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I thought I'd resurrect this thread so we can keep track of who meets who since the speedway season's starting again soon.

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After today I can add, Midnight Lady, Steve hone, Shazzybird, nova aka Jill, and sean there might be others but I forget so if I have forgive me but let me know so I can put it to rights please.


Anyway I had to share with you my day out because no one knew I was going to be at stoneleigh...well not for definate anyway and to be honest


I couldnt missed the look of terror on steve hone's face when he realised it was me who was stood opposite him....lol


Midnight Lady was next. As she stood there waving a finger into space I tried to grab it...boy is she a feisty woman. The look she gave me would easily freeze the sun but I quickly turned to Lioness and asked her to tell ML who I was. there was a few seconds before the penny dropped and ML in a "slightly" raised voice spat out KRISSIE!!!!.....lol.


Next was our lovely sean hee hee after asking him just one question he looked at me as if to say how did I know about his dog he then said krissie.......nah cant be......is it.........nah she said she....your krissie arent ya....lol


The look on ML's, Steve and Sean's face was worth the trip in itself :approve:


It was lovely to meet those I've not met before and to all those who I have met before IT WAS GREAT TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN (please insert kissie smilie)


One for Valc Carl was in high spirits and was positive about the season ....when we spoke.....yep I spoke to carl....<coughs>....and thats spoke not choked...lol 8)

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I've met an awful lot of members, far to many to put on this page. In the last week I've met at least 10 new members. Not met any Glasgow fans yet (no comment from any Edinburgh fans ;) ). Everyone who I've met have been really nice. Looking forward to meeting more this year.

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I apologise to all @ Stoneleigh was very hungover and really not with it!


Can't really remember all who I met but here goes


Krissie (very cuddly woman! scared the hell outta Steve! pmsl)

Midnight Lady & Lioness (imagened them to look vice versa! lol)

Dekks (absolutely nothing like I thought he would be he's soooooooooo tall!)

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep (Younger and slimmer than I had guessed lol)

Cheetahawk (glad you introduced yourself cos I would never have picked you out)

FD & FD jnr (Seen a pic already so was the only one I recognised lol)

Bryn (my god you've changed, you've shrunk! lol)

Phil (your soooooooooooooo much younger than I gave you credit)

SteveHone (well .......... believe me peeps he is really shy and not changed a bit)


omg who else did I meet brain not engaging today!



Angel61 (I think it was you anyway lol)




**note to self ..... in future if going to meet forum members, must lay off the sherbet the night before!! **

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Met a few more at Stoneleigh for the first time. :D



Steve Hone.

Mrs Flying Scotsman.



The It Man. (Cost me £1 but it was worth it.)

Chris Brown (from a distance as I daren't say hello to him.) ;)


Bet I also met someone no-one else did, (who pounced on me because she recognised Pawprint) - Grey Tiger. :approve:

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iv met






false dawn

fd jnr


flying scotsman

mrs flying scotsman


none of these people know they have met me lol! im the one who was with rach on sunday n i am always with her at sheffield! :D

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its funny that this thread has been resurrected (nothing against you Angel) but Cheetahawk and myself had the same thoughts at the show yesterday,

Both of us saying that there would be no way that we could name all the people we had met over the last two/three years, without leaving someone out,


so i'll just sit back and wait until everyone else has named me as a "meet" and then quote them all, easier that way...if you forget me, i forget you !!!! LOL

and i reckon i could probably fill Half a page!!

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the way you was with my Little'un...you'll never be forgotton sweetheart, coz he will remind me!!


"say thank you to (midnight lady but he used your name!) for being so nice and giving me the hat"


was his final words when i dropped him off last night,instead of the usual " love you daddy"

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well, ive met to many ppl ive forgotten them except this 1 person i think they call him MINI!!!!


also met, i think,

Krissie (cant do anything but meet her, is she everywhere)



i dont no i cant think


Dekker (no alcohol culture in Workington lol)


erm......... Krissies daughter (wot was you on about at Stoneleigh with all ya Barnsley talk???)


oh dear...... so many ppl so little time.



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i met Stacey



used to be someone called Katie on the old forum


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I've now met Sir Lunchalot and kiwi. :D

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Okay, my list, mostly to remind myself, is


Dekker, Addict, Loramski Legends, Maggie, Brian T Logan, the unforgettable trio of Pammie, Midnight Lady and Lioness and Scorpio.


Anyone I've forgotten?


btw, I say the unforgettable trio as they are truly unforgettable. God knows I've tried but I can't forget them :twisted:


Anyone at Glasgow this coming Sunday can recognise me easily...I'll be the one in the full suit of armour! :P

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Over the past year I have met:


Peter, Scorpio, Cheetahhawk, Midnight Lady, Lioness, Sloop, Pirate, False Dawn, False Dawn jnr, Gemini, Pawprint, PhilfromCov, Valc, Lady Knight Markg, Jive, Phil, Shalewhale, Tigerblade.Steve Turner, London Witch, Tom Thumb, W vs H, Bart Simpson, , dekker, Steve Jones, angel61, krissie, bees4ever, Mini, Batesie, Speedfreak, Liontamer, Ezekiel, Addict, The Concrete Cowboy, BTL, Blaze, Vicster, Inkjet and JJ


Sorry to anyone I've missed. I hope to meet more forum members as the season goes on.

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