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S G P And S W C Race Cards Links Only - *** Strictly No Discussion*** (see 1st Post)

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Full landscape STOCKHOLM GRAND PRIX , Sweden Saturday September 24th 2016 scorecard in jpeg format now available at http://www.speedwayscorecards.net/


Thank you! Quick question - what's the number between the lane color and the rider's name? (Sorry, USA newbie here - new to scorecards)



Hayballs, at the risk of upsetting the webmaster, that number refers to where the rider was pulled 'out of the hat' when the draw was made.It will also assist you greatly in locating the rider in the individual scoring section after each race. Hope that helps.

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For those who want to follow a live updated race-card (from trackside) check out this link: https://live.baansportfansite.nl/event/214/speedway-grand-prix-krsko.html :)


Live update includes gate statistics, and as from Warsaw also automaticly calculated general classification.

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