woodhull


Race by race results-

  1. Berwick, Tedham, Collins(fx), Stoneman (fx) AWD
  2. Fenwick, Holt (x), Dwyer (f) 73.2
  3. Greenwood, Mcleod, Mellish 67.9
  4. Barrett, Walter, Woolley 72.2
  5. Beckett, Gosling, 79.0
  6. Markham, Darroch, Owen (fx) Edwards (ns) 72.5
  7. Phillips, Cresswell(f), Whitehead (r.) 81.0
  8. Ward, Beckett (r.) 96.0
  9. B.Woodhull, Dicken (r.) 80.3
  10. Rowe, L.Woodhull, Whitehead (r.) 87.5
  11. Walter, Berwick, Mcleod 75.3
  12. Stoneman, Fenwick 71.5
  13. Woolley, Tedham, Holt, Mellish 72.3
  14. Greenwood, Collins, Barrett 67.3
  15. Beckett, Gosling 81.6
  16. Owen, Darroch, Cresswell 79.8
  17. Markham, Edwards, Whitehead, Phillips 71.1
  18. Ward, Beckett 90.5
  19. Dicken, Rowe 78.1
  20. B.Woodhull, L.Woodhull, Whitehead 77.5
  21. Berwick, Fenwick, Mellish, Barrett (f) 68.4
  22. Greenwood, Stoneman, Woolley 66.4
  23. Mcloed, Tedham, 69.0
  24. Walter, Holt, Collins (fx) AWD
  25. Beckett, Gosling 88.5
  26. Cresswell, Owen, Markham 79.8
  27. Edwards, Whitehead, Darroch, Phillips 76.8
  28. Ward, Beckett 88.6
  29. Dicken, Whitehead 84.0
  30. Rowe, L. Woodhull, B.Woodhull (fx) 80.7
  31. Greenwood, Berwick, Holt 68.1
  32. Walter, Stoneman, Mellish 67.2
  33. Tedham, Barrett 69.7
  34. McLeod, Woolley, Fenwick(fx) Collins (fx) 68.5


Fastest time of the day – Oliver Greenwood 66.4

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