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I guess we are going to get a personal tour of the website with a link to every page? :icon_smile_clown:

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I amazingly found this page about books by clicking on the headlined 'books' link.You can imagine my surprise at what i found :sad:



The links page isn't much better,i am afraid......... :sad:




If you look at the Displays pages,you will find a link to 2009 displays which gives a nice bit about bikes loaned by Malcolm Simmons,and also mentions the disputed piece about Simmo riding for Mildenhall in 2001



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Here's an update to the NSM website:




Information about forthcoming events on the NSM website:






This EASY GUIDE will help interested thread users to find their way round the NSM website:




Some of the exhibits that can be seen at the National Speedway Museum:









An obvious main feature at the National Speedway Museum is the bikes on show. Here's a look at the section:




​This on-going thread on the National Speedway Museum website features biographical details on many riders.





​Continuing the progression of information regarding the National Speedway Museum, here is data in regard to tracks:




These items for books and links are provided for reference purposes on the National Speedway Museum website.





This is the remaining thread on the National Speedway Museum website: it's title aptly is '& Much More'.



Extra feature to above - items added to the website



::: A concise guide to The National Speedway Museum website.

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The national speedway museum website is embarrassing quite frankly.


As I understand from my contact with the Museum, constructive comments on how the website can be improved are welcomed.

The website carries various email Links where VISITORS rather than just members can contact them. I am certain that the website moderator would be most interested to hear from you.

Thank you for your observation Top Gun.

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A very good friend of mine is a website developer, just this year I put them in touch with the museum yet they never had a response.

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