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Thanks Tigerowl, will see if I can find the birthdatesof the two Swedes you listed by year only.

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 Hi all,  Reg was in touch with Bengt Jansson, apparently Ulf Ericsson died in the mid seventies in an air crash so he can sadly be removed from the list. Still no word on Olle Andersson yet though.

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On 1/14/2015 at 1:15 PM, ab742 said:

My grandfather, Fred Brand, will be 90 on Feb 3rd. Here is a link to our facebook page showing a picture of him taken this week with a 1949 speedway bike we've had restored & is displayed in our showroom, the same as he rode for Great Yarmouth, Norwich & Great Britain. He rode in the 1954 World Final.


This was posted back in 2015 but I never saw Fred added to the surviving rider list.  Is he still with us ? Thanks

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